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Best paid top models of the world

Bethann Hardison  “The model has become a hanger.”


We considered them old-fashioned, dumped after their 25th anniversary. On the contrary, the top models are still trendy and stylish attracting very appealing and lucrative contracts.

Here are the best paid top models of the world, and seemingly Gisele Bündchen is the highest paid model with an estimated fortune of $150 million, so unfair! I am 30 year old and I do not earned half of what she does.

To be honest, I am kind of surprised not seeing Tyra Banks as she makes a lot of money with her American next top model show. Anyway here are the most successful “hangers” of the industry.


  1. Gisele Bündchen, 30, she has been the highest-paid model in the world and the sixteenth richest woman in the entertainment industry since 2004. With an estimated $150 million fortune, she has just launched her own lingerie brand Gisele Bündchen Brazilian Intimates.
  2. Heidi Klum, 37, model, actress, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer and occasional singer.  Busy girl!
  3. Kate Moss,  37, model, actress,fashion designer for our British TopShop. 
  4. Adriana Lima,  29, is a Brazilian model, best known as a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000, and as a spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009. 
  5. Alessandra  Ambrósio is a Brazilian model. Described by Tyra Banks as “the future of  the modeling world”, Ambrosio is best known for her work with Victoria’s Secret and  was chosen as the first spokesmodel for the company’s “PINK” line. Ambrosio is currently one of the Victoria’s Secret Angels and the former face of the UK company Next. She appeared in advertisements for brands like Revlon, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren, as well as the Pirelli Calendar. She has walked the catwalks for designers such as Prada, Chanel, and Oscar de la Renta. She has appeared in numerous international magazine covers, including Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Ocean Drive, Vogue and the only model to appear on the cover of Glamour in the United States in 2006.

    Pictures from, Wikipedia, topceleb.









France most wanted man


It is an incomprehensible story.

France has been fascinated by a terrible human drama – the murder of a mother and four teenagers, shot dead with a 22 rifle and the silencer, apparently by the children’s father in Nantes.






This story reminds France of the well-know murderer Jean-Claude Romand who pretended to be a medical doctor. He killed his family when he was about to be exposed.



This devout Catholic family, originally from Versailles (Parisian suburb) have been found dead in the garden of their home in the western city of Nantes, along with the family’s two pet Labradors.

They have been missing since April 3rd and the investigation has been complicated by strange and differing messages apparently left by the family or the father? Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès.

Shortly before disappearing, the private Catholic school of the two youngest children received a note saying their father had been “urgently” transferred to Australia for a job. A cheque was enclosed to cover fees for the rest of the year.

Whereas, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès told another school – where his wife worked as an assistant and taught catechism – that she had been hospitalised for gastroenteritis. The school then received a letter announcing her resignation.

Besides, he told some people he was a US secret agent and had to leave under a witness-protection programme because he had given evidence in a big drugs case. Letters sent to relative included joke like: “Don’t bother digging up the patio!” which sound strange since we know that the bodies of the victim have been found there.

Recently, a witness said that the 50 years old suspected murderer has been seen in Auxerre 10 days ago.

The French government had issued an international scale people search international list against Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès.

The story continues…

French comments 😉

c’est quand même étrange !!!

 It is all the same strange!!!


Quelle froide détermination. C’est un monstre ce type

What a cold determination. This chap is a monster!


Tous les aveux y sont au moins lol ! “n’allez surtout pas toucher aux gravats” forcement… mdr

At least, all the confessions are there! “Don’t bother digging up the patio! “Of course lol


Le moins qu’on puisse dire c’est qu’il avait tout prévu, ça donne froid dans le dos

He had planned everything, that makes my blood run cold


Pris au piège d’un mensonge énorme, il s’est vu acculé, comme d’autres avant lui, de tuer froidement sa famille, et d’organiser, une fois encore une situation très théâtrale, pour s’en sortir !
Je ne serai pas surprise qu’on le retrouve suicidé…il n’a aucune autre solution !

Trapped in his own big lie, he saw himself forced to do that, as the others before him, to kill coldly his family, and to plan, once more a very theatrical situation, to get out there!

I won’t be surprised to know he committed suicide, there is no other solution!


Quelle enflure! Encore un autre lâche qui ne sait pas prendre ses responsabilités. On en a marre de ces hommes aussi machiavélique et mytho. Il aurait du divorcer ou partir pour ne plus jamais revenir, mais que se passe t-il donc dans la tète de ces connards ? Allez, suicide-toi ! C’est tout ce que tu mérites idiot !

What a jerk! Another coward who does not know how to take his responsibilities. We are fed up of all these men so Machiavellian and such liar. He should have divorce or left without coming back, but what is happening in their mind? Go, commit suicide! It’s all that you deserve, you idiot!


Comments from and Pictures from Libération, Le Monde & Le Parisien.

Elsa Lunghini: T’en va pas Lyrics

In the 80s a girl regretted the divorce of her parents in the movie La Femme de ma vie (The woman of my life) by Régis Wargnier. In fact, 2 girls sang this song Elsa Lunghini and I.

The more I write and translate all these French songs the more I understand why I love them and it seems to be a therapy for me.

This song from 1986 was an big success in France. I was 6 when Elsa Lunghini cried the separation of his parents in the song “Ne t’en va pas “translation “don’t go away “.

This song is sad and heartbreaking. I’ve seen myself this afternoon crying on the lyrics translation.

Its lyrics aren’t old-fashioned as the subject is still of current events. What children really wish the separation of their parents even when things go bad? And what we really feel in front of this situation?

It is very hard to express it.

So today, I discover that in 1986 when I hummed this song, I was singing it from the bottom of the heart because I always wanted my parents to stay together and be happy but unfortunately it will never be the case.

Lyrics and Music by Wargnier, Cohen and Nusummarah


T’en vas pas
Si tu l’aimes t’en vas pas
Papa si tu l’aimes dit lui
Qu’elle est la femme de ta vie vie vie
Papa ne t’en vas pas
On ne peut pas vivre sans toi
T’en vas pas au bout d’la nuit

Nuit tu me fais peur
Nuit tu n’en finis pas
Comme un voleur
Il est parti sans moi
On ira plus au ciné tous les 3

Nuit tu me fais peur
Nuit tu n’en finis pas
Comme un voleur
Il est parti sans moi
Papa si tu pensais un peu à moi

Où tu vas
Quand tu t’en vas d’ici
j’arrive pas à vivre sans toi
avec la femme de ta vie vie vie
Papa n’fais pas d’connerie
Quand on s’aime on s’en va pas
on ne part pas en pleine nuit


Nuit tu me fais peur
Nuit tu n’en finis pas
Comme un voleur
Il est parti sans moi
tu n’m’emmènera jamais aux USA

Nuit tu me fais peur
Nuit tu n’en finis pas
Comme un voleur
Il est parti sans moi
Papa j’t’assure arrête ton cinéma

Nuit tu me fais peur
Nuit tu n’en finis pas
Comme un voleur
Il est parti sans moi
Papa j’suis sure qu’un jour tu reviendras

Nuit, nuit tu me fais peur
Nuit tu n’en finis pas
Comme un voleur
Papa j’t’assure arrête ton cinéma

Nuit tu me fais peur
Nuit tu n’en finis pas
Comme un voleur
Papa j’suis sure qu’un jour tu reviendras




Don’t go away

If you love her, don’t go away

Daddy, if you love her, tell her

That she is the woman of your life, life, life

Daddy, don’t go away

We don’t want to live without you

Don’t go away at the end of the night


Night, you frighten me

Night, you do not finish

Like a thief

He has left without me

All three of us won’t go to the cinema anymore

Night, you frighten me

Night, you do not finish

Like a thief

He has left without me

Daddy, if you thought a little of me


Where  are you going

when you go away from here

I can’t live without you

With the woman of your life, life, life

Daddy don’t screw up

When we love, we don’t leave

We don’t leave at the end of the night


Night, you frighten me

Night, you do not finish

Like a thief

He has left without me

You’ll never bring me in the USA

Night, you frighten me

Night, you do not finish

Like a thief

He has left without me

Daddy,  I ensure you, stop leading me on


Night, you frighten me

Night, you do not finish

Like a thief

He has left without me

Daddy, I am sure you’ll come back one day


Night, night you frighten me

Night, you do not finish

Like a thief

Daddy, I ensure you stop leading me on

Night, you frighten me

Night, you do not finish

Like a thief

He has left without me

Daddy, I am sure you’ll come back one day

Francis Cabrel lyrics: Il Faudra Leur Dire Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Francis Cabrel, 1987.

My first post concerning French music is about a song from Francis Cabrel called “il faudra leur dire”, translation “It’ll be necessary to say to Them”. It is a song that we use to learn at school. I was 7 when I learned it.

If that song is about tolerance, it reminds me of my youth and I believe that most of the French people of my age (in their early thirties) had learned this song at school as well.

At each listening, my heart is full of emotion. This song brings me back to my childhood. It reminds me the innocence that we all had at this age and I remember my child dreams and my life analysis at this time.

Besides, every time I am facing adversity it is one of songs which make me go ahead and take me back to my life objectives and my dreams.

I have little memory of my childhood but this song is associated to the few souvenirs that I have and they remain engraved in my heart.

Si c’est vrai qu’il y a des gens qui s’aiment
Si les enfants sont tous les mêmes
Alors il faudra leur dire
C’est comme des parfums qu’on respire
Juste un regard facile à faire
Un peu plus d’amour que d’ordinaire
Puisqu’on vit dans la même lumière
Même s’y a des couleurs qu’ils préfèrent
Nous, on voudrait leur dire
C’est comme des parfums qu’on respire
Juste un regard facile à faire
Un peu plus d’amour que d’ordinaire


Juste un peu plus d’amour encore
Pour moins de larmes, pour moins de vide
Pour moins d’hiver

Puisqu’on vit dans le creux d’un rêve
Avant qu’ l’amour ne touche nos lèvres
Nous on voudrait leur dire

Les mots que l’on reçoit
C’est comme des parfums qu’on respire
Il faudra leur dire
Facile à faire
Un peu plus d’amour que d’ordinaire

Si c’est vrai qu’il y a des gens qui s’aiment
Si les enfants sont tous les mêmes
Alors il faudra leur dire les mots qu’on reçoit
C’est comme des parfums qu’on respire
Il faudra leur dire…

Facile à faire



If it is true that people love each other

If the children are all the same
Then it will be necessary to tell them
It’s like perfumes we breathe
Just a glance, easy to make
A little more love than usual


Since we live in the same light
Even if there are colours they prefer
We  would like to tell them
It’s like perfumes we breathe
Just a glance easy to make
A little more love than usual


Just a little more love
for less tears, for less emptiness
For less winter

Since we live in the hollows of a dream
Before love touch our lips
We would like to tell them
The words that we receive
It’s like  perfumes we breathe
It will be necessary to tell them
Easy to make
A little more love than usual

If it is true that people love each other
If the children are all the same ones
Then… it will be necessary to say to them
The words that we receive
It’s like perfumes we breathe
It will be necessary to tell them
Easy to make

Top 20 Myths about France and the French People

I was chilling on the web when I had the curiosity to Google “French stereotypes”. I found a fantastic article on about the top 10 myths about France. Let’s have a look at it.

1.       The French are Rude

I completely agree with Kelby Carr, we are not rude, we just “rude-back”. In fact, we react impolitely because people do or say something that is rude to our values.

When I first came in the UK I was really surprised by Britons’ attitude:  they never greet the bus driver, people in elevators, people in buildings and so on. And I am still not really used to it to be honest.

Also, here people just walk up and start talking and to my point of “French” view, it is just so rude!

2.       French People Hate Americans

Not true at all! Americans are welcome in our country! I met loads of American there and I always had a good time speaking with them. However, I am not a big fan of their attitude sometimes (speaking loudly, not saying hello and so on) but again ALL the Americans are not the same and a lot of them understand our culture very well.

Apart from Mac Donald, I am not a big fan of their junk food either. It not really our fault, we like healthy food. 😉

3.       French People Stink

Very surprised to hear that!!!! We are the best perfumers of the world!

4.       French Women Don’t Shave

What?!? Maybe my 99 year-old grandma do not shave but I can definitely say that we do and in Paris you can find Beauty salons every 3 meters and all of them are busy!

5.       All Women Go Topless at French Beaches

Ok. And what? I do go topless, nobody like to be half tanned!

However, I can confirm that ALL of us aren’t going topless at French beaches.  And as Kelby said” you won’t feel out of place keeping a bikini top”.

6.       Visiting France is Too Expensive

Yes, indeed. France is very expensive now. In fact, it is more expensive than the UK. But, some stuff remains cheaper like housing and transportation.

7.       All French People Smoke Cigarettes

No, most people in France do not smoke.
24 % of women and 36 % of men smoke in France which makes 78% of women and 64% of men not smoking.  I do smoke and most of my French friends do.

8.       A France Vacation Only Appeals to Women.

Why? France is not a women country, we do have load of men and they are enjoying themselves over there. So, why not you guys?

9.       You Must Speak Fluent French to Visit.

If you will be visiting a big city you do not need to be fluent in French. However, you should learn this sentence by heart “Bonjour, parlez-vous anglais?” as it is rude to speak directly in English to someone without asking.

Please note that if you are going to visit a little village or province, learning French is crucial!

10.       French Toilets are Disgusting.

Euh … Maybe?!? It depends where you are going. Public toilets and Mac Donald’s toilets are just super repulsive and real Parisians never used them.

So, I have to admit that our toilets are not the cleanest of the world.

I will add to these stereotypes:

1.       French eat eat snails

J’aime les escargots, c’est délicieux!



Yummy! I eat them and love them. But like every food, some French people like and some don’t.  And we are not the only one. Snails are eaten in Spain, Italy and Greece. Asians put snails in the soup. Africans eat delicious big snails.

2.       French eat frog legs

Frogs’ legs are one of the better-known delicacies of French and Cantonese cuisine but “J’aime les grenouilles seulement quand elles sont bien cuites.”

Yummy! Only if cooked correctly as it is very hard to cook. It’s just delicious. It has got a delicate flavour tasting somewhere between chicken and fish.  But again, it’s not something that every French likes.



3.       French women stay thin.

Let’s be clear, French are not all thin. The percentage of overweight people is not nearly as high as in the UK, but we are catching up to you.

I am 1m60 for 45 kilos and I eat without deprivation and all my family is kind of the same (2 sisters and 3 brothers and parents).

I think it comes from our school education. At an early age, teachers teach us how to eat. And I remember one of my teachers saying “eat everything you like with moderation”. Ever since, I eat this way: I love Mac Donald but I don’t go their everyday. I like French pastries, foie gras, wines, French fries, Orangina, hamburger, Big Mac, butter, bread but again I do not eat them every day.  I like eating and trying new flavours but moderate portion.

Here a very interesting article on the French Paradox:

4.       French always strike

Tellement cliché!

Of course, we strike but not every day and Medias speak about us only when we strike. We are rebellious, unsubordinated, and stubborn.

We want our voice to be heard and we like our opinion to be taken into consideration by our politics and I think it is a right and it is the only way to be heard.  Sorry, we are not sheep like in other countries 😉

Of course, I hate the consequences of a strike: no trains, no metros, no petrol sometimes and so on.

5.       French people wear berets

Mon Dieu! That is a super cliché: A glass of red wine, a loaf of bread and a beret. This is an old fashioned view of France and most of French people believe that is it because of this old cliché that we didn’t win the right to hold the 2012 Olympics. First of all, the beret is originally from Greece, it is said that the Pays Basque introduced the beret in France. In fact, the beret is mostly worn in that region more than anywhere else and is referred as the beret Basque. 

6.       French kiss both cheeks

Yes indeed and more than anywhere else in the world! It is a form of greeting. And it is not only between males and females OR females and females but it is becoming common between men and men but this is up to personal choice.

However, when being introduced to someone we don’t know, females will cheek kiss and the males will just shake hands.

7.       French love Napoleon

Napoleon was an iconic and charismatic leader. He gave the French glory and nearly ruled Europe and at that time France was a proud and superior nation. He also gave all the countries he conquered to all his family and he surrendered at the battle of waterloo.

Besides, the Napoleonic Code is still in place legally throughout Europe apart from the UK.

We all wish France was that fantastic, iconic, influential, super powerful nation again.

8.       French call the British ‘the roast beefs

Trop drôle!

To be honest, I’ve never heard that from a friend or maybe once by a sales associate (talking about a rude tourist) but a roast beef if the way you Briton cook beef which is not our favourite way of cooking it.  So, it’s unfortunately referred to British we do not like. In fact, it is an insult.

Little modification, my fiancé has just read my post before publishing it and he said to me that ever since he wrote on Facebook that he’s living in the UK, he had received some wall messages as How are you roast beef or How are you doing in the roast beef country? LOL!

I really wasn’t aware of that but it seems that guys like to joke around this term.

9.       French are romantic

Of course, we are! And our French kiss are the best you will never experiment!

Pictures form: Skyrock,, stupiditiz,,,,,,


President of the collective Trans-Europe (collective LGBT: Lesbians, gays, bisexual and other Trans group), Brigitte Goldberg wants to be the new president of the French Republic in 2012. With the creation of a new party Avenir-2012, Brigitte Goldberg plans to make the voice of the transsexuals listen in France.

On the site of Avenir-2012, her program is clearly expressed. The purchasing power, the education or the immigration demonstrate that this new centre left party is not a transsexual party but the first party managed by a transsexual. This party is just a classic political party albeit with an atypical candidate.

I really like the idea and the originality but I am not sure that French people are ready for that kind of change. To be honest, I am not yet.

Carla, her baby and her reputation

Yesterday, after months of speculation, mom-to-be and first lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy made sensation yesterday with some smart, chic and sober outfits during this week’s G8 Summit in Deauville.

Her elegant simplicity reminds me of Jackie Kennedy. She was wearing a trapeze dress which let us guess a small stomach confirming her four months pregnancy.

If all around the world people are pleased to hear that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is pregnant, my Frenchies are not really glad and to be honest they just don’t care and they take advantage of this situation to express their frustration, their disgust and their honest opinion (like usual) on the government in place. Here are some (harsh) comments.





Comme elle a bien du lui tirer les couilles pour le séduire!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Des le premier soir on écarte les cuisses!

She must have pulled his testicles to seduce him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First evening we spread her wings!


Il n’y a bien que ce tiroir là qui se soit rempli… parce que son cerveau…

Her belly may be full…  but her brain…


De gaulle 1958 1968 Pompidou 1969 1974 Giscard 1974 1981 Mitterrand 1981 1994 Chirac 1994 2008 Sarko 2ANS et par pitié, sortez le avec sa catin!

De Gaulle 1958 1968 Pompidou 1969 1974 Giscard 1974 1981 Mitterrand 1981 1994 Chirac 1994 2008 now it’s Sarko for 2 years and I beg you to fire him and his whore!


Quel pays et société de @#$%, c’est ridicule, honnêtement, je m’en balance qu’elle soit en sainte, si c’est pour paraitre comme le petit couple français qui a un enfant, ben faudrait aussi qu’il bouffe du riz, et arrête de porter du Gucci et arrête de prendre les français pour des un C ???? Pauvre monde…

It’s a fucking country and society. It is ridiculous; honestly, I just don’t care to know that she’s pregnant, if they want to be considered as the “small” French couple with a child, this baby should eat rice and stop wearing Gucci. Also, they should stop taking us for assholes??? Poor world…

Maintenant les chefs d’état prennent des @#$% pour femmes!! Belle morale!!On ne demande pas à une femme de chef d’état d être une séductrice de pacotille mais une femme sérieuse! Elle c est une marie-couche-toi-la!

Now the presidents take whores for wives!! Stunning morality!! We do not ask to a first lady to be a cheap junk seducer but a serious woman! She is a harlot!


Si elle a envie d’être mère ca ne regarde personne !!!! Bravo Carla

If she wants to be a mother, it’s her business!!!! Congrats Carla.


French Attitude (me): I just do not care to be honest. Congrats Carla and good luck! I just wish France would be in an economically better situation and this sweet “presidential” pregnancy won’t change my point of view or my vote in regards with the next election.


Comments from Liberation and Yahoo France.

DSK – The story continues

Dominique Strauss Kahn has  lived at 71 Broadway in New York. Anne Sinclair wanted to move in Bristol Plaza but the co-ownership has refused his presence.  :S)

Anne Sinclair (his wife) has just offered him the luxury to live in TriBeCa at 153 Franklin Street recently refurbished by the celeb architect Leopoldo Rosati.

While all over the world, DSK is labelled as a sexual assaulter. In France, a lot of newspapers are full of hope with his acquittal and some of them are still trying to find a way to exonerate him.

Le Point (protector): Why DSK didn’t run away.  His flight was booked the day before the assault and he was supposed to meet the former FMI director and Angela Merkel the 15th of May which explains why he had to modify his booking.

Ouest France (opinionated):  the newspaper still think of a set-up as the informant of DSK’s arrest is a right-wing militant named Jonathan Pinet. One of the Sofitel employees called him directly after the arrest. Thus, Jonathan was the first one to tweet the information in the web.

Le Monde (prudent): devastated, the Strauss Kahn supporters questioned their responsibilities. In fact, everybody in France knew that DSK was “un coureur de jupons” (womaniser) but nobody ever tried to stop him or give him some advice or even speak seriously about it.  Questions include: why we didn’t protect him in a better way?  Why his wife wasn’t with him?

Questions and doubts about DSK’s vulnerability weren’t easy to communicate and comments were perceived like intrusive.

Libération (full of hope):   DSK’s lawyers could convince “Ophelia’s ” family, in Guinea, to accept a financial agreement.


The information according to which DSK’s sperm were found on the victim was not confirmed.

Le Parisien:

Benjamin Brafman confirmed his optimism with the acquittal of DSK accused of sexual assault by a maid of the hotel Sofitel in New York. Parisians are optimistic as this hotspot lawyer defended Michael Jackson and the rapper Jay Z.

What else?

DSK has got a lot of friends in France both in the left and right wing. And according to the New York Post, these friends had tried to help him in a very bad way trying to pay off the victim’s underprivileged family in Guinea to make the case go away. The family lives in a village which is deprived of roads, electricity, phone and internet and it was said that they can’t even afford to have shoes. Their role will be to convince the victim to drop the charges against DSK.

Bad idea, isn’t it? Why doing that?  If the lady does not testify, it could be a non-issue when it comes to DSK potential guilt.

I can tell this story is not finished yet.

To be continued…

La French Culture

Dear readers,

It’s the weekend! And after an agitated week following DSK and family adventure is time to relax and have a bit of fun and laugh.

You might have heard a lot about French self-esteem, stereotypes and thoughts. In fact, we are the most intelligent people of the world, the most tolerant, the best cookers, the most beautiful girls, we have the most handsome boys, we are the most romantic and the best kissers. Whereas, British are bad kissers, bad lovers, liars, stupid, fake, cold and so on.

However, this funny video found on You tube will demonstrate the contrary and is really funny.  Of course, this video is made to be “funny” and all the good answers have not been recorded.

As a French person, I was surprised and laugh out very loudly on this.  The video being in French, find below some of the questions and their answers.


1.Can you give me the name of a country starting by E?

Answers: “ Évreux ”  Évreux is a commune in Haute-Normandie.

2. What the name of our first minister?

Answers: Nicolas Sarkozy,  Raffarin or Francois Fillon.

3. What is the religion of the Buddhist monk?

Answers:  Maoism, Buddha

4. What is the religion in Israel?

Answers:  Israelite, Muslim, there are 2: Islam and Christian.

5. How many sides does a triangle have?

Answers:  there is no side, 2.

6. Why Nagasaki is famous?

Answers:  terrorism attack

7. How many countries are in the United Kingdom?

Answers:  4

8. What is the currency in Germany?

Answers:  deutschmark.

9. What is the currency in England?

Answers:  euro

10. How many world wars happened?

Answers:  2 for France, 3

11. Who won the second world war?

Answers:  Germany, Germans

12. Did you vote at the last Senatorial?

Answers:  Yes (FYI, we do not vote during the Senatorial)

13. What is the next country the USA will invade after Iraq?

Answers:  Israel, France.

14. Do you think the American will win the war in Vietnam?

Answers:  no, I don’t think so and this war is silly. Maybe,  Americans are very powerful.

15. How many twin towers have been destroyed in USA?

Answers:  2 out of 4 –  4 have been destroyed.

16. Where was captured Ingrid Bettencourt?

Answers:  Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia.

17. Show me Bolivia and Columbia on the map

Answers: Bolivia is in Africa and Columbia is in Brazil.

18. Which country is referred to as the “Land of the Rising Sun”?

Answers:  China.

Do not laugh too much, let’s have a look at you British (2007 video)




CSK – Camille Strauss Kahn

The younger daughter of Dominique Strauss-Kahn became a key witness and her testimony turns out to be essential for her father’s defence as she is the first person her father met after the sexual assault at 12:45 am.

Born from DSK’s second marriage with Brigitte Guillemette, the 26-year-old young woman is very close to his father. He regularly comes to see her in New York, where she studies political science at Columbia University.

Yesterday, Camille appeared in court in the first row with stepmother Anne Sinclair. Both women support unconditionally DSK against all the charges that weigh on him. Apparently affected, they arrived and left together the court hands in hands.

Camille is thus the first person to have seen his father after his departure from the hotel.  The investigators have questioned her for a long time on this matter. Her testimony will allow bringing key elements on the behaviour of his father having left Sofitel.