Happy Birthday Nivea

It’s a name we all grew up with: NIVEA.  Nivea cream turns 100 years-old this year. This iconic brand can be found in 200 countries and is recognised for its unique smell, texture and iconic blue pot.

Even if we love the big traditional brands like Dior, Chanel or L’Oreal, we all have our blue pot at home. Nivea is definitely a must-have, a beauty classic that provides intensive moisture for every skin type.

Nivea is a name inspired by the “niveus” which means snow-white and it contains ingredients as has extract of orange, bergamot, lavender, rose, lilac and a touch of lily.

As a gift for its 100th birthday and because I love the cream, I decided to gather all the positive reviews that I found (you can add yours if you want to: bad or good).

Reviews from www.makeupalley.com

“I love this for my hands and body. It’s so thick and absorbs quickly. It works really well on dry skin – I love it on my feet! I find the smell pleasant – powdery and clean. I’d repurchase this for sure…it’s cheap and effective!”

“The creme is super thick but after a while when you start applying, it starts to melt down and slowly slip into your skin. Greasiness only a slight bit, much lesser than many others cream/lotion I tried. Packaging wise, it’s fairly ok. Kinda old-school vintage with navy blue colour tin package which make it more unique, not as convenient compared to those cream/lotion which has a pump but still acceptable because of the thick cream that hard to mess-up.”

“I bought this to use as a night cream since I tend to have fairly dry skin. I totally loved it and then I realized that my grandmother used this as long as I can remember and she never in her almost 80 years had almost any wrinkles. So this creme is true magic; lasts ages, is insanely cheap and is proven to be very effective!”

“This is my favourite cream… the only one I use, I have very sensitive skin (sun allergy and I easily develop rashes) and this is wonderful to use. It has a nice, clean smell and makes my skin soft.
I am Dutch and use the German (possibly Dutch) version.”


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Born and raised in Paris, I am a Marketing and Sales professional. And now, I am a blogger! I used to be Australian, German and French (Parisian) and now a Londoner lady since February 2010. I love everything about France: the food, the wine, the fragrances, the designers, the music and our attitude, energy & character. My blog is not all about cosmetics nor fashion, is about what is happening in the world in a French perspective: how do we think? What do we think? Why do we thing like this? And what do we French think about YOU strangers from all over the world! It was my passion for arts, culture, international events & news, fashion that drove me into creating La French Attitude and I love every minute of it and I hope you too! Enjoy! Sté xxx

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