Chez Gerard

111 Hammersmith Grove – London W6 0NQ

Overall experience: (4/10)

My first “French” restaurant in London and the worse experience ever.  And please, Chez Gerard delivers British food with a French trade name.

I popped in on a Thursdays evening just after work. I tried the one located in Hammersmith Grove that is closed now.

I did not expect such poor quality meals from a restaurant with Chez Gerard’s reputation.

Food😦 (3/10)

The food was English with a French name.  The price was totally unacceptable for such poor quality food.

Service:fair (5/10)

Cleanliness: good

I understand why it’s closed now! Will never go to any Chez Gerard again, let alone recommend it!!!

About frenchychic

Born and raised in Paris, I am a Marketing and Sales professional. And now, I am a blogger! I used to be Australian, German and French (Parisian) and now a Londoner lady since February 2010. I love everything about France: the food, the wine, the fragrances, the designers, the music and our attitude, energy & character. My blog is not all about cosmetics nor fashion, is about what is happening in the world in a French perspective: how do we think? What do we think? Why do we thing like this? And what do we French think about YOU strangers from all over the world! It was my passion for arts, culture, international events & news, fashion that drove me into creating La French Attitude and I love every minute of it and I hope you too! Enjoy! Sté xxx

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