Mon minou tout doux, Sexy wax ad outrage

VEET owned by Reckitt Benckiser, has removed an online advert that offended French web users by claiming the product was good for the “pussy”.

The ad for Veet waxing cream was posted at the campaign web address “” which translates as “My Pussy’s All Soft”.

The site, intended as a tester ahead of a full-scale launch, showed a video of a cat singing: “When my kitty’s all soft, it likes being stroked all over (…) when my kitty is so soft it  does miaww miaww,  but when my kitty is prickly it does poo poo (…)when my kitty is so soft it likes to be caressed everywhere” I won’t translate all the song but Waouh!

“We wanted to create an ad campaign that was a bit humorous and offbeat (…) we didn’t want to shock but we’re not the experts on that.” a manager of Veet said. => So easy! I am sorry as a marketer; you have to be expert of your market and understand their fears and their needs!

This manager said the company received numerous complaints from people offended by the ad, and ditched it so as not to “tarnish the brand’s image”.

Mobiz, the agency that designed the site, declined to comment.

The website is now closed.

I have to admit that the ad sounds a little bit rude to me albeit funny.

In fact, Frenchies hated the fact that Veet targeted young teenagers and incited them to shave their pubis. It’s already hard for mothers to hear their 13 years old daughters asking for a G-string!

I believe the marketers of Veet thought that it was a profitable target which hasn’t been done by their competitors before, but they forgot about the buyers (the parents) and their opinions. Did they really make some market and opinion researches?

Anyway, I am sure French teenagers would have love the ad! 😉

I read some comments on various websites and I have to say that there are tough and virulent. Here’s a harsh example:

« Donc si on suit l’esprit du machin, les jeunes femmes françaises sont des petites pétasses inintelligentes, vulgaires et ordurières qui n’ont pour seul bagage dans la vie que leur capacité à écarter les cuisses. Achetez du Veet !

Ayez le privilège de devenir un insignifiant sac à foutre avec Veet ! »

Which means:

“Thus if we follow the spirit of this thingamajig, the French women are small unintelligent, vulgar and smutty bitches who have for only interest in life to spread their thighs. Buy some Veet and have the privilege to become an insignificant cumbag with Veet! ”

Oh la la! Have a look at the advert below.

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Born and raised in Paris, I am a Marketing and Sales professional. And now, I am a blogger! I used to be Australian, German and French (Parisian) and now a Londoner lady since February 2010. I love everything about France: the food, the wine, the fragrances, the designers, the music and our attitude, energy & character. My blog is not all about cosmetics nor fashion, is about what is happening in the world in a French perspective: how do we think? What do we think? Why do we thing like this? And what do we French think about YOU strangers from all over the world! It was my passion for arts, culture, international events & news, fashion that drove me into creating La French Attitude and I love every minute of it and I hope you too! Enjoy! Sté xxx

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