President of the collective Trans-Europe (collective LGBT: Lesbians, gays, bisexual and other Trans group), Brigitte Goldberg wants to be the new president of the French Republic in 2012. With the creation of a new party Avenir-2012, Brigitte Goldberg plans to make the voice of the transsexuals listen in France.

On the site of Avenir-2012, her program is clearly expressed. The purchasing power, the education or the immigration demonstrate that this new centre left party is not a transsexual party but the first party managed by a transsexual. This party is just a classic political party albeit with an atypical candidate.

I really like the idea and the originality but I am not sure that French people are ready for that kind of change. To be honest, I am not yet.

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Born and raised in Paris, I am a Marketing and Sales professional. And now, I am a blogger! I used to be Australian, German and French (Parisian) and now a Londoner lady since February 2010. I love everything about France: the food, the wine, the fragrances, the designers, the music and our attitude, energy & character. My blog is not all about cosmetics nor fashion, is about what is happening in the world in a French perspective: how do we think? What do we think? Why do we thing like this? And what do we French think about YOU strangers from all over the world! It was my passion for arts, culture, international events & news, fashion that drove me into creating La French Attitude and I love every minute of it and I hope you too! Enjoy! Sté xxx

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  1. Thank you for your additional information. However, I am not sure that all my readers understand Dutch. Would I’ve been great to translate in into ENglish 😉

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