Carla, her baby and her reputation

Yesterday, after months of speculation, mom-to-be and first lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy made sensation yesterday with some smart, chic and sober outfits during this week’s G8 Summit in Deauville.

Her elegant simplicity reminds me of Jackie Kennedy. She was wearing a trapeze dress which let us guess a small stomach confirming her four months pregnancy.

If all around the world people are pleased to hear that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is pregnant, my Frenchies are not really glad and to be honest they just don’t care and they take advantage of this situation to express their frustration, their disgust and their honest opinion (like usual) on the government in place. Here are some (harsh) comments.





Comme elle a bien du lui tirer les couilles pour le séduire!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Des le premier soir on écarte les cuisses!

She must have pulled his testicles to seduce him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First evening we spread her wings!


Il n’y a bien que ce tiroir là qui se soit rempli… parce que son cerveau…

Her belly may be full…  but her brain…


De gaulle 1958 1968 Pompidou 1969 1974 Giscard 1974 1981 Mitterrand 1981 1994 Chirac 1994 2008 Sarko 2ANS et par pitié, sortez le avec sa catin!

De Gaulle 1958 1968 Pompidou 1969 1974 Giscard 1974 1981 Mitterrand 1981 1994 Chirac 1994 2008 now it’s Sarko for 2 years and I beg you to fire him and his whore!


Quel pays et société de @#$%, c’est ridicule, honnêtement, je m’en balance qu’elle soit en sainte, si c’est pour paraitre comme le petit couple français qui a un enfant, ben faudrait aussi qu’il bouffe du riz, et arrête de porter du Gucci et arrête de prendre les français pour des un C ???? Pauvre monde…

It’s a fucking country and society. It is ridiculous; honestly, I just don’t care to know that she’s pregnant, if they want to be considered as the “small” French couple with a child, this baby should eat rice and stop wearing Gucci. Also, they should stop taking us for assholes??? Poor world…

Maintenant les chefs d’état prennent des @#$% pour femmes!! Belle morale!!On ne demande pas à une femme de chef d’état d être une séductrice de pacotille mais une femme sérieuse! Elle c est une marie-couche-toi-la!

Now the presidents take whores for wives!! Stunning morality!! We do not ask to a first lady to be a cheap junk seducer but a serious woman! She is a harlot!


Si elle a envie d’être mère ca ne regarde personne !!!! Bravo Carla

If she wants to be a mother, it’s her business!!!! Congrats Carla.


French Attitude (me): I just do not care to be honest. Congrats Carla and good luck! I just wish France would be in an economically better situation and this sweet “presidential” pregnancy won’t change my point of view or my vote in regards with the next election.


Comments from Liberation and Yahoo France.

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  1. Greeeeeeeeat Blog Love the Infomation you have provided me .

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