France most wanted man


It is an incomprehensible story.

France has been fascinated by a terrible human drama – the murder of a mother and four teenagers, shot dead with a 22 rifle and the silencer, apparently by the children’s father in Nantes.






This story reminds France of the well-know murderer Jean-Claude Romand who pretended to be a medical doctor. He killed his family when he was about to be exposed.



This devout Catholic family, originally from Versailles (Parisian suburb) have been found dead in the garden of their home in the western city of Nantes, along with the family’s two pet Labradors.

They have been missing since April 3rd and the investigation has been complicated by strange and differing messages apparently left by the family or the father? Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès.

Shortly before disappearing, the private Catholic school of the two youngest children received a note saying their father had been “urgently” transferred to Australia for a job. A cheque was enclosed to cover fees for the rest of the year.

Whereas, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès told another school – where his wife worked as an assistant and taught catechism – that she had been hospitalised for gastroenteritis. The school then received a letter announcing her resignation.

Besides, he told some people he was a US secret agent and had to leave under a witness-protection programme because he had given evidence in a big drugs case. Letters sent to relative included joke like: “Don’t bother digging up the patio!” which sound strange since we know that the bodies of the victim have been found there.

Recently, a witness said that the 50 years old suspected murderer has been seen in Auxerre 10 days ago.

The French government had issued an international scale people search international list against Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès.

The story continues…

French comments 😉

c’est quand même étrange !!!

 It is all the same strange!!!


Quelle froide détermination. C’est un monstre ce type

What a cold determination. This chap is a monster!


Tous les aveux y sont au moins lol ! “n’allez surtout pas toucher aux gravats” forcement… mdr

At least, all the confessions are there! “Don’t bother digging up the patio! “Of course lol


Le moins qu’on puisse dire c’est qu’il avait tout prévu, ça donne froid dans le dos

He had planned everything, that makes my blood run cold


Pris au piège d’un mensonge énorme, il s’est vu acculé, comme d’autres avant lui, de tuer froidement sa famille, et d’organiser, une fois encore une situation très théâtrale, pour s’en sortir !
Je ne serai pas surprise qu’on le retrouve suicidé…il n’a aucune autre solution !

Trapped in his own big lie, he saw himself forced to do that, as the others before him, to kill coldly his family, and to plan, once more a very theatrical situation, to get out there!

I won’t be surprised to know he committed suicide, there is no other solution!


Quelle enflure! Encore un autre lâche qui ne sait pas prendre ses responsabilités. On en a marre de ces hommes aussi machiavélique et mytho. Il aurait du divorcer ou partir pour ne plus jamais revenir, mais que se passe t-il donc dans la tète de ces connards ? Allez, suicide-toi ! C’est tout ce que tu mérites idiot !

What a jerk! Another coward who does not know how to take his responsibilities. We are fed up of all these men so Machiavellian and such liar. He should have divorce or left without coming back, but what is happening in their mind? Go, commit suicide! It’s all that you deserve, you idiot!


Comments from and Pictures from Libération, Le Monde & Le Parisien.

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