New political scandal in France!

The former PS Minister, Jack Lang, has told the French newspaper Le Figaro that it is ready to pursue penally those who “will question his honour “, after the allusions formulated on Monday by Luc Ferry on French cable channel Canal + which could concern him. The French political class presses the philosopher to raise the ambiguity.

The comments of former Minister of Culture Luc Ferry, who accused on Monday a former French Minister of having had paedophile relations in Morocco, aroused deep reactions from French people and the Medias.

Although Luc Ferry did not say any name during the broadcast, indicated on Wednesday that the philosopher’s comments refer to “an old rumour “about Jack Lang, which has never been proved.

Questioned by the, Jack Lang declared: “I do not wish to get involved in these stories at the moment. I will express myself in due course. “

This is the new French political scandal after DSK, Paul Tron and our harlot first lady: our political image is seriously being damaged and we forget about our real problems in France: unemployment, economy, security and so on. What a pity!

Here are some French reactions.


Pourquoi il se sent visé ? Un ancien ministre, voyons, ça pourrait être Monsieur Balladur ?

Why does he feel aimed? A former Minister, let us see, that could be Mister Balladur?


Et Pasqua on la oublié ce pédophile avérée il va aussi au Maghreb profité de la misère ce tapé des gosses, et j’en passe en politique. Bande de minableeeeeee

And Pasqua, we have forgotten this paedophile, he also goes in the Maghreb takes advantage of the poverty to f@@@ with this kids, and he’s not the only one. pitifulllllllllll !

Tous ces problèmes qui sortent au même temps risquent d’éloigner les français de leurs préoccupations, on parlerait de chômage, de pouvoir d’achat, de l’euro qui fait perdre des emplois et qui ne pourrait être utile que lors d’un voyage en dehors de la zone euro…….les français malheureusement s’engagent dans un labyrinthe non souhaitable ni par son timing, ni par son continu…dommage que la société se rue vers l’écorce et oublie le noyau……

All these problems which come out in the same time could to take away French of their main preoccupations, we would speak about unemployment,  purchasing power, the euro which increases unemployment and which could be useful only during a journey outside the Euro zone  ……. French regrettably make a commitment in a not desirable labyrinth neither by its timing, nor by its continuity … (…)


En France, les gens font de la politique pour cacher leurs conneries. A l’étranger ils font de la politique pour sauver leurs pays ! Vive la France!

In France, people make some politics to hide their bullshit. Abroad they make politics to save their countries! Long live to France!


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