Oh la la: New York chief police Sarkozy’s friend!

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s tepid response to allegations that the NYPD has leaked damaging information about the sexual assault case of International Monetary Fund ex-leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn is soout of character it makes one wonder.“I certainly hope that’s not the case,” Kelly said of the alleged police leaks, after Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers complained that the disclosures were damaging his right to a fair trial.

Such a meek response from the police department’s micromanaging commissioner raises this question: Could Kelly be deliberately seeking to discredit Strauss-Kahn?

While this column disdains conspiracy theories, we might point out that Kelly has been known to do a favor or two for powerful and influential people who he feels can be useful to him.

And one of those people — who has been especially useful to Kelly in the past — has a tremendous interest in Strauss-Kahn’s fate.

That person is Strauss-Kahn’s political rival, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Here is some background. Both Kelly and his wife Veronica are Francophiles. Veronica Kelly travels regularly to France on business. Ray Kelly has traveled to France more than most people are aware.

Interpol, the international police force, is based in Lyons, France. Kelly does anti-terrorism business there.

In 2006 Kelly was awarded France’s Legion of Honor, an order established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte.  This is considered France’s highest decoration.

Who awarded Kelly the honor? Nicolas Sarkozy, then France’s Interior Minister.

It’s rare for Americans to receive this honor. Those who have are very distinguished. They include Julia Child, Walt Disney and Dwight D. Eisenhower. That’s pretty impressive company.

Kelly was inducted at the French consulate here in New York. Sarkozy, who did the honors, said France was honoring Kelly for his contributions to fighting terrorism.

Over the years, their relationship has apparently thrived.

Last summer, Sarkozy invited Kelly to Paris to celebrate Alain Bauer’s induction into the Legion of Honor. Bauer is a French criminologist and national security expert.

According to the N.Y. Post, Bauer paved the way for NYPD detectives to be permanently assigned to Paris police headquarters to guard against terror threats.

Until Strauss-Kahn was accused of trying to rape a hotel maid, a 32-year-old single mother from the African country of Guinea, he was considered the only man in France capable of defeating Sarkozy for the French presidency.

Those alleged NYPD leaks about Strauss-Kahn to the media were devastating. They involved reports that he supposedly attempted to flee to France after the alleged rape, and other reports that his DNA matched semen found on the maid’s clothing.

While this column would never suggest that Kelly might do anything unethical or improper [other than accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in freebies from the non-profit Police Foundation or having detectives from his detail chauffeur his wife around town], it is interesting to contrast his response to the Strauss-Kahn leaks with his draconian reaction to leaks in another high-profile sexual assault case, which occurred a few months before he received his Legion of Honor award.

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Strange coincidence, isn’t it ? So easy to think about the plot and to be honest I really hope that Sarkozy os not that stupid to plan something like that.  Here are what my Frenchies think of it (Comments from L’Express France)


Si cette information est vraie. Sarkozy a du soucis à se faire pour les élections.
Et cela met évidemment un gros doute sur la véracité de l’agression sexuelle. Même sans être parano on pense de suite à un complot.

If this information is true. Sarkozy will be in trouble for  the elections.

And it puts obviously a big doubt on the truthfulness of the sexual aggression. Even without being paranoiac we think  straight away of a setup.


En 438, il paraît que l’ancêtre de Khan a poussé dans les orties le frère de l’ancêtre de Sarkozy.

In 438, it seems that the ancestor of Khan pushed in stinging nettles the brother of  Sarkozy’s ancestor.



J’en ai marre, c’est toujours de la faute de sarko, qu’il neige en Afrique, la centrale nucléaire japonaise ou l’histoire de DSK!!!!
C’est usant, DSK a des problèmes au niveau de ses pulsions, on verra bien s’il y a eu viol ou pas. Mais arrêtons de dire n’importe quoi….
Sarko a peut-être pleins de défauts, mais il ne trempe pas dans des affaires comme ses prédécesseurs…

I’m fed up, it is always Sarko’s fault, snow in Africa, the Japanese nuclear power plant or DSK’s story!!!!

It is tiring, DSK has problems with his sexual urges, and we shall see  if there was rape or not. But let us stop saying anything….

Sarko has lot of defects, but he does not put himself  into stories as his predecessors…


On va bientôt nous dire que la femme de chambre c’était Carla déguisée qui a aguiche le pauvre DSK sans défense. Tout ca organise, bien sur, pour faire réélire Sarkozy dans un an.
Attention au complot, Messieurs, dames !!! Ouvrez bien les yeux et les oreilles car le chef de la police New-Yorkaise, et surement le procureur aussi, sont des amis intimes des Sarkozy. Alors croyez-moi, des révélations seront bientôt faites, des tètes vont tomber, et notre cher DSK pourra retourner en France “trousser les domestiques”.


Soon, we will hear that Carla disguised  into a maid and attract the defenceless poor man DSK.

All this planned for  Sarkozy’s re-election within one year.

Beware!  Please, open eyes and ears because the leader of the New York police, and probably the prosecutor are closed friends of  Sarkozy. Then believe in me, revelations will be made soon, suck are going to fall, and our dear DSK can return to France ” f@@@ the domestics “.

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