Pippa’s butt legend!

I was chilling on the website when I came across a chronicle from Patrick Besson for www.lepoint.fr talking about Pippa Middleton. What a surprise when I discovered the content of it. I was very surprised that some bloggers shared his point of view. I like Pippa; she seems to be a cool lady. I won’t follow her (fashion) style but I think that she looks splendid and happy.

But in France, I believe that journalists are sick and tired of seeing her in all the magazines that they are trying to break the myth in France. Let’s have a look at what it is said.


” D’abord, la chose qu’elle a au-dessus des lèvres, à droite de son nez trop large de narines et trop court d’arête. Pourquoi appelle-t-on ça un grain de beauté ? C’est une tache. Les dents sont banales. Les yeux vagues ont des poches quand elle sourit. Quand elle ne sourit pas, on ne sait pas, parce qu’elle sourit tout le temps.

Elle est moche. De plus, c’est une peste. On a déjà tout dit sur la robe blanche serrée dans laquelle Pippa a présenté son postérieur au monde entier le vendredi 29 avril 2011. Qu’a-t-il de si particulier en dehors du fait qu’il a masqué celui de la future reine d’Angleterre ?

C’est un derrière ni très rond ni très proéminent et même légèrement inerte. Sarah Burton, la créatrice de la robe pour la marque Alexander McQueen, n’aurait pas eu l’idée pornographique de faire se superposer, à la colonne vertébrale de sa cliente, une rangée de boutons qui s’arrête juste à la hauteur des fesses, personne n’aurait sans doute jeté un oeil sur Mlle Middleton. Il y eut aussi la robe émeraude Alice Temperley que Pippa portait pour la soirée privée des mariés. Après le zoom sur ses fesses, le panoramique sur ses seins. Elle possède une honnête poitrine, comme la plupart des femmes de son âge, mais au-dessus ce n’est pas terrible. Il y a là plusieurs os trop apparents qui ne me disent rien qui vaille. Le tout est évidemment couronné, c’est le cas de le dire, d’un sourire plat, vulgaire, vide, inerte, insincère, avide, froid, honteux, hagard, stupide, intéressé, immature, amer et morne, qui ne signifie rien et n’engage personne “.



“First things first, the thing she has over hers lips, to the right of her too wide nostrils and too short nos. Why do we call that a beauty spots? It is a spot. Teeth are commonplace. The vague eyes have bags when she smiles. When she does not smile, we don’t know, because she smiles all the time.

She is ugly. Furthermore, she is a pest. We have already said everything on the white tightened dress in which Pippa presented her butt to the whole world on Friday, April 29th, 2011. What is so particular except the fact people talked only about her hiding   the future queen of England?

Her butt is neither too curvy nor very prominent and even slightly plain. Sarah Burton, the creator of the dress for Alexander McQueen brand, would have had no pornographic idea to overlap, in the vertebral column of her customer, a row of buttons which stops just as high as her butt, nobody would have had a look on Miss Middleton. There was also the Alice Temperley emerald dress whom Pippa worn for at the wedding private party. After the zoom on the butts, the panoramic view on her boobs. She possesses a fair pair of breast, as most of the women of her age, but above it is not terrible. There are several bones too visible which augur no good to me. The whole is obviously crowned; it is the case to say it, of the flat, vulgar, empty, sluggish, insincere, eager, cold, shameful, wild, stupid, interested, immature, bitter and sad smile, that means nothing and engaging nobody “.  Maybe not you dear Monsieur Besson but some British male are even obsessed by her!

Poor Pippa, I am not sure she deserves that. And I have a beauty spot too and love it!

Stay tuned guys!

Pictures from http://www.mirror.co.uk and Le point








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