Naturist beaches in France!

Naturism as a philosophy of life.

To live naked, it is to live in symbiosis with oneself, our body, our environment … Such is the motto of the French naturists who promote the naturist beaches I am going to blog about tonight.

In France, you can live your naturism quite freely and safely: sea, ocean, beaches, mountain, forest, river, you will discover a wide choice of naturist stays, to live according to your needs and your feelings.

In order to make this naturist earth yours forever, the naturist villages observe that people live in the respect. Respect for the nature by knowing how to protect it, respect for the other one by knowing how to be discreet and courteous.

So, do not dream young guys, there is no way to seduce hot naked girls over there. First of all, because those places are mostly family village so yes you will find big mamas abandoned by their husband searching for adventure and fun with young personable and good-looking men. Second of all, you will be sacked immediately by the security guards over there if they find your attitude a little bit intrusive and pushy.

What is the difference between Nudism and naturist?

I always wanted to know what the difference between these 2 terms was and I discovered that the difference is really subtle and it is easy to get confused.

The nudism:  it is to be naked only in the beaches, places or in special villages.

The naturism is a philosophy and it is a question of being naked constantly.

Live your naturism

Being naturist is to know how to remain authentic …

The naturism, it is respect: be tolerant and respectful to others, but also being responsible of yourself.

The naturism is generosity: know how to share your space, your knowledge, your smile, and throw out social conventions and differences …

The naturism, it is opening: welcome others and yourself, being a good listener and practice naturism harmoniously.

The naturism, it is freedom: living your naturism in your way and at your pace, by forgetting generally accepted ideas … If you are cold or want to exercise, you can put clothes on …

Naturist beach: a regulated access from the end of March to Mid-October

I think it is a great idea because there were so many stories of children being kidnapped and/or paedophile searching for their victims on site.

So, now upon your arrival in most of the beaches, a card is delivered giving you access to naturist village. This card is delivered in exchange of any proof of photo ID (passport, identity card or driving licence).

Selection of nice naturist places

 Riva Bella Corse

One of the best places to be this summer:  Riva Bella Corse – naturism village for families ( )

Your campsite-village France 4 Naturism GRAND COMFORT in Corsica, where the weather is always nice, halfway between BASTIA and PORTO-VECCHIO, to 7 km north of Aléria, is classified Grand Comfort and Camp-site Quality 3 stars.

Arrivals and Departures every day for sunny naturist holidays in weekend, mid- week, short or long stays.

70 Hectares of intact and wild nature, Naturist site classified and protected, directly on the sea, sandy beach as far as the eye can see, 3 km fitness trail, cycle path.

Naturist relaxation and leisure ad infinitum…only one, for two or in family, you have the choice: shadow or sun in a naturist Camp-site, in naturist Bungalows or naturist villas, from simplest to most luxurious, to live with more close to Nature in user-friendliness in all peace.

Les sables d’opale

Les sables d’opale are located in Beck sur Mer. What you have to know about Berck is that the pronunciation of this word is closed to “beurk” which means “yuk” in French. As a consequence, you will hear a lot of jokes about Berck all around France apart from Berck of course 😉

Les sables d’opale – lieu dit le terminus – 62600 Berck sur mer (Pas De Calais)
Access by boulevard de Boulogne and chemin des Anglais (authorised beach since  1981)

This naturist beach is not a village so you will have to find your own hotel around.

Berck is situated in 84 km by highway of Calais and in 229 km from the capital Paris. Situated just to the north of the estuary of the river Authie, Berck has a huge expanse of sandy beach and impressive grassy-topped dunes facing north onto the English Channel. Berck comprises two parts – to the east, the old fishing town, Berck-Ville and to the west, the seaside area, Berck-sur-Mer.

Besides, it is close to the biggest and nice sea resorts such as Le Touquet, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Calais and the Dunkerque respectively in about fifteen, fifty, sixty and hundred of kilometres.


Ploumoguer  (FINISTERE)
3 Naturist beaches between  « La plage de Trézien » and  « La pointe de Corsen ».

Ploumoguer (Breton: Ploñger) is a commune in the Finistère department in Bretagne in north-western France.

Lieu-dit La Batterie (Ile de Ré)

Ile de Ré – plage au lieu dit “la batterie” between la Couarde and le Bois. Naturalism tolerated in the part of the beach in Couarde commune.

Île de Ré is an island off the west coast of France near La Rochelle, on the northern side of the Pertuis d’Antioche strait. This island is completely flat; it is 30 km long and 5 km wide. A 2.9 km bridge, completed in 1988, connects it to La Rochelle on the mainland.

Cap d’Agde

Naked and approved!

All around France when you say to your friends “I am going on holiday in Cap D’Agde” you are automatically branded as a naturist. In fact, Cap d’Agde joins the first rank of the naturist destinations of the Mediterranean Basin; most of the beaches down there got a naturist section.

Widely opened on the sea, the naturist village benefits from a site of choice and offer of numerous benefits: 2 km of fine sand beach, security guards, rescue posts), animations in July and August (tournaments of volleyball, tennis and different games for the children) and all the comfort wanted on beaches, parasols, catering, marina and the sweetness of the Mediterranean weather.

This is it!!! You have now a couple of options if you want to try one of our natural and carefree beaches and places.

What I would like about going there is having a very ligh suitcase. What a pleasure for us ladies! Just a bit of natural make-up, toothbrush, one evening dress and that it! I like the idea but I believe I will get bored quite quickly if I stay in one of thoses villages.

This is a funny French song ” Naked and tanned” by Carlos

Have a great holidays if some of you are leaving soon.


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