Just married: Albert and Charlene!

Princess of Monaco, the South African and her prince, Albert II exchanged vows in the religious ceremony today.

The happy both couple both answered ‘oui’ (yes) to the Archbishop of Monaco, Bernard Barsi, who conducted the service in front of 850 guests.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder Armani dress, the new Princess Charlene on Monaco looked serene and beautiful as she wed Prince Albert in the courtyard of the Prince’s Palace.

Charlene looks stunning in her Armani wedding dress

It is said that Prince Albert II and Charlene made mistake about finger for the wedding rings
With only 2000 spectators it was easier for the newweds to be closed to their public
Their guests from all over the world
Andrea Casiraghi and his girlfriend Tatiana Santodomingo.
Sister Stéphanie de Monaco and her children
Bernard Arnault (LVMH) and wife Helene Mercier Armault
Campbell and her boyfriend Vladimir-Doronin
Michel Jarre
Tennisman Henri leconte and his wife florentine
Armani and niece Roberta
Karl Lagerfeld
Prince Emanuele Filiberto de Savoie and wife
Victoria Silvstedt
Roger Moore and wife Kristina
The must have of the wedding to be hip, chioc and trendy. The indispensable and becoming hat.
What my Frenchies think of this wedding?
To be honest their wedding has been hinder by DSK released so there are not a lot of interesting comments. Nonetheless here are some:

Beaucoup de journalistes pensent comme moi que Charlène était plus belle que Kate Middleton le jour de son mariageDe toute manière le mariage de S.A.S le Prince Albert II et Charlène était en tout point bien mieux que celui de Kate et William. Cette proximité entre la famille Princière et la population Monégasque, ce sont CA les vrais valeurs de la Principauté.

Many journalists think as me that Charlene was more beautiful than Kate Middleton the day of her wedding.  Anyway Prince Albert II and Charlene wedding was much better than Kate and William. This nearness between the noble family and the population Monegasque shows the real values of the Principality.

Elle est la star, il y a pas de “Pippa! pour lui voler la vedette

She is the star, no « Pippa » to steal the show

Felicitation, tous mes vœux de bonheurs

Congratulation, best wishes

J avais oublié leur mariage, il est vrai que l affaire DSK a éclipsé leur événement. Bravo

I had forgotten their wedding, it is true that DSK darkened their event. Bravo

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