Douce France, Cher pays de mon enfance….

Hey guys,

Hope you are well. I’ve been quite busy these last couple of weeks searching for a new job, preparing my career move and finding a new place to live.

However, I had time to meet my family back in France and what a surprise when I arrived in Paris.

Poverty and insecurity is ruining my country. Council, medical & social care (CAF & Securite sociale) services are worsening. People dressed with clothes found in Parisian bins. Minorities feed themselves with food from “boulangerie” or supermarket.

By the way, a man has been fired because he “stole” foods out of date from a bin of the supermarket he works for.

Human conditions and treatments are questionable. I was with my sister around 10pm driving home after eating in a restaurant and I saw people (men, women and children) with tents and duvets!

When I asked my sister what were they doing there? She said naturally that the “prefecture” offer only 50 meetings for foreigners who want to extend their working visa or want to renew their papers. As a consequence people sleep in front of the prefecture to be sure to be served the day after.

But what all this mean? Why should we treat people this way? Where are the means to improve all that? How did all this happen?

I heard somewhere that hell will be on earth when Les sages would approved the worse. I feel that France is plunging in hell and is the place of all the worse things in Europe and I found it scandalous and I am very surprised that nobody dares saying anything about all these injustices. Are we becoming sheep? Are we so fed up with our government that we couldn’t care more?

All I have to say is that I do not recognise my country anymore! And I am very disappointed with its evolution. I can’t wait for the next election.

About frenchychic

Born and raised in Paris, I am a Marketing and Sales professional. And now, I am a blogger! I used to be Australian, German and French (Parisian) and now a Londoner lady since February 2010. I love everything about France: the food, the wine, the fragrances, the designers, the music and our attitude, energy & character. My blog is not all about cosmetics nor fashion, is about what is happening in the world in a French perspective: how do we think? What do we think? Why do we thing like this? And what do we French think about YOU strangers from all over the world! It was my passion for arts, culture, international events & news, fashion that drove me into creating La French Attitude and I love every minute of it and I hope you too! Enjoy! Sté xxx

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