Europinion war

Sarkozy versus Cameron

Nicolas Sarkozy tells David Cameron: shut up over the euro!

David Cameron has begun a week of intense political infighting over Europe by becoming embroiled in a furious row with Nicolas Sarkozy over Britain’s role in talks to solve the crisis enveloping the euro.

The bust-up between Cameron and  Sarkozy held up the conclusion of the EU-27 summit for almost two hours, with the French president expressing rage at the constant criticism and lectures from UK ministers.

Sarkozy bluntly told Cameron: “You have lost a good opportunity to shut up.” He added: “We are sick of you criticising us and telling us what to do. You say you hate the euro and now you want to interfere in our meetings.”

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Here are some points of view from Le Parisien:


Shut up Cameron. Tu n’es pas Thatcher…. Les anglais vont se réfugier derrière lui et réclamer à sortir de l’UE.  Cool alors,  on ne sera plus obligé de manger du mouton du Commonwealth qui se fait passer pour le l’agneau! Episode supplémentaire de la guéguerre des monnaies: $ et £ contre l’€, avec Moody’s et standard & poors en chefs de file. Vous savez ces agences qui n’ont pas vu venir Madoff et ses crises, ni celles de la dette ni … la prochaine! Quand est ce qu’on se fait une agence de notation UE que l’on puisse enlever quelques A à nos anglais et américains chéris?


Shut up Cameron, you are not Thatcher … The English take refuge behind him and ask to leave the EU. Cool, we will no longer have to eat Commonwealth sheep being called lamb! Just
an additional episode of the Currency $ and £ against the €, with Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s as leaders. You know those agencies that have not seen the economic crisis and
Madoff, or the debts! When will we have an EU rating agency that we can remove some A to our British and American darlings?

Je suis d’accord avec Cameron si l’Europe prend en charge la dette de la France !

I agree with the Cameron if Europe accounts for France debt

Bizarre, nos fans de la gauche ne critiquent plus sarko….Lui au moins il a se bat pour nous. Depuis De Gaulle il n’y a pas eu meilleur que lui pour se battre
pour la France et tous les français …..Il aurait dû rajouter à Cameron la gifle que nous avons donnée aux anglais au rugby !


Bizarre, our left wing fans do not criticize sarko now…. At least he’s fighting for us. Since De Gaulle, there was no better president than him to fight for France and all French…..
He should have mentioned to Cameron the flap we gave to English rugby men!

Bravo Sarko ……Voilà exactement le genre de tempérament dont nous aurons besoin à la tête de notre pays……Vous voyez Hollande tenir tête comme cela ? On à beau dire ce qu’on veut Sarko saura représenter nos intérêts au niveau Mondial.


Congratulations…… Sarko is exactly the kind of temper that we need to lead our country…… Can you see Hollande stand up like that? We can say all that we want about him but Sarko
will be able to represent our interests worldwide.

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