How are you?

Comment vastu? Comment ça va? Ça va?


“Ça va?” This is how we greet someone and ask how they are. 

But note the following: Comment va

Comment vas-tu?” is rather formal: How are you?

Comment ça va?” is more colloquial : How (are) you doing? And “Ça va” is short for Comment ça va? which makes it even more familiar.  

Ça va bien, merci.” This person is saying “I am fine, thank you“. 


But this man is saying things aren’t too good. “Pas très bien!” means “not that good.

This list shows you different ways of saying how you are, from very well to terrible:

  • très bien => very well
  • bien => well
  • assez bien => quite well
  • pas très bien => not very well
  • très mal => terrible

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