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Le Palais Du Jardin

Westfield Shopping Centre

Overall experience (8/10):

Having found this restaurant almost accidentally and despite the name (very difficult for me to remember), by the way it stands for Le Palais Du Jardin ( The Garden Palace), I really enjoyed the entire experience there.

Food (8.5/10): fresh ingredients and warm hospitality all at a reasonable price.

Service: The service was excellent, wine arrived within minutes, the food was served promptly and more importantly the service was not intrusive.

Cleanliness: great

Bel Canto – Bayswater

1-7 Lancaster Gate – Corus Hotel Hyde Park, London W2 3LG, England

Overall experience (8/10):

Discovered back in Paris (I was just living next door to the Bel Canto Parisian restaurant ) but didn’t ever try it.

And I rediscovered it via my Taste card and do not regret the try.

Overall experience: Enjoyed my experience throughout. Food, table and the service were really amazing the singing was outstanding.

Food (8.9/10):

The French inspired food is fresh, delicious and tasty, not a big fan Prosecco I’m afraid.


Cleanliness: great

It is a fantastic experience with great meal in comfortable surroundings, with excellent service, and an integral show with genuine talent, and then it becomes very good value.  I am now a regular.

Chez Gerard

111 Hammersmith Grove – London W6 0NQ

Overall experience: (4/10)

My first “French” restaurant in London and the worse experience ever.  And please, Chez Gerard delivers British food with a French trade name.

I popped in on a Thursdays evening just after work. I tried the one located in Hammersmith Grove that is closed now.

I did not expect such poor quality meals from a restaurant with Chez Gerard’s reputation.

Food😦 (3/10)

The food was English with a French name.  The price was totally unacceptable for such poor quality food.

Service:fair (5/10)

Cleanliness: good

I understand why it’s closed now! Will never go to any Chez Gerard again, let alone recommend it!!!