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Top 5 funny facts about the Bretons

As a proper Parisian, we like stereotyping our co-citizen… And here I am starting with our Bretons… Finish with Politics! Let’s have some fun!  #happyfriday !!! #justforfun.
1) In Brittany, it rains all the time!

Well, it does not rain all the time. I can certainly say that the Bretons have less sunshine that the rest of France. A bit like at his cousin Great Britain.
2) All Bretons are alcoholic

How could they be alcoholic if they only drink cider?
3) All Britons wear a Bigouden

Et alors? Bretons are launching a trend.
4) In Brittany, we only drink cider!

Well? How much cider does it take to get drunk? At least we are not pissed after two glasses of wine like our friends in Bordeaux.
5) Bretons only eat crêpe (pancakes)!


Breakfast: crêpe with sugar, crêpe in maple syrup. Lunch: ham-cheese crêpe. Dinner: crêpe with foie gras … Et alors??? On adore….
#happyfriday #frenchchic #frenchattitude

Adieu Madame Thatcher!

Loathe or like her… IFrom what I read in France the opinion is quite mixed while some of us would love to have someone with such determination these days some only remember the worse of her…

I let you meditate on this with the English version of Renaud’s song.

The French version for those interested can be viewed at:

RIP Whitney Houston

Today, my mom called me around 7am a couple of time of course I was sleeping at that time like every Sunday. Then I started to realise and what if something bad happened. So, I called her back in France. She answered and told me in a very low voice full of sadness that Whitney has died!

I was shocked and she sounded like it too (actually there’s no word to describe how bad I could felt she was, I know more than any member of my family what kind of relationship my mother had with Whitney’s songs)! I didn’t even asked how because I have my thoughts .

As you may have guessed, my mom is one of Whitney Houston’s biggest fan and she could see The Bodyguard 1000 times a month and listen to her singles all day and night. I felt so sorry for my mom and tried to find the best words to console her.

Yes, Whitney is dead today and French people will always  remember her first trip in France and when she met for the first time our Gainsbourg. What a shock for the young Whitney! LOL

“Sacré Gainsbourg” never afraid to speak up his mind, that is a French attitude ;-)!

Enjoy this video!

Whitney looked splendid at that time and we would like to remember her like this. Whitney, we will always love you. Rest in peace ❤

A dedication for my mum Emilie, love you too mummy. I miss you! ❤

Re-civilize yourself! ;-)



The ad only had time to appear once in the United States before rage started to build. Published for the first time on the September edition of American magazine Esquire, it gave rise to a huge controversy in the space of a few hours. The ad features a groomed black man tossing a mask of his former self, shown sporting an afro and a beard, with the words “Re-civilise yourself” written across the image. It proved to be too offensive for some, who straight away accused Nivea of being racist, claiming that the ad suggests that a black person’s natural hair looks “uncivilised”.

Faced with a huge number complaints and accusations, particularly online, Nivea quickly reacted by removing the advertisement from all marketing activities and apologising to those who were offended. However, people in the African-American community have already begun to call for a boycott and some even say singer Rhianna needs to her contract with the brand.

Here we are again, after KFC a couple of months ago. Nivea is publicly attacked by the black community of America for its last advertisement.

To be honest, I am not really sure what to think of this ad. It is quite ambiguous but I do not think that it deserves to be removed from television. I do not see an afro, I see a man who he not properly groomed. An afro can be beautiful if it is properly cut and I do not think that Nivea wanted to say that having an afro is not beautiful but anyway… This is America!

Source from FashionMag

Riots in London

Hello everybody,

I hope you having some great holidays overseas or in Britain. I am sorry I did abandon you for a couple of weeks enjoying France and places in Europe with my family.

Some news, I heard about a riot in Tottenham last night and I have to be honest with you my sister told me about it from FRANCE!  I have tried to find some information and French people as always, have their opinion on this story.

Article below from

The Prime Minster is on holiday, The Deputy Prime Minister is on holiday. Foreign Secretary William Hague is supposedly in charge.  As far as we know, Home Secretary, Theresa May is not on holiday. The Acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is Tim Godwin.

Last night (6th August 2011) saw riots in Tottenham in north London that were horrifyingly reminiscent of the 1981 riots in Toxteth in Liverpool, the 1985 riots at Broadwater Farm, also in Tottenham and the bad days of barricades, burning vehicles and riots in Belfast and Derry.

Last night police cars were stolen and driven to Tottenham High Road where they were set on fire – as was a London double decker bus. Commercial and domestic properties were fired, petrol bombs were visibly being thrown and looting was rife. Police vehicles arriving to take up position behind the scene were openly and repeatedly stoned. Hooded youths in the riot area ran up to the police lines at the edge of it and openly threw bricks over the heads into whatever lay behind them.

There are serious questions to be asked both about police tactics on the night and about the current philosophy of policing.

The Tottenham riots appear to have been born from an incident on Thursday 4th August 2011, when police shot dead a 29 year old black man, Mark Duggan, in an exchange of fire. Tottenham currently features serious gun crime and drugs crime.

Last night there was no rule of law running in Tottenham. There was no serious prevention of the development or of the spread of the rioting.

Yet, by the time of writing – 10.00am the following morning – not one of those made any presence to establish that the incident was being taken in hand.

At 10.00pm a statement was issued from City Hall from the office of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnston; and the Tottenham MP, David Lammy, issued a statement. That was it.

The Charity Shield football match is at Wembley (not far away) this afternoon, between Manchester United and Manchester City – with significant tensions between their factional fanbases to deal with. The Hackney Carnival is today. The police would already have been stretched between these two events. Now there is the north London situation as well – and another night to come.


Where is the government? Of course these guys are new to power and have not faced anything like this – but where is the evidence that they are even engaged? There is none.

Rudderless does not come close.


On the one hand, this country is seriously and expensively over-governed, with local government, devolved national government, UK government and European government – and the more of it there is the less anyone seems to be capable of action or to feel directly responsible for anything.

These are the big issues.

The immediate one is the simple act of government.

We need to hear from Theresa May. We need to hear from Tim Godwin. We need to know that the Prime Minister is coming home at once, and that the Deputy Prime Minister is doing the same.

And if we needed the army to back up the police should the situation worsen – do we have any such army capability left at home?

At the moment there is no sign of anyone on the bridge as London literally burns.

Update 13.10 7th August: The first Government to be seen and speak on this matter was at 13.00 today and was not the Home Secretary but her subordinate, Home Office Minister, Lynne Featherstone.


French opinions

bravo les anglais sont  dans m…e comme nous

Congratulations the British, they are in the shit like us.


Les anglais payent leur propre nature….”faux culs”  c’est pas nouveau, même Napoléon en a fait l’expérience….

English pays the own nature “phoney” it’s not new, Napoleon experienced it as well….


Eh oui … mêmes causes, mêmes effets, On dit que le Gouvernement de Sa Majesté est encore plus laxiste que le nôtre en matière d’immigration.

Same causes, same effects, we say that the Government of Her Majesty is even more over liberal than ours in terms of immigration.

Eh oui, nos amis britanniques connaissent aussi les affres de nos concitoyens qui voudraient vivre tranquillement dans leurs banlieues, alors que la racaille y est aussi omniprésente. Ah la société pluriethnique quelles délices!

Our British friends know the torments of our fellow countrymen who would like to live quietly in their suburbs, while the villain is omnipresent. Ah the multiethnic society, what delights!

As you have noticed French people comments are xenophobic comments. I’ve read a couple of comment and I can tell 70% of them are fascist. What is happening in my country? I believe the next election will be tough and surprising…


Thin women earn more money than Curvy ladies!

This is aberrant, but is it surprising? Not really to be honest. When you see how some companies recruit their employees especially Cosmetics, Beauty and fashion where I come from. I am not surprised.

Uncountable international studies prove it:  women earn on average less money than men. But it seems that there are other factors of wage discrimination not really studied: the weight. According to a recent study appeared in Applied Psychology newspaper, thin women gain on average 22.000 dollars (£13,587) a year more than their overweight counterparts.

Timothy A. Judge from the University of Florida and Daniel Mr Cable from the London Business School studied the relation between the salary and the weight for men and women supporting their results on two longitudinal studies (American and German women). According to the results of their works, not only the women of middleweight earn less, but the “obese” women gain 19.000 dollars less than their counterparts of middleweight. Just scandalous!

What my frenchies think about that?

Je suis grosse et je le resterai. Je suis belle et je m’aime même avec un salaire plus bas, je resterai grosse !!!! Les gens m’aiment parce que je suis plus drôle que les minces

I am big and I will stay big. I am beautiful and I love myself even with a lower salary, I shall remain big!!!! People like me because I am funnier than thin ladies.






Les minces devraient gagner l’équivalent de leur poids

The slender should gain the equivalent of their weight

(La French Attitude: I would be happy with that if we add 3 zeros to my weight ;-))

Etre jolie et mince est un atout incontournable. Si les femmes commencent à se mépriser entre elles pour des problèmes de poids, où va t on? Par contre, il est bon de dire à sa copine, fait gaffe, à ta santé, tu es entrain de prendre du poids…..ou prend garde de ne pas tomber dans l’anorexie. AH? La jalousie!

To be attractive and thin is a major asset. If the women begin to loathe each other for weighty problems, where are we going? On the other hand, it is good to say to her friend, been careful, with your health, you’re putting some weight or do not to fall in the anorexia. AH? The jealousy!

Une jolie femme ayant le même background qu’une autre femme obtiendra plus facilement un job avantageux, c’est pas nouveau, c’est ainsi depuis toujours….

An attractive woman having the same background that another woman will obtain more easily an advantageous job, it is not new, it has always been like that

Un article qui sent bien la discrimation.
Source : mein kampf ?
Et puis on va reprendre encore les mêmes préjugés :
les noirs courent plus vite
les asiatiques font tous du karaté
les blancs sont fascistes etc.

An article which smells discrimation.

Source: mein kampf?

And then we are going to take back the same prejudices:

Blacks run faster

All the Asian do karate

Whites are fascists etc.

Source and pictures from, and Comments from

Pippa’s butt legend!

I was chilling on the website when I came across a chronicle from Patrick Besson for talking about Pippa Middleton. What a surprise when I discovered the content of it. I was very surprised that some bloggers shared his point of view. I like Pippa; she seems to be a cool lady. I won’t follow her (fashion) style but I think that she looks splendid and happy.

But in France, I believe that journalists are sick and tired of seeing her in all the magazines that they are trying to break the myth in France. Let’s have a look at what it is said.


” D’abord, la chose qu’elle a au-dessus des lèvres, à droite de son nez trop large de narines et trop court d’arête. Pourquoi appelle-t-on ça un grain de beauté ? C’est une tache. Les dents sont banales. Les yeux vagues ont des poches quand elle sourit. Quand elle ne sourit pas, on ne sait pas, parce qu’elle sourit tout le temps.

Elle est moche. De plus, c’est une peste. On a déjà tout dit sur la robe blanche serrée dans laquelle Pippa a présenté son postérieur au monde entier le vendredi 29 avril 2011. Qu’a-t-il de si particulier en dehors du fait qu’il a masqué celui de la future reine d’Angleterre ?

C’est un derrière ni très rond ni très proéminent et même légèrement inerte. Sarah Burton, la créatrice de la robe pour la marque Alexander McQueen, n’aurait pas eu l’idée pornographique de faire se superposer, à la colonne vertébrale de sa cliente, une rangée de boutons qui s’arrête juste à la hauteur des fesses, personne n’aurait sans doute jeté un oeil sur Mlle Middleton. Il y eut aussi la robe émeraude Alice Temperley que Pippa portait pour la soirée privée des mariés. Après le zoom sur ses fesses, le panoramique sur ses seins. Elle possède une honnête poitrine, comme la plupart des femmes de son âge, mais au-dessus ce n’est pas terrible. Il y a là plusieurs os trop apparents qui ne me disent rien qui vaille. Le tout est évidemment couronné, c’est le cas de le dire, d’un sourire plat, vulgaire, vide, inerte, insincère, avide, froid, honteux, hagard, stupide, intéressé, immature, amer et morne, qui ne signifie rien et n’engage personne “.



“First things first, the thing she has over hers lips, to the right of her too wide nostrils and too short nos. Why do we call that a beauty spots? It is a spot. Teeth are commonplace. The vague eyes have bags when she smiles. When she does not smile, we don’t know, because she smiles all the time.

She is ugly. Furthermore, she is a pest. We have already said everything on the white tightened dress in which Pippa presented her butt to the whole world on Friday, April 29th, 2011. What is so particular except the fact people talked only about her hiding   the future queen of England?

Her butt is neither too curvy nor very prominent and even slightly plain. Sarah Burton, the creator of the dress for Alexander McQueen brand, would have had no pornographic idea to overlap, in the vertebral column of her customer, a row of buttons which stops just as high as her butt, nobody would have had a look on Miss Middleton. There was also the Alice Temperley emerald dress whom Pippa worn for at the wedding private party. After the zoom on the butts, the panoramic view on her boobs. She possesses a fair pair of breast, as most of the women of her age, but above it is not terrible. There are several bones too visible which augur no good to me. The whole is obviously crowned; it is the case to say it, of the flat, vulgar, empty, sluggish, insincere, eager, cold, shameful, wild, stupid, interested, immature, bitter and sad smile, that means nothing and engaging nobody “.  Maybe not you dear Monsieur Besson but some British male are even obsessed by her!

Poor Pippa, I am not sure she deserves that. And I have a beauty spot too and love it!

Stay tuned guys!

Pictures from and Le point








Celebs’ Diet tips

Summer is coming!

Euh… All over the world apart from the UK…

Ok, hopefully we will be lucky enough to have a nice and warm summer this year but please not as hot as Paris!

And even if the sun doesn’t want to visit the country, we still to be fit and to shed a few of those extra pounds for French, Caribbean or American beaches this summer holidays.

Celebs allow themselves incredible whims to stay fit. Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga and Cheryl Cole are big fans of the new ” baby food diet “. Seeing their perfect body, it probably works.

This diet consists in eating only small jars for babies during the day and (hopefully!!) ending  with a “normal” dinner.  You should eat around 14 jars a day to be exact and they only contain 100 to 150 calories bringing you the exact calories & vitamins recommended daily allowance.

Baby foods are regulated, their contributions in sugar, salt and fats are regularly controlled. Combined with exercises, you will probably  lose around 10 kilos in the six weeks.

Oh la la! I am a little bit perplexed, those Americans they are just crazy!!


Tracy Anderson who regularly coach Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow is at the origin of this particular diet. However,  it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy and efficient as numerous nutritionists are protesting against this diet.

In fact, baby foods are adapted for babies but not for adults exercising regularly.

So think twice before starting this very weird diet!

Besides, I will recommend the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is a diet promoted by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (part of the NIH, a United States government organization) to control hypertension.

This eating plan is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy foods; includes meat, fish, poultry, nuts and beans; and is limited in sugar-sweetened foods and beverages, red meat, and added fats. In addition to its effect on blood pressure, it is considered a well-balanced approach to eating for the general public. It is now recommended by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) as an ideal eating plan for all Americans.

As far as I am concerned, I hate diets and can’t follow them and like my French teacher taught me at school: “eat everything you want with moderation” 😉




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France most wanted man


It is an incomprehensible story.

France has been fascinated by a terrible human drama – the murder of a mother and four teenagers, shot dead with a 22 rifle and the silencer, apparently by the children’s father in Nantes.






This story reminds France of the well-know murderer Jean-Claude Romand who pretended to be a medical doctor. He killed his family when he was about to be exposed.



This devout Catholic family, originally from Versailles (Parisian suburb) have been found dead in the garden of their home in the western city of Nantes, along with the family’s two pet Labradors.

They have been missing since April 3rd and the investigation has been complicated by strange and differing messages apparently left by the family or the father? Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès.

Shortly before disappearing, the private Catholic school of the two youngest children received a note saying their father had been “urgently” transferred to Australia for a job. A cheque was enclosed to cover fees for the rest of the year.

Whereas, Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès told another school – where his wife worked as an assistant and taught catechism – that she had been hospitalised for gastroenteritis. The school then received a letter announcing her resignation.

Besides, he told some people he was a US secret agent and had to leave under a witness-protection programme because he had given evidence in a big drugs case. Letters sent to relative included joke like: “Don’t bother digging up the patio!” which sound strange since we know that the bodies of the victim have been found there.

Recently, a witness said that the 50 years old suspected murderer has been seen in Auxerre 10 days ago.

The French government had issued an international scale people search international list against Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès.

The story continues…

French comments 😉

c’est quand même étrange !!!

 It is all the same strange!!!


Quelle froide détermination. C’est un monstre ce type

What a cold determination. This chap is a monster!


Tous les aveux y sont au moins lol ! “n’allez surtout pas toucher aux gravats” forcement… mdr

At least, all the confessions are there! “Don’t bother digging up the patio! “Of course lol


Le moins qu’on puisse dire c’est qu’il avait tout prévu, ça donne froid dans le dos

He had planned everything, that makes my blood run cold


Pris au piège d’un mensonge énorme, il s’est vu acculé, comme d’autres avant lui, de tuer froidement sa famille, et d’organiser, une fois encore une situation très théâtrale, pour s’en sortir !
Je ne serai pas surprise qu’on le retrouve suicidé…il n’a aucune autre solution !

Trapped in his own big lie, he saw himself forced to do that, as the others before him, to kill coldly his family, and to plan, once more a very theatrical situation, to get out there!

I won’t be surprised to know he committed suicide, there is no other solution!


Quelle enflure! Encore un autre lâche qui ne sait pas prendre ses responsabilités. On en a marre de ces hommes aussi machiavélique et mytho. Il aurait du divorcer ou partir pour ne plus jamais revenir, mais que se passe t-il donc dans la tète de ces connards ? Allez, suicide-toi ! C’est tout ce que tu mérites idiot !

What a jerk! Another coward who does not know how to take his responsibilities. We are fed up of all these men so Machiavellian and such liar. He should have divorce or left without coming back, but what is happening in their mind? Go, commit suicide! It’s all that you deserve, you idiot!


Comments from and Pictures from Libération, Le Monde & Le Parisien.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ video appears online

The video for Lady Gaga’s “Judas” the second single off her”Born This Way” album has arrived.

With a rock’n’roll look, a gothic make up and a gangsta rap attitude and gesture, Lady Gaga is more than ever provocative in her new video.

Is her video an offence to Catholic?

No, I just think that the song is a fantastic metaphor and analogy about betrayal, infidelity (?), forgiveness and faith in humanity.

And I love it.

Is Lady is  innovative with this video clip?

I do not think so!  There’s a kind of “Déjà Vu”. As an ultra big fan of Madonna, I have to mention “Like a prayer” which created an engaging postmodern argument about racism, difference and biblical & historical controversies.

I love your song Gaga. However I prefer Madonna’s 😉