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Liberté – Egalité – Fraternité?

Liberté – Egalité – Fraternité // Freedom – Equality – Fraternity

Censure – inégalité – Communautarisme //Censorship – inequality – Communitarianism



It is very sad to hear about what happened this week in France. Really sad to see how a country and its core values are collapsing. And I am very concerned with the manner our politics are handling this. France has changed or at least is changing. The population and their mentalities are changing too; the politicians are creating a new modern religion war. An invisible war where people from all religion can hit any time any where in this country. Last year was full of various demonstrations from Catholics against the gay marriage, Muslims for Palestine and Jews for Israel. It’s a complete mess, no clear communication is given, no call for peace sounds real or honest, and everybody seems to be looking for a certain victory in the most appealing and hypocritical way. It’s infuriating.

I firmly condemn what happened at Charlie Hebdo’s offices. It’s inhuman and unfair and it is terrorism. It is a complete blow to our Republic and unfortunately it’s not the first event of that kind in the country. Charlie Hebdo’s is a French satirical weekly newspaper, featuring cartoons, reports, polemics, and jokes. It conveys international information in a non-conformist in tone. The newspaper was already subject to a first terrorist attack in 2011, they were firebombed and their website hacked. At that time nobody was killed fortunately. But this year, the newspaper lost their main staff including cartoonists Cabu, Honoré, Tignous, Wolinski, their editor in chief Stephane Charbonnier (AKA CHarb) and economist Bernard Maris. Hope they stay in peace and lots of love to their family and close friends.

1621939_776510039092654_6161984979230432626_n (I am not manipulated. I support the victims’ families of Charlie Hebdo but my emotion doesn’t affect my reflexion capacity)

Freedom of speech? Is it what they are fighting against? What is it nowadays? Can we say anything, anywhere? Is there any taboo? Lines we can’t cross? What are they? It seems that everybody is lost when it comes to draw a line to this freedom. When Charlie Hebdo firmly encourages the freedom of speech on any subject why censoring some comedians and not others (e.g. Dieudonné)? What makes a subject laughable or not? I am a bit lost in this brouhaha… And all this seems a bit hypocrite to me. It seems like everybody has his own rules when it comes to this. I find all this a bit unfair… Our politics being unable to handle of this a communitarianism spirit is born in the country, fraternity doesn’t exist anymore, the inequalities have never been so deep and the Freedom is a complete joke. Is this the France we are leaving to our children? Disorganised, terrified, lost, loosing its identity and core values…

Now, islamophobic acts are increasing in France. In Corsica, a boar’s head and viscera were hung in the night on the gateway to the Muslim place of Corte prayer. A high school student was insulted and beaten in the high school Oiselet Bourgoin. Another mosque in Aix-les-Bains was put in fire.

In Villefranche-sur-Saône, a window of a kebab adjoining the mosque of the city was blown up.

It’s not a civil war but it begins to resemble to it deeply dividing communities.

I believe in my people, I am sure most of them are intelligent enough not to confuse Arabs and Islamics.

And to my Muslim friends, they are the first victims of those who, in the name of a religion that has nothing to do with Islam, a religion of love, sharing and tolerance, believe they could cure their frustrations with hate and violence.

Here a few comments from my fellow Frenchies (from Le Monde Newspaper):

“Je m’adresse aux gens en colère contre les musulmans en France, je précise que les attentats sont perpétués par des sinistres individus appartenant à des sectes barbares, ces sectes barbares comprennent toutes nationalités confondues, occidentale notamment… elle est aussi composée de gens avides de pouvoir et de domination sur leurs prochains, ces gens-là sont fous, nous devons tout faire pour les anéantir, ils ciblent et influencent des jeunes faibles rejetés par nos sociétés, cela s’appelle une organisation criminelle, ils osent se revendiquer de la religion de l’islam alors qu’ils ne comprennent rien à ses fondements, ils utilisent cette religion pour mettre leurs plans maléfiques en place… l’islam, lui, le vrai, celui qui représente la très grande majorité de musulmans en France croit en l’amour, la paix, la tolérance, le partage, la solidarité, le respect et est victime de plagia, victime d’un homonyme encombrant, alors, mesdames messieurs, arrêtez de vous faire du mal à vous masquer la vue avec vos idées de peur, regardez autour de vous, prenez du recul, respirez un bon coup et observez les derniers évènements et vous verrez bien que des musulmans ont été victimes de ces attentats, que tous les autres musulmans condamnent sévèrement ces actes lâches, ils sont dégoutés que des ignorants fassent l’amalgame en détériorant leurs lieux de cultes…avez vous déjà entendu parler d’églises souillées par ces même musulmans, non je ne pense pas, alors, ne vous trompez pas d’ennemis, prenez les choses avec du recul, PAS D’AMALGAMES SVP”

“I talk to people angry against the Muslims in France, I said that the attacks were perpetrated by individuals belonging to barbarians sinister cults, sects including barbarians of all nationalities, including Western people… it is also composed of people greedy for power and dominance over their neighbours, these people are crazy, we must do everything to destroy them, they target young people and influence the weak rejected by our societies, this is called a criminal organisation, they dare to act under the religion of Islam but they do not understand its foundations, they use the religion to bring their evil plans in place … Islam, the real one, which represents the vast majority of Muslims in France believes in love, peace, tolerance, sharing, solidarity, respect and is victim of plagiarism, bulky namesake, then, ladies and gentlemen, stop harm yourselves and  mask your ideas with fear, look around you, step back, take a deep breath and look at the latest events and see that Muslims were victims of these attacks, all other Muslims strongly condemn these cowardly acts, they are disgusted that the ignorant do amalgam by damaging their places of worship … have you ever heard of churches defiled by these same Muslim, I do not think so, do not fool enemies, take things with hindsight, NO AMALGAMS PLEASE”

“Putain mais dans quel monde on vit ! Répondre par la violence sur des innocents c’est vous rabaisser au même niveau que ce que les tueurs on fait hier. Les musulmans sont plus que nombreux à prier avec nous et à déplorer les actes abominables qui ont été commis. Apprenez à faire la différence entre les musulmans et les extrémistes intégristes ! (D’ailleurs en passant, les extrémistes n’existent pas que dans l’islam). J’aime profondément mes amis musulmans et j’en ai marre de voir l’image de leur religion souillée ! Les pays du Maghreb ont déjà manifesté leur soutient. Ne faites pas n’importe quoi. Ne tuez pas des innocents, protégez les lieux de cultes et votre famille. Tuer pour essayer de faire taire, c’est juste un acte de faiblesse ! De la pure faiblesse. Et alors quoi ? Si quelqu’un n’a pas les mêmes opinions que moi il faut que je le tue c’est ça ? Le language a été inventé pour communiquer non ? N’oubliez pas qu’avant d’avoir une culture distincte, une religion différente ou que sais-je encore, nous sommes des ETRES HUMAINS. Et là on s’entre-tue. La France se traduit en chinois par le “pays du droit”. S’attaquer à des innocents, vouloir détruire des mosquées à tort en plus, ce n’est certainement pas exercer une justice digne de ce pays. Alors au lieu de dépenser de l’énergie pour rien, apprenons à mieux connaître nos alliés et nos véritable ennemis. L’ennemi premier étant ici visiblement le manque de connaissances.”

“Fuck, but in what sort of world are we living! Respond with violence on innocents brings you down to the same level that those killers. Muslims are more than likely to pray with us and deplore the heinous acts that were committed. Learn to tell the difference between Muslims and fundamentalist extremists! (By the way, the extremists do not exist in Islam). I deeply love my Muslim friends and I’m tired of seeing the image of their religion defiled! The Maghreb countries have already expressed their support. Do not do anything. Do not kill the innocent; protect places of worship and family. Killed to reduce people to silence, it’s just an act of weakness! Pure weakness. And then what? If someone does not have the same opinions as me I have to kill him? Language was invented to communicate not? Remember that before having a distinct culture, a different religion or whatever, we are HUMAN BEINGS. And then we kill each other. France is translated into Chinese by the “country of law.” Attack innocent people, destroy mosques, is certainly not justice in this country. So instead of wasting energy for nothing, learn to know our allies and true enemies. The first enemy here is clearly the lack of knowledge.”

The French national team – snails or frogs?



I’m sure you know but as a reminder I’m Parisian (before even being a French:))  and as a real sporty Parisian I suppose Le Paris Saint Germain (PSG)! So what a shock when the news came out that they’ll be playing with my favourite roast beef team Le Chelsea 😉

So of course my heart broke into pieces when they were disqualified (secong leg match) by my Brit team wondering where was Cavani’s mind (or should I say footwork?)  and why Zlatan didn’t play on that day. But I was still happy for Chelsea (and I did celebrate) at least they didn’t loose against Arsenal ha ha 😉

I love football, I love Le PSG however I’m not sure about the French national team. Since 1998 we’ve been waiting for another victory or at least an exploit but nothing came out of it especially since Zidane retired. I believe the French team has the same problem as the English team, theoretically they are  good on paper but for some reason it doesn’t really work for real.  I heard people saying that the problem of the English team is a clash of too many egos (tell me about it a mix of Arsenal, City, Chelsea and Man United what a cocktail!!!); the national team is being ruined by the deepest hates between the players who don’t play with a team spirit but just to show off their personal assets to the world. What do you think my dear Roast Beef?

And what about the French team? What we’ve been so bad since ages? What do my dearest frogs in France think about it? Here are the points of view of my Compatriotes Frogs:

The Politically incorrect comments:

football, voitures, président, en FRANCE TOUT EST NUL => football, cars, President in FRANCE EVERYTHING SUCKS

Comment from

L équipe de France est à l’image du président c’est à dire nulle. =>French Football team is like the president = sucks

Comment from

L’équipe de France est à l’image de son pays, un mélange d’individualités venues de tous horizons incapables de faire de grandes choses ensemble. Leur seul intérêt est individuel. Comme quoi notre modèle social ne marche pas.  =>The French team is modelled on his country, a mix of individuals coming from all walks of life unable to do great things together. Their only interest is individual which shows that our social model does not work.

Comment from  (my comment: this comment could be valid for the English team as well???)

 Weird analogy:

2 millions d’euros peuvent peser un modeste 4,4 kg en billets de 500 euros (4.000 billets de 1,1 g), soit le poids d’un gros bébé à la naissance. Quand on gagne en moyenne 10 millions d’euro/an, soit 6 gros bébés il est difficile de courir avec ce poids dans les poches ou sur les bras =>

2 million can weigh a modest 4.4 kilos in 500 euro notes (4000 Notes of 1.1 g) or the weight of a big baby at birth. When you win an average of 10 million euro / year or 6 big babies it’s hard to run with that weight in pockets or in your arms (my comment WTF?????)

Comment from

 Controversial (pour nous les French):

Que dire de plus sinon que courir avec un coq sur le maillot ne doit pas être très motivant pour cette équipe de France. Changez de blason pour un zèbre et ils auront la banane.

Comment from  =>What more to say if that running with a rooster on their shirts is not very motivating for the French Team. Change the emblem by zebra and they will all fired-up.

More discipline

Sérieux, vous avez vu leurs entrainements ? On se croirait au camping en vacances là … Non .. ils leur faut un entrainement digne des commandos Marine! 5 h du matin : debout!!! vous avez 5 min pour être habillé, 20 km avec un sac de 10 kg sur eux… Et non pas un entrainement digne des plus grands vacanciers..

Même les Papis genre : Platini, Ginola sont largement meilleur

Comment from =>

Seriously, have you seen their training sessions? It’s like being on a camping holidays… no .. they need commandos Marine workouts! 5am: Stand up! You have 5 minutes to get dressed, 20 km with a 10 kg bag on them … And not training for the greatest travellers ..

Even Papis Platini & Ginola are far better

The expert Api Tumba

En ce qui me concerne, la popularité de l’équipe de France a augmenté depuis sa victoire en match retour contre L’Ukraine pour les qualifications à la coupe du monde.  Personne n’y croyait et pourtant ils se sont bien débrouillés au grand contentement de ses supporters.

Parlons de l’équipe, le gardien Hugo Lloris qui joue par ailleurs  pour Tottenham Hot Spur est un des plus mauvais gardiens de première ligue, il a pris énormément de buts cette saison: 6 face à Arsenal et 6 autres face à Manchester City. Son moral n’est donc pas au plus grand fixe et il a perdu confiance.  Ce qui n’est pas génial ici.

Son binome Steve Mandanda qui joue à Marseille en ce moment est exactement comme Lloris, il n’a pas excellé cette année et on ne sait pas trop à quoi s’attendre avec lui.

Les défenseurs. Il y a pas de star! Aucun joueur s’est vraiment imposé cette saison. Raphael Varane a été blessé pendant un certain moment et il n’a pas joué de grand match cette saison donc son niveau est resté stable et on ne s’est pas à quoi s’attendre avec lui. En ce qui concerne Mamadou Sakho, il est plein d’espoir, il joue actuellement à Liverpool et il fait une belle saison donc il va être boosté par cette situation et cartonner à la coupe du monde.

Les latéraux, Patrice Evra qui joue actuellement à Manchester United a le moral dans les chaussettes, la saison a été médiocre, il a perdu confiance et aussi sa crédibilité.  Mais les français en général l’aiment bien malgré ses déboires avec les journalistes en France. Il va falloir qu’il se donne énormément pour cartonner.

Pour les milieu de terrain, je suis encore dans l’impasse à savoir qui jouera quel match. Mais les potentiels sont: Blaise Matuidi, il a fait une bonne saison c’est une des stars de l’équipe. Paul Pogba, mouais mais pour être un bon milieu de terrain, il faut de la finesse, de la technique et de la souplesse. Pogba est trop physique et trop grand, il n’a pas encore assez d’expérience pour maitriser toutes ses compétences.  Des équipes comme l’Espagne, L’Argentine et le Royaume Uni ont des excellents milieux de terrain. Il va falloir que  les sélectionneurs soient  tres perspicace dans leurs choix car les équipes mondiales ont d’excellents atouts. On parle aussi de faire jouer  Yohan Cabaye mais il a beaucoup de choses à prouver car il joue actuellement au PSG et n’a marqué qu’un seul but.

Finalement à l’attaque je reste dubitatif. Qui va jouer? Karim Benzema? OK, il  a fait une bonne saison au Real mais il est probablement boosté par une équipe de choc et plus précisément Ronaldo. Ribery? étant considéré comme le meilleur joueur de France et ayant fait une excellente saison, il va être aussi boosté par cette satisfaction.

Giraud? Je ne suis pas sur de cette sélection, je trouve que l’on parle plus de lui pour sa coupe de cheveux et ses histoires de moeurs que ses véritables qualités sportives mais à suivre… En ce qui me concerne, l’équipe n’est pas si mal et je pronostic une élimination en 8e de finale.


As far as I am concerned, the French Team popularity has increased since his victory in the secong leg match against the Ukraine during the World Cup play off. Nobody believed in them and yet they have done well to the great delight of their supporters.

However, I do not think they are suck. There is some potential. Let’s speak about the team, the goalkeeper Hugo Lloris who also plays for Tottenham Hot Spur is one of the worst goalkeepers of the premier league, he took a lot of goals this season: 6 against Arsenal and 6 others against Manchester City. His moral is low and he lost confidence. Which is not great here and this could impact his game.

Its binomial Steve Mandanda who plays in Marseille now is exactly like Lloris he has not excelled this year and I do not really know what to expect with him.

Defenders. There is no star (in the selection)! No player has truly proven his qualities this season. Raphael Varane has been injured for a while and he has not played a lot this season so his level remained stable and don’t know what to expect from him. And Mamadou Sakho, he is full of hopes, he currently plays in Liverpool and he had a great season so he will be boosted by this and can kick this World Cup.

Side Midfielders: Patrice Evra who currently plays for Manchester United is in low spirit, his season was poor, he also lost trust and credibility. But the French generally like him despite his troubles with journalists in France. He will have to excel to provide some results.

Midfielders, I (we, the French) are still unsure who is going to play. But the potentials are: Blaise Matuidi, he had a good season, he is one of the stars of the team. Paul Pogba, yeah but to be a good midfielder, it takes finesse, technique and flexibility. Pogba is too physical and too big/tall, he does not have enough experience to master all the necessary skills. Teams like Spain, Argentina and the United Kingdom have excellent midfielders. The French national football team managers will have to be very insightful in their choices as globally the international teams have great assets. We have heard a lot about Yohan Cabaye but he hasn’t proven anything u until now, now playing for PSG he has only scored one goal.

Finally, I remain skeptical for the forwards. Who will play? Karim Benzema? OK, he had a good season at Real Madrid but he is probably boosted by a strong team and Ronaldo. Ribery? Being considered as the best footballer in France, he’s having a great season, he will also be boosted by this satisfaction.

Giraud? I am not sure about this selection, I think we speak more of him for his haircut and morals that his true sporting qualities but that’s something to follow up with … In my case, the team is not so bad and my prognosis is an elimination during the quarter finals.

The soughful comment

On rêve toujours de 98, mais on a mis 100 ans à y arriver. Jusqu’à 98, la France n’a atteinte que deux fois les demi-finales, en 57 et 82.

1998 et 2000, c’est loin aujourd’hui. Il a fallu 20 ans pour y arriver. Quand on entend les spécialistes, ils sont tarés. Ils oublient tout. On arrive à avoir une équipe compétitive tous les 20 ans, pas les 10 ans. Ils n’arrivent pas à faire les calculs. Il y a eu la bande à Kopa en 58, celle de Platini en 82 et donc l’équipe de France championne du monde en 1998. Donc, là, théoriquement, ce sera pour 2018.

Il va falloir attendre. Il y a des petits nouveaux qui arrivent, comme Pogba, Varane. Il faudra attendre qu’ils aient 23-24 piges, comme Thuram, Zidane à l’époque. Ils jouent au foot. Ils ont déjà des gros contrats, mais ils courent, ils sont décomplexés, ils ont faim. C’est encourageant pour la suite. Varane et Pogba, ils le montrent qu’ils sont indispensables. Quand ils prennent des coups, ils se relèvent, pas comme Valbuena.

comment from / Rapper MC Jean Gab’1 =>

One always dream of 98, but it has taken France 100 years to get there. Up to 98, France has reached twice the semifinals in 57 and 82 (my comments: in fact 4 times according to my table below).

(…) When we hear the experts, they are crazy! They forget everything. It happens to have a competitive team every 20 years, not every 10 years. They fail to make the calculations. There was the Kopa’s team in 58, then in 82 Platini’s team and finally the French being World Champion in 1998. So there, theoretically, it could be happening 2018.

We will have to wait. There are new kids coming in, like Pogba, Varane. We’ll have to wait up until they reach 23-24 yo, like Thuram , Zidane at their time. They play football. They already have big contracts, but they run, they are uninhibited, they are hungry. This is encouraging for the future. Varane and Pogba, they show that they are indispensable. When they are beaten, they stand back up and come back to fight not like Valbuena.

In fact, here is the World Cup history (From Wikipedia)


Year First place‍ Second Place‍ Third place‍ fourth place
1930 Uruguay Argentine Etats-Unis Yougoslavie
1934 Italie Tchécoslovaquie Allemagne Autriche
1938 Italie Hongrie Brésil Suède
1950 Uruguay Brésil Suède Espagne
1954 Allemagne Hongrie Autriche Uruguay
1958 Brésil Suède France Allemagne
1962 Brésil Tchécoslovaquie Chilie Yougoslavie
1966 Angleterre Allemagne Portugal URSS
1970 Brésil Italie Allemagne Uruguay
1974 Allemagne Pays-Bas Pologne Brésil
1978 Argentine Pays-Bas Brésil Italie
1982 Italie Allemagne Pologne France
1986 Argentine Allemagne France Belgique
1990 Allemagne Argentine Italie Angleterre
1994 Brésil Italie Suède Bulgarie
1998 France Brésil Croatie Pays-Bas
2002 Brésil Allemagne Turquie Corée du Sud
2006 Italie France Allemagne Portugal
2010 Espagne Pays-Bas Allemagne Uruguay
2014  ?  ?  ?  ?

OK, Frog lovers… Hope you liked what you read.



Buzz on La Redoute website

French fashion chain La Redoute was left red faced today after accidentally publishing a photo of a naked man in an advert for children’s clothing.

 The offending image was posted on the retailer’s website and featured four children playing on a beach – with a nudist bather in the sea behind them.


The fully naked man escaped the notice of the photo’s editor, but eagle eyed Twitter users were quick to spot the X-rated mishap.

‘La Redoute’ began to trend on the social networking site with both French and English users expressing views.

La Redoute has been very quick to respond to the buzz. The immediate withdrawal of the picture led to an internal investigation. When contacted, La Redoute said that it was an internal error.

 So a statement had removed any malicious act suspected by some customers on Facebook and Twitter, who thought to see in the image the result of a deliberate act. But difficult to find out more. La Redoute and said that “they do not have plans to communicate more on this subject and on the results of the internal investigation in particular.”

I think the photo’s editor have been fired but this story has been funny though. Thank you very much La Redoute, but I would really like to know more about this guy who got naked picture of him on his professional drive! Where this picture originally comes from? How this mistake culd have been done? This story has cased a lot of buzz but what is the real story? Hoepfully, La Redoute do not have a “peadophile” working on its premises.

Read more:

No to MacDo!

Parents go to war against the McDonald

When France is known as being the best place to eat healthy and natural food, it is also known by a few as the second biggest market for Mac Donald. In fact, there are over 800 McDonalds in France.

However, the implementation of a new McDonald’s in Franconville (“Grande Couronne” Parisian Suburb) near schools causes the anger of parents.


Just over a hundred people demonstrated last Saturday to protest against the project. Then, they went to City Hall to drop off the petition
of 1300 signatures against this future fast-food implementation.

Despite all the efforts made in France by Mac Donald to provide healthy food (baguette, salads, and low calories sandwiches), some French seem not to approve the hegemony of the giant American and consider it as an American cultural invasion (which is not false).

The José Bové (the farmer turned activist who in an act of civil disobedience drove a tractor into a McDonalds) would probably join them soon. 😉

I really don’t think that this demonstration will stop the opening as political have strong and juicy Agreements with the giant. As usual this demonstration will be forgotten in a couple of
days and therefore ignored.

Giulia is joining the Elysees

The wife of the head of State left Sunday, early in the afternoon, the clinic of La Muette in Paris, where she had given birth Wednesday of his daughter Giulia.

Jours Après Lunes


In the United States after the scandal generated by the photos of Thylane Blondeau, a French brand relaunched the debate on children’ sexualisation.  The advertisements of Jours Après Lunes- a brand of underwear for kids – are shocking the Americans.

France is scandalising the United States. Just when the Thylane Blondeau case has calmed down the Americans found a new source of controversy. This is the brand Jours Après Lunes and its advertisements.

Jours Après Lunes is a “Loungerie” brand; it is coined from loungewear (underwear for babies) and lingerie. According to Sophie Morin – the designer of the brand – Jours Après Lunes is a family brand that offers comfortable underwear for little girls and teenagers. To publicize the brand and concept, Jours Après Lunes launched advertisements in which we can see little girls, having fun with their mum’s lingerie. No suggestive poses or looks enticing. No makeup. In short, nothing misleading.

But across the Atlantic, the brand does not agree. These girls – aged 4 to 12 years – are too similar to women and especially to Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman. For some American journalists, small models of Jours Après Lunes say. ‘When a girl is in her mother’s clothes, jewellery and heels, it’s cute. But these pictures are not cute. It’s inappropriate to try to make them look like Brigitte Bardot in God Created Woman, “said Marilisa Racco – fashion editor at the Daily News.

And you what do you think? The girls from Jours Après Lunes are too sexy?



Pictures from:


Oh la la! Sacré Depardieu!

Gerard Depardieu has to apologise over the humiliating accident that saw him urinate in the aisle of a plane in front of passengers.

Depardieu asked close friend and actor Edouard Baer to apologise and speak on his behalf. This later stated “He wanted to go to the toilet but was forbidden because we were about to take off, so he was forced to do it on the plane in front of everybody (…) I found the solution by passing him a mini Evian water bottle but it overflowed”

Horrified passengers told how the 63-year-old French actor called out, “I need to piss” as the Cityjet flight was about to take off from Paris on Tuesday evening.

But after soaking the floor he was forced to take a different flight to Dublin and passengers were delayed by two hours while the aircraft was cleaned.

My Frenchies are so not happy of Mr Depardieu behaviour. And to be honest, I am not proud as well and I think this story is so ridiculous to tell, to hear and to understand.


Défendre un monsieur, quel qu’il soit, qui au vu et au su de tous ses voisins  éprouve le besoin de se comporter comme un gamin de 2 ans ne présente aucun intérêt ! Il était gêné ? Grand dieu ! Mais ses voisins eux … ils n’étaient pas gênés eux ? Allons,  il est plus que temps d’oublier  ce monsieur et ses semblables.

Defend a man, whoever he is, who openly and publicly feels the need to behave as a 2-year-old kid present no interest! He was embarrassed? Grand Dieu! But what about his neighbours … not bothered? It is time to forget these men and his fellows.


Heureusement qu’il n’a pas eu une envie de déféquer comment aurait agit l’humour anglais de la compagnie d’aviation,  si c’était  un lambda, il aurait sûrement écopé un procès en bonne et due forme mais c’est ce gros porc de comédien libidineux, drogué ivrogne donc pas de procès, beurkkk.

Fortunately,  he did not want to defecate how would have acts the British humour of this airline company,  if it was a lambda, it would certainly have been taken to Court but it is this big pig of libidinous comedian that drug addict drunkard  so no trial, yeurkkk.


Puisque la compagnie ne porte pas plainte et au contraire rit des obscénités de ce Monsieur devenu, comme un GRAND REALISATEUR A DIT DE LUI IL Y A QUELQUES MOIS “UNE BALEINE ECHOUEE”
Je note que lorsque je prendrai un vol sur cette compagnie, je n’hésiterai pas à faire la même chose
voire même déféquer…..C’est vrai que Mr DEPARDIEU se croit tout permis car on le dit grand acteur…..mais aujourd’hui ce genre de comportement HONTEUX…est bien, car il est protégé par notre MONARQUE…..

As the company does not go to Court and on the contrary laughs at his obscenities of this man that becomes, as a BIG DIRECTOR SAID OF HIM a FEW MONTHS AGO” A FAILED WHALE “

I note that when I shall take a flight from this company, I shall not hesitate to make the same thin even defecate….. It is true that Mr DEPARDIEU considers he can do all that he want as we say he’s a  big actor but today this kind of SHAMEFUL behaviour is good, because he is protected by our MONARCH….. (Sarkozy)



Thylane, how young is too young?

A series of suggestive photos featuring a 10-year-old model Thylane Loubry Blondeau have sparked controversy over the sexualisation of young girls. Thylane is the daughter of retired French footballer Patrick Blondeau and Veronika Loubry, a well-known French TV presenter.

For the photo spread, which appears in a recent issue of Vogue Paris, Blondeau styled in the haute couture graces the latest issue of French Vogue (yes, the grown-up Vogue) in very adult-like poses, full make-up, and high heels, setting off a whirlwind of angry protests and fashion praises along the way.

Veronika Loubry shut her daughter Facebook group to the public over the weekend after photos of Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau – first published in the magazine’s December/January issue – were featured on the US television program Good Morning America on Thursday.

The mother commented in English on the Facebook group page: “hey guys I’m the mum of Thylane something going ‘s wrong at the moment and bad person in usa about pictures she make’s 8 months ago for vogue, Thylane doesn’t know about the buzz and I want to protect her from the deepest of my heart , she’s so young , so we are going to close this account for a while ,I know that all of you are good person who like her so I send you a big kiss, thanks.”

Crossing the line? Work of art? The debate over age and social control will continue as lines are crossed.

What do you think? What do the Frenchies think?

A little change! I was curious to know how American British and French react to this story and what a surprise! American are the most lenient on this matter. Here are the best rated comments and opinions of a variety of websites.

American comments from www.

1/WOW ! , i think there freaking gorgeous , how about just leave them alone ! The US and France are two WHOLE different places , and they let little french girls be models. DO me a favor and mind your on damn business and stop talking bout think . Cause you obviously have nothing else to talk about !

2/She is beautiful..the pictures are gorgeous…i dont see anything wrong…just amazed by her talent and poise….

3/I would love see my daughter who is almost seven be able to pursue her dreams, she wants to be a model. She has been watching Americas Next top Model for as long as I can remember. She even does crazy make-up (all by herself). I think provocative is in the eye of the beholder and if this bothers you maybe it is not a psychological issue that this child is a model at 10 but psychological disorders of the adults who perceive this to be wrong. Culture varies and in France this is acceptable. So just because we as American’s may not agree with this, does not make it wrong. She is a beautiful young girl and as long as she knows she is a little girl, there is nothing wrong. Those who perceive this as controversy might just be a little resentful it is not there child or them.

4/I agree with both sides of this. She is gorgeous and obviously knows how to strike a pose. Most of these pictures are not very provocative…I mean heck there are babies that pose “topless” but I do agree that maybe makeup and heels at this young of an age may be telling other little girls that it’s appropriate, which I don’t necessarily agree with.

5/We live in a sick, sad world and the former comments illustrate this sickness perfectly.

6/ This is completely crossing the line. And fyi: the babies aren’t “posing topless’”, they are posing in diaper commercials AS BABIES!! This little girl is posing as an ADULT WOMAN in an adult magazine. I cringe to think what will be plastered everywhere by the time I have children…this is truly disgusting.

commercialized pedophilia – the parents should be held negligible.

British comments from


1/Her parents need to take responsibility for the fact they sexualising their daughter at 10 years old. Very strange indeed and it actually makes me feel quite sick. I’m cross that Vogue have done this – it is not okay for children to be used in such a way and there are sone horrible perverts on the planet who will have a field day with this little girls pictures.


2/ This is disgusting and personally, I think it encourages perverts and paedophiles. Her parents should ashamed.

3/ So can parents now take photos at their children’s school sports day or Christmas concert? If the police found photos like the one at the top of this story on a computer,the owner would be in court faster than blinking an eye.

4/ Sorry but really the parents need a bloody good kick up the backside! What are they thinking allowing their ten year old daughter to be sexualised and expolited like that it’s disgusting and there must be a stop to it!

5/ Personally, I would say this is not far off child abuse..I feel sorry for the girl with such clueless parents. Thanks Vogue – never bought your magazines and here’s yet another reason not to start now.
6/ Talk about wiping a childhood out – this is not just neglect, it’s wilfully witholding a child’s basic needs


French comments from

First, please have a look at this poll made by

Translation: Do you think that these pictures are crossing the line?

Yes, it is not the role of a girl to seem sexy.

No, that does not shock me more than the other images…

Contrary to the common opinion, the French people are not so tolerant. Many are shocked by the pictures. In my opinion only the Trendy community of Vogue found these artistically beautiful. The French public opinion took time to react only because these photos were intended for the Vogue readers. Now widely broadcasted, these photos are condemned. Here are some comments and opinions.

1/I have guessed the next ad campaign for our kids: ” if you want to be the sexiest of sandbox, do not forget your golden stilettos and your small Mickey Mouse G-string, with all this you will be the most beautiful and cooool girl and you will make full of friends and some adult friends as well…

Somewhere in the space, on a planet named Unconsciousness, was a certain madam Loubry….

2/ It is scandalous!!!!! A little girl with such suggestive poses it is hallucinating!!! And SHAMEFUL but great for paedophilias!!!!

3/I congratulate Veronika Loubry on his artistic performance, she is an excellent photographer.

Her daughter is sublime, 10 year-old? That does not shock me, the girls like being behind the camera at this age … The coquetry is feminine.

The most important thing for her daughter is that she had fun.  Thylane has big potentials.

4/It seems that there is only the nudity which is shocking on this planet. And the vulgarity? Allowing her 10-year-old child pose in this way is inadmissible, especially when a child of this age is not obviously capable of giving her clear consent and does not obviously realise the grotesque of the situation.

Certain parents close eyes and realise their own dream through their children. Indeed Loubry needs dollars; we all know that Veronika and her husband are super broke.

5/ This girly is magnificent, but some photos are, to my point of view, too provocative, it is necessary to respect her age and a certain morality, if later she wants to be allowed go to this kind of pictures, I say why not but, at 10, I am doubtful…  And G-strings for kids still shocking me!

Just married: Albert and Charlene!

Princess of Monaco, the South African and her prince, Albert II exchanged vows in the religious ceremony today.

The happy both couple both answered ‘oui’ (yes) to the Archbishop of Monaco, Bernard Barsi, who conducted the service in front of 850 guests.

Wearing an off-the-shoulder Armani dress, the new Princess Charlene on Monaco looked serene and beautiful as she wed Prince Albert in the courtyard of the Prince’s Palace.

Charlene looks stunning in her Armani wedding dress

It is said that Prince Albert II and Charlene made mistake about finger for the wedding rings
With only 2000 spectators it was easier for the newweds to be closed to their public
Their guests from all over the world
Andrea Casiraghi and his girlfriend Tatiana Santodomingo.
Sister Stéphanie de Monaco and her children
Bernard Arnault (LVMH) and wife Helene Mercier Armault
Campbell and her boyfriend Vladimir-Doronin
Michel Jarre
Tennisman Henri leconte and his wife florentine
Armani and niece Roberta
Karl Lagerfeld
Prince Emanuele Filiberto de Savoie and wife
Victoria Silvstedt
Roger Moore and wife Kristina
The must have of the wedding to be hip, chioc and trendy. The indispensable and becoming hat.
What my Frenchies think of this wedding?
To be honest their wedding has been hinder by DSK released so there are not a lot of interesting comments. Nonetheless here are some:

Beaucoup de journalistes pensent comme moi que Charlène était plus belle que Kate Middleton le jour de son mariageDe toute manière le mariage de S.A.S le Prince Albert II et Charlène était en tout point bien mieux que celui de Kate et William. Cette proximité entre la famille Princière et la population Monégasque, ce sont CA les vrais valeurs de la Principauté.

Many journalists think as me that Charlene was more beautiful than Kate Middleton the day of her wedding.  Anyway Prince Albert II and Charlene wedding was much better than Kate and William. This nearness between the noble family and the population Monegasque shows the real values of the Principality.

Elle est la star, il y a pas de “Pippa! pour lui voler la vedette

She is the star, no « Pippa » to steal the show

Felicitation, tous mes vœux de bonheurs

Congratulation, best wishes

J avais oublié leur mariage, il est vrai que l affaire DSK a éclipsé leur événement. Bravo

I had forgotten their wedding, it is true that DSK darkened their event. Bravo

Paris in fire!

A fire began on Tuesday morning in the 18th “arrondissement” of Paris. It is the Vanoprix shop, in front of the internationally well-know discount store Tati, which burned.

Very important means of help were spread by fire brigades. Approximately 80 firemen were there and 2 giant ladders were deployed.