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My top 13 of the funniest French expressions

I heart linguistics and love words & phrases from different country especially knowing and understanding where they are coming from. For expressions, we have a whole lot in French and whilst some of them make perfect sense and others are funny, some are completely weird and I wonder/ed why they’re being said. Here is my top 13 of the weirdest French expressions:


#13: Mentir comme un arracheur de dents

Literal translation: Lie like a tooth puller/dentist

English equivalent: none ?

Meaning:  have a guess….


It refers to dentists (anciently called tooth puller) who assured their patients that the operation was painless. it’s not today and it was certainly not at the time! Aie aie aie…

#12: Bruyant comme un tonneau vide

Literal translation: Loud as an empty barrel

English equivalent: none? The English aren’t as mean as the French, are they? Come one… I need to search further or HELP?!

Meaning:  have a guess….


The most ignorant people speak without saying anything consistent…

#11: Mettre du beurre dans les épinards

Literal translation: Put butter in the spinach

English equivalent: put butter on your bread


“Put butter in the spinach” means that one improves their living conditions, and in general in the financial field. In fact, butter symbolizes the ease and simplicity (like in English I’m guessing) while spinach would refer to a delicate situation, even trouble. Is it the bread for the English?

#10: Con comme une valise sans poignée

Literal translation: Dumb as a suitcase without a handle

English equivalent: None? Help again?


It is the image of an object unusable in this instance the suitace can’t be carried => someone stupid

#9 : Grimper au Rideau

Literal translation: climb the curtain

English equivalent: send somebody into raptures (really???? More romantic…)


Meaning:  Take a lot of sexual pleasure, orgasm.

#8: Clouer le bec à quelqu’un

Literal translation: nail someone’s beak

English equivalent: shut someone up

#7: Fumer la moquette

Literal translation: smoking carpet

English equivalent: talk nonsense



When addicts have nothing to smoke, they can get on their knees to look for small pieces of cannabis that would have been on the carpet; usually, this means smoking dirt, even the carpet itself => Do or say anything, as if under the influence of drugs.

#6: Donner de la confiture aux cochons

Literal translation: giving jam to pigs

English equivalent: Give pearls before swine

#5: Les anglais ont débarqué

Literal translation: The English have landed

English equivalent: none (?) I hope…

Meaning:  have a guess….

In 1815, when Bonaparte took a final slop in Waterloo (you guys were so organised), the English landed in France and occupied it until 1820 (Noooooo! So bad!).

At that time, the English were dressed in red uniforms. The link between this flood of red English invading the country and the capital and the red flow of menstrual blood has been easy to make in 1820, it’s a Parisian phrase in (bad) memory of the occupants. Ooopss… And still in use… Ouch…


#4: Rire comme une baleine

Literal translation: laughing like a whale

English equivalent: laugh out loud; laugh one’s head off; laugh like a drain.

#3: prendre ton pied

Literal translation: take one’s foot

English equivalent: have a blast


to take pleasure from something, usually to come, have an orgasm.

This expression dates from the nineteenth century. The foot meant a ration at the time of the corsaires: it was the unit of measure to share the property of a booty. More generally, it is used when someone is happy.

#2: Ne pas être sorti de l’auberge

Literal translation: we’re not out of the hostel/inn

English equivalent: We’re not out of the wood yet…


The most employed phrase in France and the second preferred one.

In slang, the word ” hostel” meant ” prison”. This expression means that we will still have to spend a long time in a ” prison” (physically or emotionally) => Still have a lot of trouble to face.


#1 – Les chiens ne font pas des chats

Literal translation: Dogs do not make cats

English equivalent: The apple never falls far from the tree

Meaning: Children resemble their parents.


Hope you enjoyed! @ Bientôt

Tell me which one was easy for you to guess and which didn’t make sense at all.

On the same notes, this page is quite interesting:

A good book to read for the Francophiles…

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 19.46.01.png


20 things Paris has that London should get ASAP!!!!

Je t’aime Paris ❤

I have lived in London for four years now and I’ve been in an up and down friendly relationship with this city. But one day, I realised that my feelings had changed, I was in love with the city. I basically fell in love with London; with its character, its unpredictability and its own special beauty and sensitivity under the rain. However, I have and will always have an affair with my first love Paris. Just because London has a few things to acquire for me to be 100% faithful (mentioned in no particular order :)):

Number 1: More terraces! I know, you’ll say why on earth should we have plenty of terraces when we can count over one hand the number of sunny days in this country (I’ve been amazingly surprised by this summer though)  we seriously need more terrace, sick of being hit & kick by bottoms and shoulders  of the passersby  risking an indelible wine stain!

Café Flore

Number 2: what a miss!!! Café/croissant culture: this is the most enjoying moment of a working day, having a double espresso with a croissant (without butter please, that is just a sin!!!!!!!!) in a Café before heading at work! A délice terribly missing in London!!!!!


Number 3: more healthy places to eat in: Mc Donald, KFC, Burger King, Super King Burger, Friend Chicken Champion, fish and chips, fish and chips and fish and chips…. I am glad that PRET is up to this level but God, I’d love to eat in more healthy places enjoying a nice and healthy fillet mignon.


Number 4: lounges and classy places which doesn’t cost a hand: I love pubs; they are affordable, full of energy and quite comfy… But where I’d be more please with a loungy romantic, dark lighting place with nice chilling music at affordable prices Nowhere to be find in London!


Number 5: Frogs and snails in more restaurants and shops: Yummy! Healthy! And full of proteins! Miam, Miam…


Number 6: vomit-free streets on Sunday mornings: OMG I have never seen so much human soups in my life… Try to have a run around 7am a Sunday morning around Oxford Circus or Picca; you’ll be surprised how colourful the pavements can be! It will turn you off from pizzas for 5 lives…


Number 7: I can’t believe that in a big city as busy as London, most of the standard night life ends at 2am ot 3am max!!!! Come on… Is it a curfew? In Paris the typical night life ends minimum around 5/6am.

Ooooops, just changed my mind for the sake of the country!!!!! This might increase the level of alcohol overdose.


Number 8: I want to eat a magret de canard at 3am in a very nice restaurant if I want to. After 10pm in London, you can’t eat a real and healthy meal but a burger in a dubious place and crying for stomach pain the following day.

Pied de cochon

Number 9: A love reality show at number 10! Just because… We love drama!


Number 10: More vintage market (Ref Marche de Clignancourt). Ok, ok… There are a few jewels in London but what is the equivalent of the 3 hectares, 2500 stands Parisian Marché de Clignancourt in London? Still to create…


Number 11: La tour Eiffel: because Elle (it) worth it !


Number 12: Real French kisses:

I am going to add a lot of enemy on my list by saying this but my dear British gentlemen, I haven’t met anyone (so far) giving me a better kiss than my worse (but not too bad after all) French kiss in Paris. Just can’t keep up!

French kisses

Number 13: Le Moulin Rouge, because London needs to sexy up a bit!


Number 14: A London version of “Inna Modja” with her successful song French Cancan. Soooooo Parisian!!!

Number 15: Real fresh baguette! Sorry Tesco/Asda/Waitrose and others… You just can’t keep up!


Number 16: The Jambon/Beurre, the simplest, easiest (to make), healthiest sandwich on earth!


Number 17: Ready-to eat Chinese :

I miss those windows full of Asian food showcased like shoes… So appetising…

resto chinois Paname REsto chinois

Number 18: Pâtes au foie gras, the healthiest fatty greasy food on earth!

Pate foie gras

Number 19: Love cadenas on Le Pont des Arts, Paris 4e

Tellement Paris, tellement romantic… We love being in love, feeling loved, demonstrate love in love….

Number 20: 

Le Parisien

I am not sure about this, but does London have its own city magazine? The thing I am sure of is that it’s not as popular as Le Parisien (one million copies sold daily) in Paris… We just love it! And we absolutely love their advertisements which show with humour our boldness and how we are… To read without moderation ….

Le Parisien, il vaut mieux l’avoir en journal  => Le Parisien, it is better to have it as newspaper

To see without moderation ;))

Bye frog lovers xxx

The French national team – snails or frogs?



I’m sure you know but as a reminder I’m Parisian (before even being a French:))  and as a real sporty Parisian I suppose Le Paris Saint Germain (PSG)! So what a shock when the news came out that they’ll be playing with my favourite roast beef team Le Chelsea 😉

So of course my heart broke into pieces when they were disqualified (secong leg match) by my Brit team wondering where was Cavani’s mind (or should I say footwork?)  and why Zlatan didn’t play on that day. But I was still happy for Chelsea (and I did celebrate) at least they didn’t loose against Arsenal ha ha 😉

I love football, I love Le PSG however I’m not sure about the French national team. Since 1998 we’ve been waiting for another victory or at least an exploit but nothing came out of it especially since Zidane retired. I believe the French team has the same problem as the English team, theoretically they are  good on paper but for some reason it doesn’t really work for real.  I heard people saying that the problem of the English team is a clash of too many egos (tell me about it a mix of Arsenal, City, Chelsea and Man United what a cocktail!!!); the national team is being ruined by the deepest hates between the players who don’t play with a team spirit but just to show off their personal assets to the world. What do you think my dear Roast Beef?

And what about the French team? What we’ve been so bad since ages? What do my dearest frogs in France think about it? Here are the points of view of my Compatriotes Frogs:

The Politically incorrect comments:

football, voitures, président, en FRANCE TOUT EST NUL => football, cars, President in FRANCE EVERYTHING SUCKS

Comment from

L équipe de France est à l’image du président c’est à dire nulle. =>French Football team is like the president = sucks

Comment from

L’équipe de France est à l’image de son pays, un mélange d’individualités venues de tous horizons incapables de faire de grandes choses ensemble. Leur seul intérêt est individuel. Comme quoi notre modèle social ne marche pas.  =>The French team is modelled on his country, a mix of individuals coming from all walks of life unable to do great things together. Their only interest is individual which shows that our social model does not work.

Comment from  (my comment: this comment could be valid for the English team as well???)

 Weird analogy:

2 millions d’euros peuvent peser un modeste 4,4 kg en billets de 500 euros (4.000 billets de 1,1 g), soit le poids d’un gros bébé à la naissance. Quand on gagne en moyenne 10 millions d’euro/an, soit 6 gros bébés il est difficile de courir avec ce poids dans les poches ou sur les bras =>

2 million can weigh a modest 4.4 kilos in 500 euro notes (4000 Notes of 1.1 g) or the weight of a big baby at birth. When you win an average of 10 million euro / year or 6 big babies it’s hard to run with that weight in pockets or in your arms (my comment WTF?????)

Comment from

 Controversial (pour nous les French):

Que dire de plus sinon que courir avec un coq sur le maillot ne doit pas être très motivant pour cette équipe de France. Changez de blason pour un zèbre et ils auront la banane.

Comment from  =>What more to say if that running with a rooster on their shirts is not very motivating for the French Team. Change the emblem by zebra and they will all fired-up.

More discipline

Sérieux, vous avez vu leurs entrainements ? On se croirait au camping en vacances là … Non .. ils leur faut un entrainement digne des commandos Marine! 5 h du matin : debout!!! vous avez 5 min pour être habillé, 20 km avec un sac de 10 kg sur eux… Et non pas un entrainement digne des plus grands vacanciers..

Même les Papis genre : Platini, Ginola sont largement meilleur

Comment from =>

Seriously, have you seen their training sessions? It’s like being on a camping holidays… no .. they need commandos Marine workouts! 5am: Stand up! You have 5 minutes to get dressed, 20 km with a 10 kg bag on them … And not training for the greatest travellers ..

Even Papis Platini & Ginola are far better

The expert Api Tumba

En ce qui me concerne, la popularité de l’équipe de France a augmenté depuis sa victoire en match retour contre L’Ukraine pour les qualifications à la coupe du monde.  Personne n’y croyait et pourtant ils se sont bien débrouillés au grand contentement de ses supporters.

Parlons de l’équipe, le gardien Hugo Lloris qui joue par ailleurs  pour Tottenham Hot Spur est un des plus mauvais gardiens de première ligue, il a pris énormément de buts cette saison: 6 face à Arsenal et 6 autres face à Manchester City. Son moral n’est donc pas au plus grand fixe et il a perdu confiance.  Ce qui n’est pas génial ici.

Son binome Steve Mandanda qui joue à Marseille en ce moment est exactement comme Lloris, il n’a pas excellé cette année et on ne sait pas trop à quoi s’attendre avec lui.

Les défenseurs. Il y a pas de star! Aucun joueur s’est vraiment imposé cette saison. Raphael Varane a été blessé pendant un certain moment et il n’a pas joué de grand match cette saison donc son niveau est resté stable et on ne s’est pas à quoi s’attendre avec lui. En ce qui concerne Mamadou Sakho, il est plein d’espoir, il joue actuellement à Liverpool et il fait une belle saison donc il va être boosté par cette situation et cartonner à la coupe du monde.

Les latéraux, Patrice Evra qui joue actuellement à Manchester United a le moral dans les chaussettes, la saison a été médiocre, il a perdu confiance et aussi sa crédibilité.  Mais les français en général l’aiment bien malgré ses déboires avec les journalistes en France. Il va falloir qu’il se donne énormément pour cartonner.

Pour les milieu de terrain, je suis encore dans l’impasse à savoir qui jouera quel match. Mais les potentiels sont: Blaise Matuidi, il a fait une bonne saison c’est une des stars de l’équipe. Paul Pogba, mouais mais pour être un bon milieu de terrain, il faut de la finesse, de la technique et de la souplesse. Pogba est trop physique et trop grand, il n’a pas encore assez d’expérience pour maitriser toutes ses compétences.  Des équipes comme l’Espagne, L’Argentine et le Royaume Uni ont des excellents milieux de terrain. Il va falloir que  les sélectionneurs soient  tres perspicace dans leurs choix car les équipes mondiales ont d’excellents atouts. On parle aussi de faire jouer  Yohan Cabaye mais il a beaucoup de choses à prouver car il joue actuellement au PSG et n’a marqué qu’un seul but.

Finalement à l’attaque je reste dubitatif. Qui va jouer? Karim Benzema? OK, il  a fait une bonne saison au Real mais il est probablement boosté par une équipe de choc et plus précisément Ronaldo. Ribery? étant considéré comme le meilleur joueur de France et ayant fait une excellente saison, il va être aussi boosté par cette satisfaction.

Giraud? Je ne suis pas sur de cette sélection, je trouve que l’on parle plus de lui pour sa coupe de cheveux et ses histoires de moeurs que ses véritables qualités sportives mais à suivre… En ce qui me concerne, l’équipe n’est pas si mal et je pronostic une élimination en 8e de finale.


As far as I am concerned, the French Team popularity has increased since his victory in the secong leg match against the Ukraine during the World Cup play off. Nobody believed in them and yet they have done well to the great delight of their supporters.

However, I do not think they are suck. There is some potential. Let’s speak about the team, the goalkeeper Hugo Lloris who also plays for Tottenham Hot Spur is one of the worst goalkeepers of the premier league, he took a lot of goals this season: 6 against Arsenal and 6 others against Manchester City. His moral is low and he lost confidence. Which is not great here and this could impact his game.

Its binomial Steve Mandanda who plays in Marseille now is exactly like Lloris he has not excelled this year and I do not really know what to expect with him.

Defenders. There is no star (in the selection)! No player has truly proven his qualities this season. Raphael Varane has been injured for a while and he has not played a lot this season so his level remained stable and don’t know what to expect from him. And Mamadou Sakho, he is full of hopes, he currently plays in Liverpool and he had a great season so he will be boosted by this and can kick this World Cup.

Side Midfielders: Patrice Evra who currently plays for Manchester United is in low spirit, his season was poor, he also lost trust and credibility. But the French generally like him despite his troubles with journalists in France. He will have to excel to provide some results.

Midfielders, I (we, the French) are still unsure who is going to play. But the potentials are: Blaise Matuidi, he had a good season, he is one of the stars of the team. Paul Pogba, yeah but to be a good midfielder, it takes finesse, technique and flexibility. Pogba is too physical and too big/tall, he does not have enough experience to master all the necessary skills. Teams like Spain, Argentina and the United Kingdom have excellent midfielders. The French national football team managers will have to be very insightful in their choices as globally the international teams have great assets. We have heard a lot about Yohan Cabaye but he hasn’t proven anything u until now, now playing for PSG he has only scored one goal.

Finally, I remain skeptical for the forwards. Who will play? Karim Benzema? OK, he had a good season at Real Madrid but he is probably boosted by a strong team and Ronaldo. Ribery? Being considered as the best footballer in France, he’s having a great season, he will also be boosted by this satisfaction.

Giraud? I am not sure about this selection, I think we speak more of him for his haircut and morals that his true sporting qualities but that’s something to follow up with … In my case, the team is not so bad and my prognosis is an elimination during the quarter finals.

The soughful comment

On rêve toujours de 98, mais on a mis 100 ans à y arriver. Jusqu’à 98, la France n’a atteinte que deux fois les demi-finales, en 57 et 82.

1998 et 2000, c’est loin aujourd’hui. Il a fallu 20 ans pour y arriver. Quand on entend les spécialistes, ils sont tarés. Ils oublient tout. On arrive à avoir une équipe compétitive tous les 20 ans, pas les 10 ans. Ils n’arrivent pas à faire les calculs. Il y a eu la bande à Kopa en 58, celle de Platini en 82 et donc l’équipe de France championne du monde en 1998. Donc, là, théoriquement, ce sera pour 2018.

Il va falloir attendre. Il y a des petits nouveaux qui arrivent, comme Pogba, Varane. Il faudra attendre qu’ils aient 23-24 piges, comme Thuram, Zidane à l’époque. Ils jouent au foot. Ils ont déjà des gros contrats, mais ils courent, ils sont décomplexés, ils ont faim. C’est encourageant pour la suite. Varane et Pogba, ils le montrent qu’ils sont indispensables. Quand ils prennent des coups, ils se relèvent, pas comme Valbuena.

comment from / Rapper MC Jean Gab’1 =>

One always dream of 98, but it has taken France 100 years to get there. Up to 98, France has reached twice the semifinals in 57 and 82 (my comments: in fact 4 times according to my table below).

(…) When we hear the experts, they are crazy! They forget everything. It happens to have a competitive team every 20 years, not every 10 years. They fail to make the calculations. There was the Kopa’s team in 58, then in 82 Platini’s team and finally the French being World Champion in 1998. So there, theoretically, it could be happening 2018.

We will have to wait. There are new kids coming in, like Pogba, Varane. We’ll have to wait up until they reach 23-24 yo, like Thuram , Zidane at their time. They play football. They already have big contracts, but they run, they are uninhibited, they are hungry. This is encouraging for the future. Varane and Pogba, they show that they are indispensable. When they are beaten, they stand back up and come back to fight not like Valbuena.

In fact, here is the World Cup history (From Wikipedia)


Year First place‍ Second Place‍ Third place‍ fourth place
1930 Uruguay Argentine Etats-Unis Yougoslavie
1934 Italie Tchécoslovaquie Allemagne Autriche
1938 Italie Hongrie Brésil Suède
1950 Uruguay Brésil Suède Espagne
1954 Allemagne Hongrie Autriche Uruguay
1958 Brésil Suède France Allemagne
1962 Brésil Tchécoslovaquie Chilie Yougoslavie
1966 Angleterre Allemagne Portugal URSS
1970 Brésil Italie Allemagne Uruguay
1974 Allemagne Pays-Bas Pologne Brésil
1978 Argentine Pays-Bas Brésil Italie
1982 Italie Allemagne Pologne France
1986 Argentine Allemagne France Belgique
1990 Allemagne Argentine Italie Angleterre
1994 Brésil Italie Suède Bulgarie
1998 France Brésil Croatie Pays-Bas
2002 Brésil Allemagne Turquie Corée du Sud
2006 Italie France Allemagne Portugal
2010 Espagne Pays-Bas Allemagne Uruguay
2014  ?  ?  ?  ?

OK, Frog lovers… Hope you liked what you read.



Adieu Madame Thatcher!

Loathe or like her… IFrom what I read in France the opinion is quite mixed while some of us would love to have someone with such determination these days some only remember the worse of her…

I let you meditate on this with the English version of Renaud’s song.

The French version for those interested can be viewed at:

RIP Whitney Houston

Today, my mom called me around 7am a couple of time of course I was sleeping at that time like every Sunday. Then I started to realise and what if something bad happened. So, I called her back in France. She answered and told me in a very low voice full of sadness that Whitney has died!

I was shocked and she sounded like it too (actually there’s no word to describe how bad I could felt she was, I know more than any member of my family what kind of relationship my mother had with Whitney’s songs)! I didn’t even asked how because I have my thoughts .

As you may have guessed, my mom is one of Whitney Houston’s biggest fan and she could see The Bodyguard 1000 times a month and listen to her singles all day and night. I felt so sorry for my mom and tried to find the best words to console her.

Yes, Whitney is dead today and French people will always  remember her first trip in France and when she met for the first time our Gainsbourg. What a shock for the young Whitney! LOL

“Sacré Gainsbourg” never afraid to speak up his mind, that is a French attitude ;-)!

Enjoy this video!

Whitney looked splendid at that time and we would like to remember her like this. Whitney, we will always love you. Rest in peace ❤

A dedication for my mum Emilie, love you too mummy. I miss you! ❤

Raf Simons new designer for Dior, moi j’adore!

Raf Simons is 43 and he’s a Belgian fashion designer. He studied furniture design and exposed to the work of international designers, he started to work with Walter Van Beirendonck in Paris as a fashion designer.

While everybody is betting for him to be the next Dior designer, Raf has refused to comment on rumours.

Unconfirmed reports that Raf is finalising the contract for his new position have been circulating since last December, with numerous fashion insiders wading in on the debate over his suitability.

“I have nothing to say,” the Belgian creative told press at his Jil Sander menswear show.

Since Galliano’s sacking last year, a number of big names, such as Marc Jacobs, have been in the running. Other people to be linked to the coveted role include Alexander Wang and Jason Wu.

We might have the answer in a couple of weeks….

Getting Free in France

Finally, the mobile plan that going to revolutionise the mobile market in France has came up.


Free thank you, people are now Free to pay cheaper communication rates in France!


After weeks of intense buzz, orchestrated by the owner of Free, Xavier Niel, the operator launched this morning its range of mobile plans “Free Mobile” expected to revolutionise the industry.

During a press release, Xavier Niel has unveiled a unique package at 19.99 euros (£16.54) , sold from today and introduced as the cheapest of the market. Free also proposed a “social” offer, in reference to the economical plan set up bythe government, but that will be accessible to anyone on benefits. For 2 euros per month, this plan offers 60 minutes of communication and 60 SMS per month.

Also, for all new Freebox customers ( for your information Freebox is the broadband offer of the company providing TV with 200 channels, home phone with unlimited calls in Europe & USA/Canada and unlimited internet), Free also provides benefits:the broadband package will be marketed only 15.99 euros (£13.23) instead of 19.99 euros (£16.54) and the “social plan” will be free .

Competition is becoming fierce in France between the three big operators Orange, Bouygues, SFR and the new entrant Free!

And here? When are we going to get this kind of plans?? We’re still waiting, I really hope that Free will extend its market in England. 😀

2011 French review: if u loved 2011, u’ll adore 2012!

Happy 2012 to all of you guys! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break and had a fantastic time with family and friends.  As far as I am concerned I have been in France for Christmas and in Spain to celebrate the New Year and we had a lot of fun down there.

In France, I have been around family and friends talking about all that happened in France in 2011 and trying to understand people point of view and how people felt of Sarkozy’s reign.

This time I’ve stayed long enough to become “French” again and getting back this so missed mentality, way of living and the current “cultural trends”. But, I have to say something, I felt good! I felt good amongst my people and it was as if I had never left “Douce France le pays de mon enfance”. 😀

2011 has been mixed and controversial for France politically, historically and socially. The country has met some good and bad vibes, let review it rapidly.

Let’s start by the futilities.

1.       Music

The French musical review!

I will put aside all the music and international authors everyone knows (i.e. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna…).  Here I will focus on new French artists of the year and bestselling French singles.

This is the first song I want to Introduce you. It’s “logobitombo” interpreted by Moussier Tombola. It Was The Buzz of the Year in France and a fantastic and unexpected success. It’s a very funny song Which invites the dancer to dance “Sean Paul” dance with a “submachine gun” position and if meet jealous people around you, Moussier Tombola invite you to do the “Ferme-la” gesture (shut up gesture). To Listen Without moderation.

Below, a classic and chic French representative Vanessa Paradis that I do not need to introduce with La Seine featuring M who won a “Victoire de la musique” the equivalent of the national Brit award.

Another French classic artist Laurent Voulzy with Jeanne. In case you don’t know him, Voulzy is a French singer and composer. Also, he is best known for his collaborative song writing efforts with singer/songwriter Alain Souchon and his solo singing career, which spanned several successful albums and song including Rockollection.

A young and successful artist from France M. Pokora with a song called «en attendant la fin” translate “Waiting for the end. Mathieu was born in Strasbourg, France commonly known as M. Pokora or Matt Pokora, is a French singer and songwriter. He’s the son of professional footballer André Tota but he’s best known for his participation in the third season of Popstars, a French talent reality television show broadcast on M6. The concept of the program was to present possible candidates the winners of which would take part in the formation of a boy band or girl band. He was a crowd and jury favourite became a member of a boy band called Linkup formed with Lionel and Otis, two other winners in 2003 Popstars. The French rumours say that is in fact gay and his potential boyfriend is the footballer Djibril Cissé. True? I hope no.

I wish I had more time to introduce you to all the French talents but this is the last one, I love her style. This is Inna Modja with French Cancan (Monsieur Sainte Nitouche). It’s just a pity that she sings in English and not more in French. Quick prez,  Inna was born in Bamako, Mali of a Fulani family of seven children of which she is the last, Inna Bocoum was named artist Inna Modja the nickname given to it by his mother, which means “Inna is wrong “in Fulani.

In June 2011 her new single “French Cancan” became one of the tubes of the summer of 2011, positioning itself at the top # 1 TV, Radio # 5 on top and # 3 in Top 50 singles. Building on its success, it offers a second single “La Fille Du Lido” and the album Love Revolution November 7, 2011.

2. Sport

The World Athletics Championships 2011 in Daegu, South Korea:  4 medals for France and 25 for Americans (surprised???).  First medal for the 200m is for Christophe Lemaitre and is made of bronze. The second is for Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad (3000m), also in bronze. The third was won by Renaud Lavillenie in the pole vault, also in bronze; it is one of the French disappointments as the target was the gold medal. However, we have big winners of this championship were Tinmar, Lemaitre, and Lesourd Vicaut who won the silver medal after a magnificent race 4x100m relay men.

Let’s talk about tennis now, as the French tennismen ended the year with four representatives in the Top 20 – a record – a quartet led by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga author of a remarkable late season notably with his game with Roger Federer in the Masters in London.  And there are 3 other players in the Top 20 Gilles Simon, Gael Monfils and Richard Gasquet. For the first time, we have some big potential to reach the gold medal in 2012!

A few words about football and the team of France, 13 matches played, 7 won and 6 null results, an unbeaten run which has now reached 17 games, a qualification for Euro 2012, having finished in first place of its group. The year 2011 in the France team has been successful. Nationally speaking, the club champion for the year 2010-2011 is the LOSC, winning after 38 games in front of the Olympique de Marseille and Olympique Lyonnais. I would have preferred Paris, but the club will have to recruit big players and I think of more readjustments, it is not won yet!

3.       French meteorological review

Exceptional average temperature for 2011 with three remarkable events: an exceptionally hot and dry spring, a July remarkably cool and rainy, Mediterranean sequences of heavy rain fall, causing serious flooding in the South East France.

4.       Economic review

The year 2011 began greatly for the French economy. But it ends with a threat of recession, while the government had to implement two different austerity plans

In spring 2011, all seem to be acceptable for the French economy, decent employment figures and productivity untying the budget constraint, and strengthening the goal of reducing unemployment. Business leaders showed a strong confidence with the economy.

But during the summer, the market started to boil. The United States lose their triple A and the sovereign debt crisis in the euro area threatens to spread. François Fillon announced an emergency plan of 12 billion euros.

But two months later, the plan seemed already obsolete. The debt crisis spreads, market pressure rises and business leaders hinder their investment and stopped hiring. 2% growth forecast already fallen to 1.75% in late August and decreased to 1%. On November 7, a new recovery plan of 7 billion was announced for 2012 marked by the acceleration of the pension reform and tax increases.

While the executives wanted to defend at any cost the French triple-A, they were forced to radically change their speech a month later when Standard & Poor’s placed all the countries of the euro area on “surveillance” threatening  France of a deterioration of its mark by two ranks.

Also, as per the last figures received, the unemployment figures in France in November 2011 were again very bad.  The number of unemployed rose sharply in last November. Job offers are too low to stop this movement and the number of unemployed reached 9.8% meaning 2.9 million of French population. It is important to note that countries gaining the highest number of unemployed in Europe are Spain (5.3 million) followed by France (2.9 million), Germany (2.3 million) and Italy (2.1 million).

Finally, a nearly 75 billion euros expected, the trade deficit of France has reached a new level this year, breaking his record of 2008 (- 56.2 billion). This degradation is due to soaring energy bills related to the price of Brent, but also by a growing loss of competitiveness in the industry.

5.       Political review

Chichi our chouchou, Primary election for the left wing, DSK, political rearrangements, and senatorial elections.

On February 27, 2011, big changes occurred in the French political picture. After six weeks of controversy on the trip to Tunisia of Michele Alliot-Marie, the head of the state replaced its foreign minister by Alain Juppé, who became the new leader of government.

Hortefeux also left the government and Claude Gueant became the new interior minister.

Exceptional fact in 2011, the left has a majority in the Senate; it is a first under the Fifth Republic and the first time since 1958. in parallel, the PS won the cantonal and a lot of people consider it as “a warning to the UMP and Nicolas Sarkozy ‘ for the next election. French people are not happy, they’re suffering and they want the politics to know that.

Moreover, with nearly 2.7 million voters on October 9 and October 16 the primary election (Primaire socialiste) organised by the Socialist Party was a success for the supporters of the left wing. François Hollande emerged victorious face to Martine Aubry and will be the candidate of PS to face Nicolas Sarkozy in the 2012 presidential election.

And even though, François Hollande began 2011 as the left wing outsider, he finished the year with the status of favourite for the presidential election. He is leading in all polls and could win the second round by 56% to 58% of the vote. The former first secretary of the PS has been lucky as his status today is due to the arrest of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, major favourite, at the beginning of the year. The polls announced DSK as the President of France. This was before the case Nafissatou Diallo or the case Tristane Banon or the newest case of the Carlton hotel in Lille … If this is democracy and freedom, DSK has lost everything: his honour, the IMF and all his and his wife ambitions.

BREAKING and FUNNY NEWS:  our former president Jacques Chirac was sentenced to two years suspended sentence in the case of fictitious employees of the City of Paris. Chichi (as Frenchies call him) will not appeal his conviction.

Really, I could write hours on what happened in France in 2011 but I think I’ve been through the most important part of Frenchies’ lives.  I hope the best for all of us in 2012 with a special though for my French “compatriots”!


2011 in review – Thank you all! Have a fantastic year!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 26,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 10 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Europinion war

Sarkozy versus Cameron

Nicolas Sarkozy tells David Cameron: shut up over the euro!

David Cameron has begun a week of intense political infighting over Europe by becoming embroiled in a furious row with Nicolas Sarkozy over Britain’s role in talks to solve the crisis enveloping the euro.

The bust-up between Cameron and  Sarkozy held up the conclusion of the EU-27 summit for almost two hours, with the French president expressing rage at the constant criticism and lectures from UK ministers.

Sarkozy bluntly told Cameron: “You have lost a good opportunity to shut up.” He added: “We are sick of you criticising us and telling us what to do. You say you hate the euro and now you want to interfere in our meetings.”

To read the entire article, just click

Here are some points of view from Le Parisien:


Shut up Cameron. Tu n’es pas Thatcher…. Les anglais vont se réfugier derrière lui et réclamer à sortir de l’UE.  Cool alors,  on ne sera plus obligé de manger du mouton du Commonwealth qui se fait passer pour le l’agneau! Episode supplémentaire de la guéguerre des monnaies: $ et £ contre l’€, avec Moody’s et standard & poors en chefs de file. Vous savez ces agences qui n’ont pas vu venir Madoff et ses crises, ni celles de la dette ni … la prochaine! Quand est ce qu’on se fait une agence de notation UE que l’on puisse enlever quelques A à nos anglais et américains chéris?


Shut up Cameron, you are not Thatcher … The English take refuge behind him and ask to leave the EU. Cool, we will no longer have to eat Commonwealth sheep being called lamb! Just
an additional episode of the Currency $ and £ against the €, with Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s as leaders. You know those agencies that have not seen the economic crisis and
Madoff, or the debts! When will we have an EU rating agency that we can remove some A to our British and American darlings?

Je suis d’accord avec Cameron si l’Europe prend en charge la dette de la France !

I agree with the Cameron if Europe accounts for France debt

Bizarre, nos fans de la gauche ne critiquent plus sarko….Lui au moins il a se bat pour nous. Depuis De Gaulle il n’y a pas eu meilleur que lui pour se battre
pour la France et tous les français …..Il aurait dû rajouter à Cameron la gifle que nous avons donnée aux anglais au rugby !


Bizarre, our left wing fans do not criticize sarko now…. At least he’s fighting for us. Since De Gaulle, there was no better president than him to fight for France and all French…..
He should have mentioned to Cameron the flap we gave to English rugby men!

Bravo Sarko ……Voilà exactement le genre de tempérament dont nous aurons besoin à la tête de notre pays……Vous voyez Hollande tenir tête comme cela ? On à beau dire ce qu’on veut Sarko saura représenter nos intérêts au niveau Mondial.


Congratulations…… Sarko is exactly the kind of temper that we need to lead our country…… Can you see Hollande stand up like that? We can say all that we want about him but Sarko
will be able to represent our interests worldwide.