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My top 13 of the funniest French expressions

I heart linguistics and love words & phrases from different country especially knowing and understanding where they are coming from. For expressions, we have a whole lot in French and whilst some of them make perfect sense and others are funny, some are completely weird and I wonder/ed why they’re being said. Here is my top 13 of the weirdest French expressions:


#13: Mentir comme un arracheur de dents

Literal translation: Lie like a tooth puller/dentist

English equivalent: none ?

Meaning:  have a guess….


It refers to dentists (anciently called tooth puller) who assured their patients that the operation was painless. it’s not today and it was certainly not at the time! Aie aie aie…

#12: Bruyant comme un tonneau vide

Literal translation: Loud as an empty barrel

English equivalent: none? The English aren’t as mean as the French, are they? Come one… I need to search further or HELP?!

Meaning:  have a guess….


The most ignorant people speak without saying anything consistent…

#11: Mettre du beurre dans les épinards

Literal translation: Put butter in the spinach

English equivalent: put butter on your bread


“Put butter in the spinach” means that one improves their living conditions, and in general in the financial field. In fact, butter symbolizes the ease and simplicity (like in English I’m guessing) while spinach would refer to a delicate situation, even trouble. Is it the bread for the English?

#10: Con comme une valise sans poignée

Literal translation: Dumb as a suitcase without a handle

English equivalent: None? Help again?


It is the image of an object unusable in this instance the suitace can’t be carried => someone stupid

#9 : Grimper au Rideau

Literal translation: climb the curtain

English equivalent: send somebody into raptures (really???? More romantic…)


Meaning:  Take a lot of sexual pleasure, orgasm.

#8: Clouer le bec à quelqu’un

Literal translation: nail someone’s beak

English equivalent: shut someone up

#7: Fumer la moquette

Literal translation: smoking carpet

English equivalent: talk nonsense



When addicts have nothing to smoke, they can get on their knees to look for small pieces of cannabis that would have been on the carpet; usually, this means smoking dirt, even the carpet itself => Do or say anything, as if under the influence of drugs.

#6: Donner de la confiture aux cochons

Literal translation: giving jam to pigs

English equivalent: Give pearls before swine

#5: Les anglais ont débarqué

Literal translation: The English have landed

English equivalent: none (?) I hope…

Meaning:  have a guess….

In 1815, when Bonaparte took a final slop in Waterloo (you guys were so organised), the English landed in France and occupied it until 1820 (Noooooo! So bad!).

At that time, the English were dressed in red uniforms. The link between this flood of red English invading the country and the capital and the red flow of menstrual blood has been easy to make in 1820, it’s a Parisian phrase in (bad) memory of the occupants. Ooopss… And still in use… Ouch…


#4: Rire comme une baleine

Literal translation: laughing like a whale

English equivalent: laugh out loud; laugh one’s head off; laugh like a drain.

#3: prendre ton pied

Literal translation: take one’s foot

English equivalent: have a blast


to take pleasure from something, usually to come, have an orgasm.

This expression dates from the nineteenth century. The foot meant a ration at the time of the corsaires: it was the unit of measure to share the property of a booty. More generally, it is used when someone is happy.

#2: Ne pas être sorti de l’auberge

Literal translation: we’re not out of the hostel/inn

English equivalent: We’re not out of the wood yet…


The most employed phrase in France and the second preferred one.

In slang, the word ” hostel” meant ” prison”. This expression means that we will still have to spend a long time in a ” prison” (physically or emotionally) => Still have a lot of trouble to face.


#1 – Les chiens ne font pas des chats

Literal translation: Dogs do not make cats

English equivalent: The apple never falls far from the tree

Meaning: Children resemble their parents.


Hope you enjoyed! @ Bientôt

Tell me which one was easy for you to guess and which didn’t make sense at all.

On the same notes, this page is quite interesting:

A good book to read for the Francophiles…

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20 things Paris has that London should get ASAP!!!!

Je t’aime Paris ❤

I have lived in London for four years now and I’ve been in an up and down friendly relationship with this city. But one day, I realised that my feelings had changed, I was in love with the city. I basically fell in love with London; with its character, its unpredictability and its own special beauty and sensitivity under the rain. However, I have and will always have an affair with my first love Paris. Just because London has a few things to acquire for me to be 100% faithful (mentioned in no particular order :)):

Number 1: More terraces! I know, you’ll say why on earth should we have plenty of terraces when we can count over one hand the number of sunny days in this country (I’ve been amazingly surprised by this summer though)  we seriously need more terrace, sick of being hit & kick by bottoms and shoulders  of the passersby  risking an indelible wine stain!

Café Flore

Number 2: what a miss!!! Café/croissant culture: this is the most enjoying moment of a working day, having a double espresso with a croissant (without butter please, that is just a sin!!!!!!!!) in a Café before heading at work! A délice terribly missing in London!!!!!


Number 3: more healthy places to eat in: Mc Donald, KFC, Burger King, Super King Burger, Friend Chicken Champion, fish and chips, fish and chips and fish and chips…. I am glad that PRET is up to this level but God, I’d love to eat in more healthy places enjoying a nice and healthy fillet mignon.


Number 4: lounges and classy places which doesn’t cost a hand: I love pubs; they are affordable, full of energy and quite comfy… But where I’d be more please with a loungy romantic, dark lighting place with nice chilling music at affordable prices Nowhere to be find in London!


Number 5: Frogs and snails in more restaurants and shops: Yummy! Healthy! And full of proteins! Miam, Miam…


Number 6: vomit-free streets on Sunday mornings: OMG I have never seen so much human soups in my life… Try to have a run around 7am a Sunday morning around Oxford Circus or Picca; you’ll be surprised how colourful the pavements can be! It will turn you off from pizzas for 5 lives…


Number 7: I can’t believe that in a big city as busy as London, most of the standard night life ends at 2am ot 3am max!!!! Come on… Is it a curfew? In Paris the typical night life ends minimum around 5/6am.

Ooooops, just changed my mind for the sake of the country!!!!! This might increase the level of alcohol overdose.


Number 8: I want to eat a magret de canard at 3am in a very nice restaurant if I want to. After 10pm in London, you can’t eat a real and healthy meal but a burger in a dubious place and crying for stomach pain the following day.

Pied de cochon

Number 9: A love reality show at number 10! Just because… We love drama!


Number 10: More vintage market (Ref Marche de Clignancourt). Ok, ok… There are a few jewels in London but what is the equivalent of the 3 hectares, 2500 stands Parisian Marché de Clignancourt in London? Still to create…


Number 11: La tour Eiffel: because Elle (it) worth it !


Number 12: Real French kisses:

I am going to add a lot of enemy on my list by saying this but my dear British gentlemen, I haven’t met anyone (so far) giving me a better kiss than my worse (but not too bad after all) French kiss in Paris. Just can’t keep up!

French kisses

Number 13: Le Moulin Rouge, because London needs to sexy up a bit!


Number 14: A London version of “Inna Modja” with her successful song French Cancan. Soooooo Parisian!!!

Number 15: Real fresh baguette! Sorry Tesco/Asda/Waitrose and others… You just can’t keep up!


Number 16: The Jambon/Beurre, the simplest, easiest (to make), healthiest sandwich on earth!


Number 17: Ready-to eat Chinese :

I miss those windows full of Asian food showcased like shoes… So appetising…

resto chinois Paname REsto chinois

Number 18: Pâtes au foie gras, the healthiest fatty greasy food on earth!

Pate foie gras

Number 19: Love cadenas on Le Pont des Arts, Paris 4e

Tellement Paris, tellement romantic… We love being in love, feeling loved, demonstrate love in love….

Number 20: 

Le Parisien

I am not sure about this, but does London have its own city magazine? The thing I am sure of is that it’s not as popular as Le Parisien (one million copies sold daily) in Paris… We just love it! And we absolutely love their advertisements which show with humour our boldness and how we are… To read without moderation ….

Le Parisien, il vaut mieux l’avoir en journal  => Le Parisien, it is better to have it as newspaper

To see without moderation ;))

Bye frog lovers xxx

Jours Après Lunes


In the United States after the scandal generated by the photos of Thylane Blondeau, a French brand relaunched the debate on children’ sexualisation.  The advertisements of Jours Après Lunes- a brand of underwear for kids – are shocking the Americans.

France is scandalising the United States. Just when the Thylane Blondeau case has calmed down the Americans found a new source of controversy. This is the brand Jours Après Lunes and its advertisements.

Jours Après Lunes is a “Loungerie” brand; it is coined from loungewear (underwear for babies) and lingerie. According to Sophie Morin – the designer of the brand – Jours Après Lunes is a family brand that offers comfortable underwear for little girls and teenagers. To publicize the brand and concept, Jours Après Lunes launched advertisements in which we can see little girls, having fun with their mum’s lingerie. No suggestive poses or looks enticing. No makeup. In short, nothing misleading.

But across the Atlantic, the brand does not agree. These girls – aged 4 to 12 years – are too similar to women and especially to Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman. For some American journalists, small models of Jours Après Lunes say. ‘When a girl is in her mother’s clothes, jewellery and heels, it’s cute. But these pictures are not cute. It’s inappropriate to try to make them look like Brigitte Bardot in God Created Woman, “said Marilisa Racco – fashion editor at the Daily News.

And you what do you think? The girls from Jours Après Lunes are too sexy?



Pictures from:


Noah is the preferred personality in France



Yannick Noah remains the favourite personality of the French people, for the seventh consecutive time and for the ninth time all in all, according to the classification realised by IFOP revealed in the Journal du Dimanche (JDD) today.

The former tennis player seems unbeatable and beats the ex-leader of the French football team  Zinedine Zidane (number 2). I have to say that a lot of mature women like his personality and find him very attractive. That helps a lot ! 😉


Métisse (translation: mixed race), one of Yannick’s famous song.



You have to know, that this classification began  in  France in 1988 and was dominated for a long time by Cousteau (20 times) and Abbé Pierre (16 times).

Cousteau/Abbé Pierre

The actress Mimie Mathy preserves her third place followed by the only political figure in the top 10, Simone Veil in the 4th rank.

Mimie Mathy

Simone Veil

Simone Veil,  (born 13 July 1927) is a French lawyer and politician who served as Minister of Health under Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, President of the European Parliament and member of the Constitutional Council of France.

A survivor from the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp where she lost part of her family, she is the Honorary President of the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.

She was elected to the Académie française in November 2008.

5th is singer Francis Cabrel. He is a well-known French singer-songwriter and guitarist. Inspired heavily by Bob Dylan, he has released a number of albums falling mostly within the realm of folk, with occasional forays into blues or country. Several of his songs, such as “L’encre de tes yeux” and “Petite Marie” have become enduring favourites in French music. Others, such as “C’était l’hiver”, about the suicide of a young girl, have since been covered by other artists such as Canadian Isabelle Boulay.

Francis Cabrel

6th Michel Sardou. He was born in Paris, the son of Fernand Sardou and Jackie Rollin (Jackie Sardou). Contrary to claims common towards the beginning of his career, he is not the grandson of the dramatist Victorien Sardou. However, he is the father of the French novelist Romain Sardou, and the actor Davy Sardou. He is known not only for his love songs (“La Maladie d’Amour”), but also for songs dealing with various social and political issues, such as the rights of women in Islamic countries, clerical celibacy, colonialism and the death penalty. Another sometimes controversial theme found in some of his songs (“Les Ricains” and “Monsieur le Président de France” for example) is his respect and support for the culture and foreign policies of the United States. He has focused his full attention on his homeland, ignoring the prospect of an international audience, although his 1981 single “Les Lacs du Connemara” did manage to become a big international hit.

7th Gad Elmaleh (but he is the 1st for 50,6 % of the 15-24-year-old). Gad Elmaleh (born April 19, 1971) is a French-Moroccan stand-up comedian and actor. His latest show is called Papa est en haut (Dad is upstairs). He has starred in several feature films, including Coco, Hors de prix, La Doublure and Midnight in Paris.

Gad Elmaleh

8th Charles Aznavour.  Charles Aznavour, OC (born Shahnour Vaghenag Aznavourian Armenian: Շահնուր Վաղինակ Ազնավուրյան Shahnowr Vaghinak Aznavowrhan, May 22, 1924, Paris) is an Armenian-French singer, songwriter, actor, public activist and diplomat. Besides being one of France’s most popular and enduring singers, he is also one of the best-known singers in the world. Charles Aznavour (pronounced in French as Sharl Aznavour) is known for his very short stature and for his unique tenor voice: clear and ringing in its upper reaches, with gravelly and profound low notes. He has appeared in more than sixty movies, composed about a thousand songs (including 150 at least in English, 100 in Italian, 70 in Spanish, and 50 in German), and sold well over 100 million records.


9th Dany Boon.  Dany Boon (French pronunciation: [dani bun]; born Daniel Hamidou on 26 June 1966) is a French comedian who has acted both on the stage and the screen. He takes his stage name from the television show Daniel Boone. He was then offered several roles in movies, notably in the film Bienvenu chez les  Ch’tis that made it on the international scene in 2007.

Dany Boon

10th Jean Dujardin. The handsome, attractive, personable Jean Dujardin. We love him, I am a fan, THE fan. 10th??? Do not really agree but anyway Dujardin first became famous on the French talent show Graines de star in 1996 as part of the comedy group Nous C Nous, formed by members of the Carré blanc theater. From 1999 to 2003 he starred in the French version of the comedy television series Un gars, une fille before transitioning into a film career. In 2005 he starred as the titular character in the popular comedy film Brice de Nice and performed the soundtrack of the film, “Le Casse de Brice”.

Dujardin with spouse Alexandra Lamy at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival.

In 2006 Dujardin portrayed the character Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath, agent OSS 117, in OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies in a role which earned him a César Award nomination for Best Actor, something of exceptional rarity for a performance in comedy. In 2007, directed by Jan Kounen, he scored in 99F (99 francs), an existential parody of an advertising mule. In 2009 he again played OSS 117 in the film OSS 117: Lost in Rio.

He received the award for best actor at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011.

Jean Dujardin

11th Jamel Debouze.  Jamel is a French actor, comedian and producer of Moroccan descent. Debbouze is the oldest of five brothers. He was born in Paris, France, but his family moved to Morocco the following year. They returned in 1979 and settled in Trappes, where Jamel spent the rest of his childhood.

On 17 January 1990, at the train station in Trappes, he was struck by a passing train travelling at 150 km/h. He lost the use of his right arm, while another young man, Jean-Paul Admette, died. After this accident Debbouze met Alain Degois, his mentor, and began his career as a comedian/actor.

On 29 March 2008 Jamel Debbouze became engaged to French journalist and news anchor Mélissa Theuriau; the two married on 7 May 2008.


12th Florence Foresti is a French comedian and actress. In 2001 her first one woman show, Manquerait plus qu’elle soit drôle (“She needs to be more than funny”) won the Jury prize at the Antibes festival. Her style bears comparison with that of Muriel Robin and Sylvie Joly, as well as with some of the ‘attitude’ and voices of Dieudonné M’bala M’bala and Élie Semoun. She appeared in the Stéphane Bern programme 20h 10 pétantes, and then on Laurent Ruquier’s On a tout essayé, playing zany characters.

I do really love her as well, she’s funny, intelligent and beautiful.


Big surprise for the ecologist Nicolas Hulot, he falls of the 18th on the 36th place.

Elections of 2012 oblige, the JDD bends over the politics: Martine Aubry is in 45th place, Christine Lagarde in 49th whereas Jacques Chirac holds the 39th (he gained 2 places).

Outside the Top 50, Nicolas Sarkozy is on the 51st place followed by François Hollande 52nd Jean-Louis Borloo 54th and Ségolène Royal 55th.

Finally the JDD indicates that Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is ranked 56th.

This poll has been realised by IFOP from June 30th till July 6th 2011 with a representative sample of 1008 persons of the French population of 15 year-old and more.


Thank you Wikipedia for some pictures and biography.



























Riots in London

Hello everybody,

I hope you having some great holidays overseas or in Britain. I am sorry I did abandon you for a couple of weeks enjoying France and places in Europe with my family.

Some news, I heard about a riot in Tottenham last night and I have to be honest with you my sister told me about it from FRANCE!  I have tried to find some information and French people as always, have their opinion on this story.

Article below from

The Prime Minster is on holiday, The Deputy Prime Minister is on holiday. Foreign Secretary William Hague is supposedly in charge.  As far as we know, Home Secretary, Theresa May is not on holiday. The Acting Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police is Tim Godwin.

Last night (6th August 2011) saw riots in Tottenham in north London that were horrifyingly reminiscent of the 1981 riots in Toxteth in Liverpool, the 1985 riots at Broadwater Farm, also in Tottenham and the bad days of barricades, burning vehicles and riots in Belfast and Derry.

Last night police cars were stolen and driven to Tottenham High Road where they were set on fire – as was a London double decker bus. Commercial and domestic properties were fired, petrol bombs were visibly being thrown and looting was rife. Police vehicles arriving to take up position behind the scene were openly and repeatedly stoned. Hooded youths in the riot area ran up to the police lines at the edge of it and openly threw bricks over the heads into whatever lay behind them.

There are serious questions to be asked both about police tactics on the night and about the current philosophy of policing.

The Tottenham riots appear to have been born from an incident on Thursday 4th August 2011, when police shot dead a 29 year old black man, Mark Duggan, in an exchange of fire. Tottenham currently features serious gun crime and drugs crime.

Last night there was no rule of law running in Tottenham. There was no serious prevention of the development or of the spread of the rioting.

Yet, by the time of writing – 10.00am the following morning – not one of those made any presence to establish that the incident was being taken in hand.

At 10.00pm a statement was issued from City Hall from the office of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnston; and the Tottenham MP, David Lammy, issued a statement. That was it.

The Charity Shield football match is at Wembley (not far away) this afternoon, between Manchester United and Manchester City – with significant tensions between their factional fanbases to deal with. The Hackney Carnival is today. The police would already have been stretched between these two events. Now there is the north London situation as well – and another night to come.


Where is the government? Of course these guys are new to power and have not faced anything like this – but where is the evidence that they are even engaged? There is none.

Rudderless does not come close.


On the one hand, this country is seriously and expensively over-governed, with local government, devolved national government, UK government and European government – and the more of it there is the less anyone seems to be capable of action or to feel directly responsible for anything.

These are the big issues.

The immediate one is the simple act of government.

We need to hear from Theresa May. We need to hear from Tim Godwin. We need to know that the Prime Minister is coming home at once, and that the Deputy Prime Minister is doing the same.

And if we needed the army to back up the police should the situation worsen – do we have any such army capability left at home?

At the moment there is no sign of anyone on the bridge as London literally burns.

Update 13.10 7th August: The first Government to be seen and speak on this matter was at 13.00 today and was not the Home Secretary but her subordinate, Home Office Minister, Lynne Featherstone.


French opinions

bravo les anglais sont  dans m…e comme nous

Congratulations the British, they are in the shit like us.


Les anglais payent leur propre nature….”faux culs”  c’est pas nouveau, même Napoléon en a fait l’expérience….

English pays the own nature “phoney” it’s not new, Napoleon experienced it as well….


Eh oui … mêmes causes, mêmes effets, On dit que le Gouvernement de Sa Majesté est encore plus laxiste que le nôtre en matière d’immigration.

Same causes, same effects, we say that the Government of Her Majesty is even more over liberal than ours in terms of immigration.

Eh oui, nos amis britanniques connaissent aussi les affres de nos concitoyens qui voudraient vivre tranquillement dans leurs banlieues, alors que la racaille y est aussi omniprésente. Ah la société pluriethnique quelles délices!

Our British friends know the torments of our fellow countrymen who would like to live quietly in their suburbs, while the villain is omnipresent. Ah the multiethnic society, what delights!

As you have noticed French people comments are xenophobic comments. I’ve read a couple of comment and I can tell 70% of them are fascist. What is happening in my country? I believe the next election will be tough and surprising…


The real picture of Nafissatou the liar!!!

As you may know DSK is not “libre”. (Free) And the picture above has been spread out all over the world but it wasn’t the real Nafissatou. Here the real unveiled by Paris Match in French labelling her as a prostitute (like the New York Post by the way).

Thus, Nafi is currently suing the New York Post and five of its journalists for libel on Tuesday for reporting that she was a prostitute.


The 32-year-old Guinean immigrant accused the Post of publishing defamatory articles between July 2-4 “in an apparent desperate attempt to bolster its rapidly plunging sales.”


The suit filed in Bronx state court seeks damages to be determined at trial for articles it said the Post knew were false or should have known were false before they were published.


On Friday prosecutors called into question the woman’s credibility for a series of lies about her background including a false story about being gang-raped on her application for U.S. asylum.


The Post reported on Saturday that the Sofitel housekeeper “was doing double duty as a prostitute, collecting cash on the side from male guests.” An article the following day reported that the housekeeper “continued to work as a prostitute in a Brooklyn hotel where she was stashed by prosecutors.”


“All of these statements are false, have subjected the plaintiff to humiliation, scorn and ridicule throughout the world by falsely portraying her as a prostitute or as a woman who trades her body for money and they constitute defamation and libel per se,” the suit said.






Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg – Je T’aime,…Moi Non Plus

Serge Gainsbourg was a “sacré phénomene!” like we say in French. He was really one of the kinds. Even though, I was young, I remember the “Do you want to fuck with me?” question to Whitney Houston, his love relationship with minors, or him smoking in shows and some of his scandalous songs (like the one I translated below).

Let have a look to his personal life:

He was born Lucien Ginsburg in Paris, France, the son of Russian Jewish parents, Joseph Ginsburg  and Olga Bessman, who fled to France after the 1917 Russian Revolution. He had a twin sister, Liliane. His childhood was profoundly affected by the occupation of France by Nazi Germany, during which he and his family, as Jews, were forced to wear the yellow star and eventually flee Paris. Before he was 30 years old, Gainsbourg was a disillusioned painter, but earned his living as a piano player in bars.

He first married Elisabeth “Lize” Levitsky on 3 November 1951, and divorced her in 1957. He married a second time on 7 January 1964, to Françoise-Antoinette “Béatrice” Pancrazzi, with whom he had two children: a daughter named Natacha and a son, Paul (born in spring 1968, after Serge had got back together with Béatrice). They divorced in February 1966.

In late-1967, he had a short but ardent love affair with Brigitte Bardot to whom he dedicated the song and album Initials BB.

In mid-1968, Gainsbourg fell in love with the much younger English singer and actress Jane Birkin, whom he met during the shooting of the film Slogan. They married some time afterwards. In 1971 they had a daughter, the actress and singer Charlotte. Birkin left him in 1980.

Birkin remembers the beginning of her affair with Gainsbourg: he first took her to a nightclub, then to a transvestite club and afterwards to the Hilton hotel, where he passed out in a drunken stupor. Birkin left Gainsbourg when pregnant with her third daughter, Lou, by the film director Jacques Doillon, whom she later married.

His last partner was Bambou (Caroline Paulus, grandchild of General Friedrich Paulus). In 1986 they had a son, Lucien (best known as Lulu).

I have to say that it was difficult for me to find a real and close translation of “Je vais, je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins” I could have translate it as “Between your kidney” which is the literal translation or “Between your back” as I saw it in some websites. But this might sound strange for you British. As a consequence I translated it with a straightforward approach. But, it’s important to know that in French all the song is metaphoric and the “I go and I come, inside you” is said with a more delicate approach. Nothing is said like in my translation.

This song was already a scandal in this metaphoric way so imagine if it had been more straightforward. Oh la la!! Still, it was a success at this time and I really love (what I can call) this “eroticolove” song.




– Je t’aime je t’aime
Oh oui je t’aime
– Moi non plus
– Oh mon amour
– Comme la vague irrésolue
Je vais, je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins
Je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins
Et je me retiens

– Je t’aime je t’aime
Oh oui je t’aime
– Moi non plus
– Oh mon amour
Tu es la vague, moi l’île nue
Tu vas, tu vas et tu viens
Entre mes reins
Tu vas et tu viens
Entre mes reins
Et je te rejoins

– Je t’aime je t’aime
Oh oui je t’aime
– Moi non plus
– Oh mon amour
– L’amour physique est sans issue
Je vais je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins
Je vais et je viens
Je me retiens
– Non ! Maintenant viens…



I love you, I love you, Oh yes I love you
Nor do I
Oh my love
Like the wave, irresolute
I go, I go and I come, Inside you.
I go and I come, Inside you my love
And then I hold on

I love you, I love you, Oh Yes I love you
Nor do I
Oh me love, You are the wave, And I the naked island
You go, you go and you come, inside me
you go and you come inside me
and then I join you

I love you, I love you, Oh yes I love you
Nor do I
Oh my love
Like the wave, irresolute
I go, I go and I come, Inside you
I go and I come, Inside you my love
And then I hold on

You go, you go and you come, inside me
you go and you come inside me

You go, you go and you come, inside me
you go and you come inside me
and then I join you

I love you, I love you, Oh yes I love
Nor do I
Oh my love
Physical love is a dead end
I go, I go and I come, inside you
I go and I come, I hold on

No. Now…Come


Sources Wikipedia, pictures from Google.


Thin women earn more money than Curvy ladies!

This is aberrant, but is it surprising? Not really to be honest. When you see how some companies recruit their employees especially Cosmetics, Beauty and fashion where I come from. I am not surprised.

Uncountable international studies prove it:  women earn on average less money than men. But it seems that there are other factors of wage discrimination not really studied: the weight. According to a recent study appeared in Applied Psychology newspaper, thin women gain on average 22.000 dollars (£13,587) a year more than their overweight counterparts.

Timothy A. Judge from the University of Florida and Daniel Mr Cable from the London Business School studied the relation between the salary and the weight for men and women supporting their results on two longitudinal studies (American and German women). According to the results of their works, not only the women of middleweight earn less, but the “obese” women gain 19.000 dollars less than their counterparts of middleweight. Just scandalous!

What my frenchies think about that?

Je suis grosse et je le resterai. Je suis belle et je m’aime même avec un salaire plus bas, je resterai grosse !!!! Les gens m’aiment parce que je suis plus drôle que les minces

I am big and I will stay big. I am beautiful and I love myself even with a lower salary, I shall remain big!!!! People like me because I am funnier than thin ladies.






Les minces devraient gagner l’équivalent de leur poids

The slender should gain the equivalent of their weight

(La French Attitude: I would be happy with that if we add 3 zeros to my weight ;-))

Etre jolie et mince est un atout incontournable. Si les femmes commencent à se mépriser entre elles pour des problèmes de poids, où va t on? Par contre, il est bon de dire à sa copine, fait gaffe, à ta santé, tu es entrain de prendre du poids…..ou prend garde de ne pas tomber dans l’anorexie. AH? La jalousie!

To be attractive and thin is a major asset. If the women begin to loathe each other for weighty problems, where are we going? On the other hand, it is good to say to her friend, been careful, with your health, you’re putting some weight or do not to fall in the anorexia. AH? The jealousy!

Une jolie femme ayant le même background qu’une autre femme obtiendra plus facilement un job avantageux, c’est pas nouveau, c’est ainsi depuis toujours….

An attractive woman having the same background that another woman will obtain more easily an advantageous job, it is not new, it has always been like that

Un article qui sent bien la discrimation.
Source : mein kampf ?
Et puis on va reprendre encore les mêmes préjugés :
les noirs courent plus vite
les asiatiques font tous du karaté
les blancs sont fascistes etc.

An article which smells discrimation.

Source: mein kampf?

And then we are going to take back the same prejudices:

Blacks run faster

All the Asian do karate

Whites are fascists etc.

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Shame on you Strauss Kahn!

Members of the hotel housekeepers’ union demonstrate outside New York City Criminal Court as the accused former head of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss Kahn arrives for his arraignment on charges of sexual assault.

While American maids protest, Frenchwomen Speak Out

Claire Nini, now 25, was sexually assaulted as a teenager, and it took her seven years to file a complaint, she said, “because I feared the notoriety of my assailant, a well-known doctor in Nice.”

But the furor around the arrest in New York on attempted rape charges of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who had been considered a likely next president of France, has given Frenchwomen and the modest feminist movement here a chance to speak out against sexual oppression and push for a less chauvinistic relationship between the sexes.

“I hope this is going to help the victims to speak,” Ms. Nini said. “If D.S.K.,” the initials by which Mr. Strauss-Kahn is known here, “is really guilty, I think this affair is going to help women,” she said. But if he is found not guilty, she said, “there is a risk that women will not be taken seriously anymore.”

Mr. Strauss-Kahn, the former chief of the International Monetary Fund, was arraigned on Monday in New York and pleaded not guilty to all charges, a four-minute event covered live by the main French television channels, Web sites and bloggers. There were experts and court drawings and shots of uniformed hotel workers shouting, “Shame on you!”

The case has also sharpened the debate here about a French way of life, one of tolerance for a male-centric attitude in gender relations, an acceptance of all but the most egregious sexual assaults on women and a reluctance by the authorities to intervene, particularly in cases involving the powerful.

“This is a key moment, a watershed moment,” said Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, an analyst of French politics and culture. Women from across the political spectrum “have extremely unpleasant stories to tell, that men think women are all up for grabs, literally and figuratively,” she said. France is “a difficult country to budge,” she added. “But it’s an important step. Women are emboldened.”

One example of the habits of the past and of possible change inspired by the Strauss-Kahn case was the forced resignation of a junior minister, Georges Tron, who was accused by two women of pressing them to have foot massages that soon evolved into groping. The women said that they were encouraged to speak out by the arrest of Mr. Strauss-Kahn.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been known for his own roving eye, kept his glance on the politics of the matter, with a presidential election next year. He fired Mr. Tron within two days.

Natacha Henry, a French writer and feminist who has written books about the sexuality of young women and about domestic violence, is writing a chapter for a book about the Strauss-Kahn case, concentrating on the more discreet sexual discrimination prevalent in French life.

“Women are starting to speak out now,” Ms. Henry said. “Strauss-Kahn’s friends said he was always a womanizer, a ‘dragueur,’ but we are saying that this is not about seduction, not about ‘la drague,’ but about something else. This is not about sex, seduction, love or an equal relationship, but it is everything to do with power. A lot of attitudes that in America would be considered sexual harassment would be seen here as, ‘Oh, he’s so keen on women.’ ”

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I am so busy these days dear readers that I will only translate one French comment.Ok, I’ll translate 2! 😉

“quand on voit leurs tronches et qu’on pense que les hommes qui occupent les suites de ces hôtels peuvent se payer toutes les call-girls qu’ils veulent, on commence à avoir des doutes sur la véracité des dires de leur consœur cachée…”

When we see their faces and when we think that the men occupying  the suites of these hotels can have all the call girls they want, we start having doubts on the truthfulness of the statements of their hidden colleague…

Elles pourraient manifester également devant le Sofitel, qui fait faire le ménage d’une suite de 150m2 par une seule femme de ménage ! c’est de l’exploitation ou je ne m’y connais pas ?

They could also demonstrate in front of Sofitel, which company can ask for a 150 mter square suite to be cleaned by a single lady! It is  exploitation or I don’t know?

So funny… Like we say in French “ils ne perdent pas le nord!” (translation: they don’t miss a trick!!)

Have fun!

Mc Solaar, Bouge de là !

Words about MC Solaar:

Claude M’Barali was born in Dakar, Senegal to parents of Chadian origin. When he was six months old his parents immigrated to France where they eventually settled in the Paris suburb of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. He studied languages at the Jussieu university campus and was a post-graduate in philosophy. He released his first single in 1990.


In summer 1991, Solaar and his friend Jimmy Jay went in Paris in hopes of succeeding in the music industry and released his first single, Bouge de là (“Move out of My Way”). It’s very important to know that Solaar is the first rapper to be commercially known in France. He opened so many doors to the rappers and hip hop/RNB singers of today. Solaar is one of the most internationally popular and influential French rappers and his song “La Belle et le bad boy” (translate The Beauty and the bad boy) is featured in the last episode of Sex in the city showing that he is part of the French music culture.

Lyrics and Music by Jimmy Jay and Mc Solaar


Tout a commencé là-bas, dans la ville qu’on appelle Maisons-Alfort
Quand je vois une fatma chelou qui fait bouger son corps
Elle me dit: “Claude M.C., viens là qu’j’te donne du réconfort.”
J’ai dit: “Non-merci, c’est très gentil mais je n’mange pas d’porc…”
Elle m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

J’continue mon trajet, j’arrive vers la Gare de Lyon
Quand je vois un gars qui se dit vraiment très fort comme un lion
Il me dit: “Claude M.C., est-ce que tu veux qu’on s’boxe ?”
Ses hématomes étaient plus gros qu’les seins de Samantha Fox !
Il m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

Ma voisine de palier, elle s’appelle Cassandre,
Elle a un petit chien qu’elle appelle Alexandre.
Elle me dit: “Claude M.C., est-ce que tu peux le descendre ?”
J’ai pris mon Magnum, j’ai dû mal comprendre.
Elle m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

Directement, j’suis allé chez Lucie,
Qui aime les chiens, les chats et Trente Millions d’Amis.
Elle me dit: “T’aimes les animaux, toi mon super M.C. ?”
J’ai dit: “oui j’adore, avec du sel et bien cuits !”
Elle m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

Plus tard, dans le métro y a un charclo qui traîne,
Il me raconte toute sa vie, il me dit qu’il vient de Rennes.
Ensuite, il me dit qu’il pue, qu’il faudrait qu’il se baigne…
J’lui dis: “Jette-toi dans l’égout, t’arrives direct dans la Seine !”
Il m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

J’continue mon trajet, j’arrive vers le boul’vard Barbès
Quand j’vois un de mes amis qui venait de Marrakech
Il me dit: “Arwah, arwah, j’t’achète des rap en dinars.”
J’ai dit: “Non, je veux des dollars car on m’appelle Solaar.”
Il m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

Alors, j’ai bougé; j’ai dû m’en aller, partir, bifurquer,
J’ai dû m’évader, j’ai dû m’enfuir, j’ai dû partir, j’ai dû m’éclipser,
J’ai dû me camoufler, j’ai dû disparaître… Pour réapparaître.

Oh ! Oh ! Bouge de là.
Bouge de là.


Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way. Move Out of My Way. Move Out of My Way

Everything has started over there, in the town which is called Maisons-Alfort
When I see a weird fatma who moves her body

She says:”Mc Solaar come over here that I give you some comfort ”
I said: ” No thanks, it is really nice from you but I don’t eat pork ”
She told me: ” Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move out of my way”

I continue my journey and reach Lyon station when I see a bloke who claims to be as strong like a lion
He says to me:  Claude MC, do you want us to box? ”
His bruises were bigger than Samantha Fox’s breasts
He told me: ” Move out of My Way, Move out of My Way, Move out of My Way, Move Out of My Way”

My doorstep neighbour called Cassandre
She owns a little dog that she named Alexandre
She says to me: ” Claude MC can you walk him ”
(pun: the actual verb used it “to descend” in FR, “descendre”, i.e. take the dog downstairs in order to walk it, double meaning, “descendre” can also mean to kill someone)
I took my gun, I must have misunderstood
She told me: ” Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way”

Directly, I went to Lucie’s who loves dogs, cats, and “30 millions d’amis
(30 millions d’amis used to be a French TV show broadcasted on national television about pets’ lovers)
She says to me: “do you love animals, you my super MC?”
I said to her: yes I adore them, with salt and well cooked!”
She told me: “Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way”

Later, in the metro there is a hobo wandering,
He tells me about his whole life, he tells he’s from Rennes.

Then, he says to me that he stinks, that he needs to bathe…
I say ” throw yourself in the sewer you directly reach the Seine river ”
He told me: “Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move out of my way”

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