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Could a Brexit lead to a Frexit?

images A majority of French (53%) want a Frexit referendum like the one planned in the UK the 23 June 2016. This is one of the revelations of a survey conducted in early February on 8000 participants in six European countries (Germany, France, Poland, Ireland, Spain and Sweden).

Of all Europeans surveyed, the French are the most favourable upon the exit of the UK, but curiously, the most likely to ask for the same anti-immigrant measures David Cameron obtained for his country.

For almost half of the French, a “Brexit” would not be a disaster; they are 44% to think that “Britain should leave the EU ” whilst 27% of Germans and 19% of Spaniards share this view.

Moreover, the French, like the Swedes think that the British economy would benefit from a Brexit. 56% of Germans expect negative effects of a Brexit and only 27% of French think the same.

Brexit, an open door for exit referendums?

After all these issues related to the British referendum, the survey asked the Europeans if they wish to have such referendum to be held in their country. The French (53%) are the only ones to be willing to with 45% of Germans and 47% of Spaniards sharing this view.

Could France leave the EU?


In total, 45% of French would vote to stay in the EU, 33% would want to leave and 22% have no opinion. This is quite low compares with Germany (60% would stay), 66% for Poland and 68% for Spain.

France demonstrates a relative indifference to a possible Brexit and appears as the most Eurosceptic country in Europe after the British.

What do my people think about all this? Just a few comments here. Enjoy!

Les anglais veulent avoir l’Europe à leur botte ! Il serait temps que l’Europe sorte de sa torpeur et regarde la vérité en face. Nos politiques sont déjà tout émoustillés quand la couronne d’Angleterre daigne leur accorder un five-o’clock pour négocier puis leur imposer sa suzeraineté. Que ferons-nous quand ils nous obligeront la conduite à gauche ?

The English want Europe under their thumb It is time for Europe to emerge from its torpor and to face up the truth. Our politicians are already quite exhilarated when the English crown deigns to grant them a five-o’clock to negotiate and impose their suzerainty. What Next? They’ll require us to drive on the left side?

L’Europe est une escroquerie ! Après un référendum auquel les Français avaient répondu par la négative, les députés se sont crus autorisés à voter le contraire…Sur ces bases, il est évidemment très, difficile de faire confiance à cette institution. En outre, à moins d’être obtus, on voit bien que les exigences de l’UE conduisent les peuples à la misère… L’Union, agissant de manière dogmatique, protège le capital, pas les citoyens !  

Europe is a scam! After a referendum in which the French had said no, MP believed they were entitled to vote otherwise … On this basis, it is obviously very difficult to trust this institution. In addition, unless obtuse, it is clear that the EU requirements lead people to poverty… the Union, acting dogmatically, protects the capital, not the citizens!

Un référendum sur le maintien de la France ou sa sortie de l’UE serait la pire connerie populiste que puissent décider des politiques ! Toutes les frustrations actuelles se cristalliseraient dans un “non” à l’Europe alors que l’UE n’est qu’un bouc émissaire ! Détruire l’UE serait une catastrophe pour tous les européens, un retour aux vieux démons de l’histoire, et un affaiblissement de tous dans un monde de plus en plus instable et dangereux…

A referendum on the maintenance of France or its exit from the EU would be the worst populist bullshit that can decide politicians! All current frustrations will lead towards a “no” to Europe while the EU is only a scapegoat! Destroying the EU would be a disaster for all Europeans, a return to the old demons of history, and a weakening of all of us in a world increasingly unstable and dangerous …

La France est en pleine dépression… Ce n’est pas un président qu’il nous faudrait mais un psy!

France is in a deep depression … We don’t need a president but a shrink!

Nous sommes dans l’euro et si nous revenons en arrière, ce sera une chute du franc et du pouvoir d’achat sans précédent. Le seul choix crédible est d’aller vers une fédération des pays de l’euro, avec les mêmes lois sociales et fiscales pour tous.

We are in the euro and if we go back, it will be a drop of the Franc and the unprecedented decrease of the purchasing power. The only credible choice is to move towards a federation of countries, with the same social and tax laws for all.

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Withdrawal of the French Nationality


I was having a night out with some friends out of London on that Friday 13th of November when a close friend of mine informed me that several terrorist attacks are ongoing in my home city. She obviously knows that I constantly travel for business and leisures to Paris so she wanted to be sure that I was safe, I was… And I rapidly called my relatives and made sure they were alright, they were…

And for some reason, I just kept on going with my night thinking that it was a replica of the Charlie Hebdo attacks which occurred a few months earlier and that I would catch up with the news the following morning.

Then, Saturday morning I watched the news and I was horrified, tears came out of my eyes as people have been killed in my “arrondissement”, shootings happened in the restaurants I used to go,  in the Bataclan I used to dance in. I was devastated, it was personal… And I used to live in this area where I will have my flat…

I was in sorrow and felt helpless, I was stuck on my sofa all morning observing the number of casualties continuing to grow, watching all those sordid and creepy videos about the attacks, listening to all testimonies… I had Goosebumps and couldn’t stop thinking what if I was there in my normal night out? Terrifying…

A few hours after these events happened, the investigations led by French security forces started identifying the perpetrators of these horrible acts. They were all either French or Belgians of North & West African descents.

Knowing this, the President François Hollande announced the 16th November 2015 to the Parliament, reunited in the Congress, that he wanted to extend the withdrawal of French nationality to French with dual nationality.


By way of reminder, the French nationality law is historically based on the principles of jus soli (Latin for “right of soil”), in opposition for example to the German definition of nationality, jus sanguinis (Latin for “right of blood”).

Currently, withdrawal of nationality does not apply to French who had citizenship by descent (foreigners born in another country whose one of the parents or both is/are French at the time of his/her birth), but only to those who have been naturalised (foreigners also born in another country whom can prove residence in France during at least five years preceding the request). Therefore, this creates a distinction between two categories of French, those born in France and the others.

So now, all people with dual nationality may lose their French nationality if convicted permanently of affecting the interests of the nation or for terrorism. And that includes all dual nationals, even those born in France: this is the novelty Francois Hollande wants to implement as announced to Congress on November 16. FYI, in France 5% of the population is binational.

The past

This measure was first implemented in 1848, at the time, a decree provided that any French who kept on trafficking or buying slaves would be deprived of nationality.

Then, During World War I the Parliament passed a special law that allowed the withdrawal of French nationality to French individuals from enemy countries convicted for acts of treason or for insubordination.

During World War II The French state pronounced collective withdrawals of French nationality under the Nazi-collaborationist Vichy regime to deprive Jewish refugees in France who had been naturalised of their citizenship. The law of July 22, 1940, deprived 15,154 people of their French citizenship, including approximately 6,000 Jews as well as leaders of the Resistance. Vichy first interned Jews deprived of French citizenship in concentration camps and then, after passing a Franco-German accord on July 2, 1942, began deporting them out of France towards death camps to the east. So it’s indeed a very controversial matter if we take into account the latter.

What happen after a withdrawal?

The individual may then travel to the other country of nationality, subject to possible difficulties inherent in the other State. As the latter may indeed also withdraw the nationality or invoke various means to refuse his or her return. In this case, it will then be necessary to find another country that grants a pass to the person deprived of citizenship. The individual could end up in a dead end: oblige to leave the territory having an expulsion order without being able to go to another country for lack of authorisation. He could then be forced to remain paperless in the French territory and live in a very precarious situation with no job and no rights.

What politicians think?

All political parties are obviously mixed. Firstly, French Justice Minister Christiane Taubira has submitted her resignation Wednesday after having openly criticised key aspects of the reforms promoted the government and the withdrawal of nationality terrorists. During a trip to Algiers in December, she though that the measures were ruled out by the President (which made her look quite stupid) and told Algerian Channel 3 radio that this was “a subject that will go away,” as it “created a problem for the fundamental principle that one can acquire full citizenship through residence in France.

Sarkozy (Republican party and candidate to the next general election) is in favour of the measure, Francois Fillon (Republican, ex prime minister and candidate to the next election) is against. The FN is obviously favourable as this measure has always been part of their political programme.

Then, Friday, February 5, another controversy in the National Assembly, the Green MP Cécile Duflot expresses her strong opposition to the withdrawal of nationality. She mentioned and compared it to the Vichy regime which deeply irritated some MPs but surely and also the Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

So Valls, once firmly opposed to the withdrawal, struck her:

I want to remind it: Vichy is not the Republic! It is a part of France, but this is not the Republic, and none of us can feel, in some way, committed by the acts of that regime. And as you said, very rightly, we have to get out of jeers, of approximations and caricatures, I’m only asking you, in the (bad) memories from this dark period, not to associate the will of the government, and anyone in this assembly, with this period any of us can bear.

What my Frenchies think?

According to various surveys conducted in 2015, a majority of French people expressed support for the withdrawal of nationality binational terrorists. Indeed, following the attacks of 13 November 2015, 94% of French interrogated were favourable. To be honest, if the survey was conducted the 14th of November, I understand the results…..

More generally, 66% of the French, support a citizenship withdrawal extended to all French sentenced for acts of terrorism.

But here what do they think now as to 8th February 2016:

1/ Mais qu’ils arrêtent donc d’occuper la galerie avec cette déchéance de nationalité dont tout le monde se contrefiche… Elle existe déjà dans les textes et ne concernerait qu’une poignée d’individus. En pleine crise, on n’a vraiment rien d’autre à faire ?


Can’t they stop entertaining us with this withdrawal of nationality which no one gives a sh*t for… It already exists in law and would affect only a handful of individuals. In economical crisis climate, don’t we have anything else to do?

2/ Ils abordent la déchéance de nationalité à peu près comme ils abordent tous les problèmes :

Tentative de récupération démagogique, emballement de départ sans beaucoup de réflexion, complication d’un sujet simple par de multiples circonvolutions, arbitrages, bidouillages, pataugeages pour finir par indisposer tout le monde sans satisfaire personne.

Du Hollande pur jus, quoi.


They address the withdrawal of nationality as they approach all issues:

demagogic recovery attempt, uproar without much thoughts, complication of a simple subject with multiple convolutions, arbitrations, hacks, floundering which ends up by upsetting everyone without satisfying anyone. 100% Holland.

3/ Valls, premier premier ministre de la médiocratie française, qui ne se défend qu’en déclarant intolérable, inacceptable, inadmissible, scandaleux, nauséabond… Tout avis qui n’est pas le sien !


Valls, the first minister of the French mediocrity, who defends himself by declaring intolerable, unacceptable, inadmissible, scandalous, nauseating all point of views that are not his!

4/ Si seulement nous pouvions obtenir la déchéance fiscale…! Là… Ca serait une vraie réforme structurelle…


If only we could get tax forfeiture …!  That would be a real structural reform …

5/ Cette déchéance de la Nationalité, “occupent” beaucoup de monde, y compris les médias, mais n’intéresse… Absolument personne! Autant en finir en prenant n’importe quelle décision, comme d’habitude… ! Cela ne permet pas aux Français, de savoir ce qu’il se passe chez nous réellement…, peut-être est-ce le but ? Les Français sont totalement “oubliés” en ce moment, seules les élections de 2017, les intéressent… “Pauvre de nous”, encore beaucoup de tripatouillages en perspective pour occuper la “galerie”… Vivement qu’on en sorte…, pour enfin s’occuper des vraies Affaires des Français…, des choses sérieuses !


This withdrawal of nationality, “upset” a lot of people, including the media, but interests … Absolutely nobody! Sort this out, take any decision, as usual …! This does not allow the French to know what’s really happening here … in fact, maybe this is the point? The French are completely “forgotten” at the moment, only the 2017 elections interest them … “Poor us,” lots of sugar-coat to entertain the people … Roll on the vote… to finally address the real issues of the French …, serious things!

6/ Le symbole de la déchéance de nationalité est devenu pour ce gouvernement un véritable casse-tête qui l’enfonce tous les jours un peu plus dans l’amateurisme et dans la façon la plus vraie par laquelle il aborde tous les problèmes économiques et sociales de ce pays. L’exécutif a voulu compliquer ce symbole au lieu de le réaliser tel qu’il avait été défini au Congrès. Maintenant, de ” pour”, je passe “contre” cette déchéance de nationalité puisqu’une loi existe et dont il vaudrait mieux respecter telle qu’elle est écrite.


The symbol of withdrawal of nationality has become for the government a big headache that shows more and more their amateurism and more so by the way it addresses all economic and social problems of this country. The executive wanted to complicate this symbol instead of realising it as it was defined in Congress. Now, from “favourable”, I will go “against” the withdrawal of nationality, since a law already exists and that should be respected as written.

As you can see, 3 months after the attacks, we are all sick and tired of this sh**! The French population have other problems to deal with and we’d be grateful if the government could really sort this out… While they’re arguing on this matter, our economic situation has worsened:

  • unemployment rate of 10%;
  • 8% of the Population live below poverty line;
  • the purchasing power of gross disposable income fell by 0.9%;
  • The creation of micro-enterprises decreased by over 20%;
  • public debt represents 89.9% of GDP;
  • France’s credit rating was further downgraded by Fitch (and S&P) to the AA credit rating;
  • And I’ll stop here as it is depressing…

Well, on est dans de beaux draps!

Frenchie XoXo


Douce France, Cher pays de mon enfance….

Hey guys,

Hope you are well. I’ve been quite busy these last couple of weeks searching for a new job, preparing my career move and finding a new place to live.

However, I had time to meet my family back in France and what a surprise when I arrived in Paris.

Poverty and insecurity is ruining my country. Council, medical & social care (CAF & Securite sociale) services are worsening. People dressed with clothes found in Parisian bins. Minorities feed themselves with food from “boulangerie” or supermarket.

By the way, a man has been fired because he “stole” foods out of date from a bin of the supermarket he works for.

Human conditions and treatments are questionable. I was with my sister around 10pm driving home after eating in a restaurant and I saw people (men, women and children) with tents and duvets!

When I asked my sister what were they doing there? She said naturally that the “prefecture” offer only 50 meetings for foreigners who want to extend their working visa or want to renew their papers. As a consequence people sleep in front of the prefecture to be sure to be served the day after.

But what all this mean? Why should we treat people this way? Where are the means to improve all that? How did all this happen?

I heard somewhere that hell will be on earth when Les sages would approved the worse. I feel that France is plunging in hell and is the place of all the worse things in Europe and I found it scandalous and I am very surprised that nobody dares saying anything about all these injustices. Are we becoming sheep? Are we so fed up with our government that we couldn’t care more?

All I have to say is that I do not recognise my country anymore! And I am very disappointed with its evolution. I can’t wait for the next election.

Shame on you Strauss Kahn!

Members of the hotel housekeepers’ union demonstrate outside New York City Criminal Court as the accused former head of the International Monetary Fund Dominique Strauss Kahn arrives for his arraignment on charges of sexual assault.

While American maids protest, Frenchwomen Speak Out

Claire Nini, now 25, was sexually assaulted as a teenager, and it took her seven years to file a complaint, she said, “because I feared the notoriety of my assailant, a well-known doctor in Nice.”

But the furor around the arrest in New York on attempted rape charges of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who had been considered a likely next president of France, has given Frenchwomen and the modest feminist movement here a chance to speak out against sexual oppression and push for a less chauvinistic relationship between the sexes.

“I hope this is going to help the victims to speak,” Ms. Nini said. “If D.S.K.,” the initials by which Mr. Strauss-Kahn is known here, “is really guilty, I think this affair is going to help women,” she said. But if he is found not guilty, she said, “there is a risk that women will not be taken seriously anymore.”

Mr. Strauss-Kahn, the former chief of the International Monetary Fund, was arraigned on Monday in New York and pleaded not guilty to all charges, a four-minute event covered live by the main French television channels, Web sites and bloggers. There were experts and court drawings and shots of uniformed hotel workers shouting, “Shame on you!”

The case has also sharpened the debate here about a French way of life, one of tolerance for a male-centric attitude in gender relations, an acceptance of all but the most egregious sexual assaults on women and a reluctance by the authorities to intervene, particularly in cases involving the powerful.

“This is a key moment, a watershed moment,” said Anne-Elisabeth Moutet, an analyst of French politics and culture. Women from across the political spectrum “have extremely unpleasant stories to tell, that men think women are all up for grabs, literally and figuratively,” she said. France is “a difficult country to budge,” she added. “But it’s an important step. Women are emboldened.”

One example of the habits of the past and of possible change inspired by the Strauss-Kahn case was the forced resignation of a junior minister, Georges Tron, who was accused by two women of pressing them to have foot massages that soon evolved into groping. The women said that they were encouraged to speak out by the arrest of Mr. Strauss-Kahn.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been known for his own roving eye, kept his glance on the politics of the matter, with a presidential election next year. He fired Mr. Tron within two days.

Natacha Henry, a French writer and feminist who has written books about the sexuality of young women and about domestic violence, is writing a chapter for a book about the Strauss-Kahn case, concentrating on the more discreet sexual discrimination prevalent in French life.

“Women are starting to speak out now,” Ms. Henry said. “Strauss-Kahn’s friends said he was always a womanizer, a ‘dragueur,’ but we are saying that this is not about seduction, not about ‘la drague,’ but about something else. This is not about sex, seduction, love or an equal relationship, but it is everything to do with power. A lot of attitudes that in America would be considered sexual harassment would be seen here as, ‘Oh, he’s so keen on women.’ ”

Read more

I am so busy these days dear readers that I will only translate one French comment.Ok, I’ll translate 2! 😉

“quand on voit leurs tronches et qu’on pense que les hommes qui occupent les suites de ces hôtels peuvent se payer toutes les call-girls qu’ils veulent, on commence à avoir des doutes sur la véracité des dires de leur consœur cachée…”

When we see their faces and when we think that the men occupying  the suites of these hotels can have all the call girls they want, we start having doubts on the truthfulness of the statements of their hidden colleague…

Elles pourraient manifester également devant le Sofitel, qui fait faire le ménage d’une suite de 150m2 par une seule femme de ménage ! c’est de l’exploitation ou je ne m’y connais pas ?

They could also demonstrate in front of Sofitel, which company can ask for a 150 mter square suite to be cleaned by a single lady! It is  exploitation or I don’t know?

So funny… Like we say in French “ils ne perdent pas le nord!” (translation: they don’t miss a trick!!)

Have fun!

Wal-Mart loses $187.6 million worker rest appeal

You might already know it but just in case, Wal-mart doesn’t want to open stores in France. In fact, it is just because Politics have a high control on labour and (hopefully) the French government has  strong laws to protect workers; minimum wage is high, there is universal healthcare, and it is difficult to fire employees.

French book by Lysiane Baudu, Gilles Biassette

Translation: “Work more to earn less, Wal-mart threat”.

To be honest, I am happy that Wal-mart is not  in our country, I love America and Americans but I do not agree with America’s free-market capitalism and I prefer to see this in their country.

But what is known for being a French characteristic “striking” is becoming more and more common for Walmart employees. Here is an article from Fashion Mag.

A three-judge panel of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania on Friday said there was sufficient evidence for Philadelphia jurors in 2006 to conclude that Wal-Mart’s practices violated state wage and hour laws. It also said Wal-Mart’s own internal review uncovered violations regarding “off-the-clock” work.

The case was brought on behalf of about 187,000 current and former Wal-Mart workers in Pennsylvania from 1998 to 2006.

They contended that the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company’s engaged in improper practices to enhance productivity, boost profit and cut costs.

“The record reflects testimony and documentary evidence suggesting that because of pressure from the home office to reduce labour costs and the availability of significant bonuses for managers based on store profitability, Wal-Mart’s scheduling program created chronic understaffing, leading to widespread rest-break violations,” the appeals court said.

It nonetheless ordered the trial court to recalculate a $45.6 million award of legal fees, saying that court erred by “double-counting” some factors.

“We’re committed to paying our associates for every hour they work and to providing them with meal and rest breaks,” Wal-Mart spokesman Greg Rossiter said. “That’s our policy and we take it very seriously. In this case, we believe that the trial court’s decision was wrong in a number of respects and we look forward to additional review in the courts.”

The case was brought by Michelle Braun and Dolores Hummel, who had respectively worked in Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores in eastern Pennsylvania, and drew on evidence from roughly 46 million shifts, court records show.

Judith Spanier, one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers, said in a statement that Wal-Mart wanted to “walk away” from its own business records, saying they were so inaccurate that they could not be used as proof.

Like other large retailers, Wal-Mart is regularly sued by employees who claim unfair treatment.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected this month to rule on whether a gender bias lawsuit against Wal-Mart may continue to proceed as a class action on behalf of a group believed to exceed 1.5 million current and former female workers.

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New political scandal in France!

The former PS Minister, Jack Lang, has told the French newspaper Le Figaro that it is ready to pursue penally those who “will question his honour “, after the allusions formulated on Monday by Luc Ferry on French cable channel Canal + which could concern him. The French political class presses the philosopher to raise the ambiguity.

The comments of former Minister of Culture Luc Ferry, who accused on Monday a former French Minister of having had paedophile relations in Morocco, aroused deep reactions from French people and the Medias.

Although Luc Ferry did not say any name during the broadcast, indicated on Wednesday that the philosopher’s comments refer to “an old rumour “about Jack Lang, which has never been proved.

Questioned by the, Jack Lang declared: “I do not wish to get involved in these stories at the moment. I will express myself in due course. “

This is the new French political scandal after DSK, Paul Tron and our harlot first lady: our political image is seriously being damaged and we forget about our real problems in France: unemployment, economy, security and so on. What a pity!

Here are some French reactions.


Pourquoi il se sent visé ? Un ancien ministre, voyons, ça pourrait être Monsieur Balladur ?

Why does he feel aimed? A former Minister, let us see, that could be Mister Balladur?


Et Pasqua on la oublié ce pédophile avérée il va aussi au Maghreb profité de la misère ce tapé des gosses, et j’en passe en politique. Bande de minableeeeeee

And Pasqua, we have forgotten this paedophile, he also goes in the Maghreb takes advantage of the poverty to f@@@ with this kids, and he’s not the only one. pitifulllllllllll !

Tous ces problèmes qui sortent au même temps risquent d’éloigner les français de leurs préoccupations, on parlerait de chômage, de pouvoir d’achat, de l’euro qui fait perdre des emplois et qui ne pourrait être utile que lors d’un voyage en dehors de la zone euro…….les français malheureusement s’engagent dans un labyrinthe non souhaitable ni par son timing, ni par son continu…dommage que la société se rue vers l’écorce et oublie le noyau……

All these problems which come out in the same time could to take away French of their main preoccupations, we would speak about unemployment,  purchasing power, the euro which increases unemployment and which could be useful only during a journey outside the Euro zone  ……. French regrettably make a commitment in a not desirable labyrinth neither by its timing, nor by its continuity … (…)


En France, les gens font de la politique pour cacher leurs conneries. A l’étranger ils font de la politique pour sauver leurs pays ! Vive la France!

In France, people make some politics to hide their bullshit. Abroad they make politics to save their countries! Long live to France!


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French minister Georges Tron resigns

A French government minister accused of sexual assault resigned yesterday.

Junior civil service minister Georges Tron is the subject of a preliminary investigation into charges of rape and sexual assault after two women alleged that he had attacked them between 2007 and 2010.

One said she was inspired to come forward after a hotel chambermaid in New York claimed she was sexually assaulted by International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Mr Tron, 53, is a member of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative UMP party. A statement from Prime Minister François Fillon’s office noted Mr Tron has denied the allegations and praised him for acting in the “general interest”.

The two women, aged 34 and 36, once worked at the town hall of Draveil, south of Paris, where Mr Tron is mayor. They told Le Parisien newspaper that Mr Tron assaulted them behind locked doors at the town hall.

Read all the article

French people are sick and tired of hearing all these sexual accusations coming from all over the world and all the same they are condemned the political for hiding this kind of information. Here are some views from Le

Curieux cette république irréprochable! Tron, supposé innocent mais accusé démissionne! Lagarde présumé innocent et accusé ne démissionne pas, au contraire, elle est promue! Je ne comprends pas la logique du bon père de famille Sarko et le meilleur gouvernement du monde!

Curious this irreproachable republic! Tron, presumed innocent but accused resigns! Lagarde presumed innocent and accused does not resign, on the contrary, she is promoted! I do not understand the logic of the good family father Sarko and the best government of the world!

Que d’histoires de “fesses” dans la politique française! Est ce que la libido de ces messieurs ne se contrôlent plus jetant un discrédit de plus sur le monde politique français. Le monde doute  maintenant de notre morale. Avec de pareils exemples que faut-il dire à nos jeunes

That of sexual stories in the French politics! There sirs can’t control their libido raising depreciation toward the French political world. The world doubts our morality. With this kind of examples, what should we say to young people

L’action gouvernementale était déjà bien polluée avec tous les scandales connus et avérés…

The governmental action was already well polluted with all the known and proved scandals…

Il n’y a en a pas un de pur, de net dans ce gouvernement et ce sont eux qui nous font la morale !

Seul le fric, leurs avantages les intéressent, mais quelle honte !

No one is pure or clear in this government and they do lecture us!

Only the cash, their advantages interest them, but what a shame!


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