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My top 13 of the funniest French expressions

I heart linguistics and love words & phrases from different country especially knowing and understanding where they are coming from. For expressions, we have a whole lot in French and whilst some of them make perfect sense and others are funny, some are completely weird and I wonder/ed why they’re being said. Here is my top 13 of the weirdest French expressions:


#13: Mentir comme un arracheur de dents

Literal translation: Lie like a tooth puller/dentist

English equivalent: none ?

Meaning:  have a guess….


It refers to dentists (anciently called tooth puller) who assured their patients that the operation was painless. it’s not today and it was certainly not at the time! Aie aie aie…

#12: Bruyant comme un tonneau vide

Literal translation: Loud as an empty barrel

English equivalent: none? The English aren’t as mean as the French, are they? Come one… I need to search further or HELP?!

Meaning:  have a guess….


The most ignorant people speak without saying anything consistent…

#11: Mettre du beurre dans les épinards

Literal translation: Put butter in the spinach

English equivalent: put butter on your bread


“Put butter in the spinach” means that one improves their living conditions, and in general in the financial field. In fact, butter symbolizes the ease and simplicity (like in English I’m guessing) while spinach would refer to a delicate situation, even trouble. Is it the bread for the English?

#10: Con comme une valise sans poignée

Literal translation: Dumb as a suitcase without a handle

English equivalent: None? Help again?


It is the image of an object unusable in this instance the suitace can’t be carried => someone stupid

#9 : Grimper au Rideau

Literal translation: climb the curtain

English equivalent: send somebody into raptures (really???? More romantic…)


Meaning:  Take a lot of sexual pleasure, orgasm.

#8: Clouer le bec à quelqu’un

Literal translation: nail someone’s beak

English equivalent: shut someone up

#7: Fumer la moquette

Literal translation: smoking carpet

English equivalent: talk nonsense



When addicts have nothing to smoke, they can get on their knees to look for small pieces of cannabis that would have been on the carpet; usually, this means smoking dirt, even the carpet itself => Do or say anything, as if under the influence of drugs.

#6: Donner de la confiture aux cochons

Literal translation: giving jam to pigs

English equivalent: Give pearls before swine

#5: Les anglais ont débarqué

Literal translation: The English have landed

English equivalent: none (?) I hope…

Meaning:  have a guess….

In 1815, when Bonaparte took a final slop in Waterloo (you guys were so organised), the English landed in France and occupied it until 1820 (Noooooo! So bad!).

At that time, the English were dressed in red uniforms. The link between this flood of red English invading the country and the capital and the red flow of menstrual blood has been easy to make in 1820, it’s a Parisian phrase in (bad) memory of the occupants. Ooopss… And still in use… Ouch…


#4: Rire comme une baleine

Literal translation: laughing like a whale

English equivalent: laugh out loud; laugh one’s head off; laugh like a drain.

#3: prendre ton pied

Literal translation: take one’s foot

English equivalent: have a blast


to take pleasure from something, usually to come, have an orgasm.

This expression dates from the nineteenth century. The foot meant a ration at the time of the corsaires: it was the unit of measure to share the property of a booty. More generally, it is used when someone is happy.

#2: Ne pas être sorti de l’auberge

Literal translation: we’re not out of the hostel/inn

English equivalent: We’re not out of the wood yet…


The most employed phrase in France and the second preferred one.

In slang, the word ” hostel” meant ” prison”. This expression means that we will still have to spend a long time in a ” prison” (physically or emotionally) => Still have a lot of trouble to face.


#1 – Les chiens ne font pas des chats

Literal translation: Dogs do not make cats

English equivalent: The apple never falls far from the tree

Meaning: Children resemble their parents.


Hope you enjoyed! @ Bientôt

Tell me which one was easy for you to guess and which didn’t make sense at all.

On the same notes, this page is quite interesting:

A good book to read for the Francophiles…

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Adieu Madame Thatcher!

Loathe or like her… IFrom what I read in France the opinion is quite mixed while some of us would love to have someone with such determination these days some only remember the worse of her…

I let you meditate on this with the English version of Renaud’s song.

The French version for those interested can be viewed at:

Jane Birkin et Serge Gainsbourg – Je T’aime,…Moi Non Plus

Serge Gainsbourg was a “sacré phénomene!” like we say in French. He was really one of the kinds. Even though, I was young, I remember the “Do you want to fuck with me?” question to Whitney Houston, his love relationship with minors, or him smoking in shows and some of his scandalous songs (like the one I translated below).

Let have a look to his personal life:

He was born Lucien Ginsburg in Paris, France, the son of Russian Jewish parents, Joseph Ginsburg  and Olga Bessman, who fled to France after the 1917 Russian Revolution. He had a twin sister, Liliane. His childhood was profoundly affected by the occupation of France by Nazi Germany, during which he and his family, as Jews, were forced to wear the yellow star and eventually flee Paris. Before he was 30 years old, Gainsbourg was a disillusioned painter, but earned his living as a piano player in bars.

He first married Elisabeth “Lize” Levitsky on 3 November 1951, and divorced her in 1957. He married a second time on 7 January 1964, to Françoise-Antoinette “Béatrice” Pancrazzi, with whom he had two children: a daughter named Natacha and a son, Paul (born in spring 1968, after Serge had got back together with Béatrice). They divorced in February 1966.

In late-1967, he had a short but ardent love affair with Brigitte Bardot to whom he dedicated the song and album Initials BB.

In mid-1968, Gainsbourg fell in love with the much younger English singer and actress Jane Birkin, whom he met during the shooting of the film Slogan. They married some time afterwards. In 1971 they had a daughter, the actress and singer Charlotte. Birkin left him in 1980.

Birkin remembers the beginning of her affair with Gainsbourg: he first took her to a nightclub, then to a transvestite club and afterwards to the Hilton hotel, where he passed out in a drunken stupor. Birkin left Gainsbourg when pregnant with her third daughter, Lou, by the film director Jacques Doillon, whom she later married.

His last partner was Bambou (Caroline Paulus, grandchild of General Friedrich Paulus). In 1986 they had a son, Lucien (best known as Lulu).

I have to say that it was difficult for me to find a real and close translation of “Je vais, je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins” I could have translate it as “Between your kidney” which is the literal translation or “Between your back” as I saw it in some websites. But this might sound strange for you British. As a consequence I translated it with a straightforward approach. But, it’s important to know that in French all the song is metaphoric and the “I go and I come, inside you” is said with a more delicate approach. Nothing is said like in my translation.

This song was already a scandal in this metaphoric way so imagine if it had been more straightforward. Oh la la!! Still, it was a success at this time and I really love (what I can call) this “eroticolove” song.




– Je t’aime je t’aime
Oh oui je t’aime
– Moi non plus
– Oh mon amour
– Comme la vague irrésolue
Je vais, je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins
Je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins
Et je me retiens

– Je t’aime je t’aime
Oh oui je t’aime
– Moi non plus
– Oh mon amour
Tu es la vague, moi l’île nue
Tu vas, tu vas et tu viens
Entre mes reins
Tu vas et tu viens
Entre mes reins
Et je te rejoins

– Je t’aime je t’aime
Oh oui je t’aime
– Moi non plus
– Oh mon amour
– L’amour physique est sans issue
Je vais je vais et je viens
Entre tes reins
Je vais et je viens
Je me retiens
– Non ! Maintenant viens…



I love you, I love you, Oh yes I love you
Nor do I
Oh my love
Like the wave, irresolute
I go, I go and I come, Inside you.
I go and I come, Inside you my love
And then I hold on

I love you, I love you, Oh Yes I love you
Nor do I
Oh me love, You are the wave, And I the naked island
You go, you go and you come, inside me
you go and you come inside me
and then I join you

I love you, I love you, Oh yes I love you
Nor do I
Oh my love
Like the wave, irresolute
I go, I go and I come, Inside you
I go and I come, Inside you my love
And then I hold on

You go, you go and you come, inside me
you go and you come inside me

You go, you go and you come, inside me
you go and you come inside me
and then I join you

I love you, I love you, Oh yes I love
Nor do I
Oh my love
Physical love is a dead end
I go, I go and I come, inside you
I go and I come, I hold on

No. Now…Come


Sources Wikipedia, pictures from Google.


Thin women earn more money than Curvy ladies!

This is aberrant, but is it surprising? Not really to be honest. When you see how some companies recruit their employees especially Cosmetics, Beauty and fashion where I come from. I am not surprised.

Uncountable international studies prove it:  women earn on average less money than men. But it seems that there are other factors of wage discrimination not really studied: the weight. According to a recent study appeared in Applied Psychology newspaper, thin women gain on average 22.000 dollars (£13,587) a year more than their overweight counterparts.

Timothy A. Judge from the University of Florida and Daniel Mr Cable from the London Business School studied the relation between the salary and the weight for men and women supporting their results on two longitudinal studies (American and German women). According to the results of their works, not only the women of middleweight earn less, but the “obese” women gain 19.000 dollars less than their counterparts of middleweight. Just scandalous!

What my frenchies think about that?

Je suis grosse et je le resterai. Je suis belle et je m’aime même avec un salaire plus bas, je resterai grosse !!!! Les gens m’aiment parce que je suis plus drôle que les minces

I am big and I will stay big. I am beautiful and I love myself even with a lower salary, I shall remain big!!!! People like me because I am funnier than thin ladies.






Les minces devraient gagner l’équivalent de leur poids

The slender should gain the equivalent of their weight

(La French Attitude: I would be happy with that if we add 3 zeros to my weight ;-))

Etre jolie et mince est un atout incontournable. Si les femmes commencent à se mépriser entre elles pour des problèmes de poids, où va t on? Par contre, il est bon de dire à sa copine, fait gaffe, à ta santé, tu es entrain de prendre du poids…..ou prend garde de ne pas tomber dans l’anorexie. AH? La jalousie!

To be attractive and thin is a major asset. If the women begin to loathe each other for weighty problems, where are we going? On the other hand, it is good to say to her friend, been careful, with your health, you’re putting some weight or do not to fall in the anorexia. AH? The jealousy!

Une jolie femme ayant le même background qu’une autre femme obtiendra plus facilement un job avantageux, c’est pas nouveau, c’est ainsi depuis toujours….

An attractive woman having the same background that another woman will obtain more easily an advantageous job, it is not new, it has always been like that

Un article qui sent bien la discrimation.
Source : mein kampf ?
Et puis on va reprendre encore les mêmes préjugés :
les noirs courent plus vite
les asiatiques font tous du karaté
les blancs sont fascistes etc.

An article which smells discrimation.

Source: mein kampf?

And then we are going to take back the same prejudices:

Blacks run faster

All the Asian do karate

Whites are fascists etc.

Source and pictures from, and Comments from

Pippa’s butt legend!

I was chilling on the website when I came across a chronicle from Patrick Besson for talking about Pippa Middleton. What a surprise when I discovered the content of it. I was very surprised that some bloggers shared his point of view. I like Pippa; she seems to be a cool lady. I won’t follow her (fashion) style but I think that she looks splendid and happy.

But in France, I believe that journalists are sick and tired of seeing her in all the magazines that they are trying to break the myth in France. Let’s have a look at what it is said.


” D’abord, la chose qu’elle a au-dessus des lèvres, à droite de son nez trop large de narines et trop court d’arête. Pourquoi appelle-t-on ça un grain de beauté ? C’est une tache. Les dents sont banales. Les yeux vagues ont des poches quand elle sourit. Quand elle ne sourit pas, on ne sait pas, parce qu’elle sourit tout le temps.

Elle est moche. De plus, c’est une peste. On a déjà tout dit sur la robe blanche serrée dans laquelle Pippa a présenté son postérieur au monde entier le vendredi 29 avril 2011. Qu’a-t-il de si particulier en dehors du fait qu’il a masqué celui de la future reine d’Angleterre ?

C’est un derrière ni très rond ni très proéminent et même légèrement inerte. Sarah Burton, la créatrice de la robe pour la marque Alexander McQueen, n’aurait pas eu l’idée pornographique de faire se superposer, à la colonne vertébrale de sa cliente, une rangée de boutons qui s’arrête juste à la hauteur des fesses, personne n’aurait sans doute jeté un oeil sur Mlle Middleton. Il y eut aussi la robe émeraude Alice Temperley que Pippa portait pour la soirée privée des mariés. Après le zoom sur ses fesses, le panoramique sur ses seins. Elle possède une honnête poitrine, comme la plupart des femmes de son âge, mais au-dessus ce n’est pas terrible. Il y a là plusieurs os trop apparents qui ne me disent rien qui vaille. Le tout est évidemment couronné, c’est le cas de le dire, d’un sourire plat, vulgaire, vide, inerte, insincère, avide, froid, honteux, hagard, stupide, intéressé, immature, amer et morne, qui ne signifie rien et n’engage personne “.



“First things first, the thing she has over hers lips, to the right of her too wide nostrils and too short nos. Why do we call that a beauty spots? It is a spot. Teeth are commonplace. The vague eyes have bags when she smiles. When she does not smile, we don’t know, because she smiles all the time.

She is ugly. Furthermore, she is a pest. We have already said everything on the white tightened dress in which Pippa presented her butt to the whole world on Friday, April 29th, 2011. What is so particular except the fact people talked only about her hiding   the future queen of England?

Her butt is neither too curvy nor very prominent and even slightly plain. Sarah Burton, the creator of the dress for Alexander McQueen brand, would have had no pornographic idea to overlap, in the vertebral column of her customer, a row of buttons which stops just as high as her butt, nobody would have had a look on Miss Middleton. There was also the Alice Temperley emerald dress whom Pippa worn for at the wedding private party. After the zoom on the butts, the panoramic view on her boobs. She possesses a fair pair of breast, as most of the women of her age, but above it is not terrible. There are several bones too visible which augur no good to me. The whole is obviously crowned; it is the case to say it, of the flat, vulgar, empty, sluggish, insincere, eager, cold, shameful, wild, stupid, interested, immature, bitter and sad smile, that means nothing and engaging nobody “.  Maybe not you dear Monsieur Besson but some British male are even obsessed by her!

Poor Pippa, I am not sure she deserves that. And I have a beauty spot too and love it!

Stay tuned guys!

Pictures from and Le point








Mc Solaar, Bouge de là !

Words about MC Solaar:

Claude M’Barali was born in Dakar, Senegal to parents of Chadian origin. When he was six months old his parents immigrated to France where they eventually settled in the Paris suburb of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges. He studied languages at the Jussieu university campus and was a post-graduate in philosophy. He released his first single in 1990.


In summer 1991, Solaar and his friend Jimmy Jay went in Paris in hopes of succeeding in the music industry and released his first single, Bouge de là (“Move out of My Way”). It’s very important to know that Solaar is the first rapper to be commercially known in France. He opened so many doors to the rappers and hip hop/RNB singers of today. Solaar is one of the most internationally popular and influential French rappers and his song “La Belle et le bad boy” (translate The Beauty and the bad boy) is featured in the last episode of Sex in the city showing that he is part of the French music culture.

Lyrics and Music by Jimmy Jay and Mc Solaar


Tout a commencé là-bas, dans la ville qu’on appelle Maisons-Alfort
Quand je vois une fatma chelou qui fait bouger son corps
Elle me dit: “Claude M.C., viens là qu’j’te donne du réconfort.”
J’ai dit: “Non-merci, c’est très gentil mais je n’mange pas d’porc…”
Elle m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

J’continue mon trajet, j’arrive vers la Gare de Lyon
Quand je vois un gars qui se dit vraiment très fort comme un lion
Il me dit: “Claude M.C., est-ce que tu veux qu’on s’boxe ?”
Ses hématomes étaient plus gros qu’les seins de Samantha Fox !
Il m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

Ma voisine de palier, elle s’appelle Cassandre,
Elle a un petit chien qu’elle appelle Alexandre.
Elle me dit: “Claude M.C., est-ce que tu peux le descendre ?”
J’ai pris mon Magnum, j’ai dû mal comprendre.
Elle m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

Directement, j’suis allé chez Lucie,
Qui aime les chiens, les chats et Trente Millions d’Amis.
Elle me dit: “T’aimes les animaux, toi mon super M.C. ?”
J’ai dit: “oui j’adore, avec du sel et bien cuits !”
Elle m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

Plus tard, dans le métro y a un charclo qui traîne,
Il me raconte toute sa vie, il me dit qu’il vient de Rennes.
Ensuite, il me dit qu’il pue, qu’il faudrait qu’il se baigne…
J’lui dis: “Jette-toi dans l’égout, t’arrives direct dans la Seine !”
Il m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

J’continue mon trajet, j’arrive vers le boul’vard Barbès
Quand j’vois un de mes amis qui venait de Marrakech
Il me dit: “Arwah, arwah, j’t’achète des rap en dinars.”
J’ai dit: “Non, je veux des dollars car on m’appelle Solaar.”
Il m’a fait:

“Bouge de là. Bouge, bouge de là. Bouge, bouge, bouge de là.”

Alors, j’ai bougé; j’ai dû m’en aller, partir, bifurquer,
J’ai dû m’évader, j’ai dû m’enfuir, j’ai dû partir, j’ai dû m’éclipser,
J’ai dû me camoufler, j’ai dû disparaître… Pour réapparaître.

Oh ! Oh ! Bouge de là.
Bouge de là.


Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way. Move Out of My Way. Move Out of My Way

Everything has started over there, in the town which is called Maisons-Alfort
When I see a weird fatma who moves her body

She says:”Mc Solaar come over here that I give you some comfort ”
I said: ” No thanks, it is really nice from you but I don’t eat pork ”
She told me: ” Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move out of my way”

I continue my journey and reach Lyon station when I see a bloke who claims to be as strong like a lion
He says to me:  Claude MC, do you want us to box? ”
His bruises were bigger than Samantha Fox’s breasts
He told me: ” Move out of My Way, Move out of My Way, Move out of My Way, Move Out of My Way”

My doorstep neighbour called Cassandre
She owns a little dog that she named Alexandre
She says to me: ” Claude MC can you walk him ”
(pun: the actual verb used it “to descend” in FR, “descendre”, i.e. take the dog downstairs in order to walk it, double meaning, “descendre” can also mean to kill someone)
I took my gun, I must have misunderstood
She told me: ” Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way”

Directly, I went to Lucie’s who loves dogs, cats, and “30 millions d’amis
(30 millions d’amis used to be a French TV show broadcasted on national television about pets’ lovers)
She says to me: “do you love animals, you my super MC?”
I said to her: yes I adore them, with salt and well cooked!”
She told me: “Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way”

Later, in the metro there is a hobo wandering,
He tells me about his whole life, he tells he’s from Rennes.

Then, he says to me that he stinks, that he needs to bathe…
I say ” throw yourself in the sewer you directly reach the Seine river ”
He told me: “Move Out of My Way, Move Out of My Way, Move out of my way”

Source from Wikipedia and picture from


As a big Sex in the city fan

Wal-Mart loses $187.6 million worker rest appeal

You might already know it but just in case, Wal-mart doesn’t want to open stores in France. In fact, it is just because Politics have a high control on labour and (hopefully) the French government has  strong laws to protect workers; minimum wage is high, there is universal healthcare, and it is difficult to fire employees.

French book by Lysiane Baudu, Gilles Biassette

Translation: “Work more to earn less, Wal-mart threat”.

To be honest, I am happy that Wal-mart is not  in our country, I love America and Americans but I do not agree with America’s free-market capitalism and I prefer to see this in their country.

But what is known for being a French characteristic “striking” is becoming more and more common for Walmart employees. Here is an article from Fashion Mag.

A three-judge panel of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania on Friday said there was sufficient evidence for Philadelphia jurors in 2006 to conclude that Wal-Mart’s practices violated state wage and hour laws. It also said Wal-Mart’s own internal review uncovered violations regarding “off-the-clock” work.

The case was brought on behalf of about 187,000 current and former Wal-Mart workers in Pennsylvania from 1998 to 2006.

They contended that the Bentonville, Arkansas-based company’s engaged in improper practices to enhance productivity, boost profit and cut costs.

“The record reflects testimony and documentary evidence suggesting that because of pressure from the home office to reduce labour costs and the availability of significant bonuses for managers based on store profitability, Wal-Mart’s scheduling program created chronic understaffing, leading to widespread rest-break violations,” the appeals court said.

It nonetheless ordered the trial court to recalculate a $45.6 million award of legal fees, saying that court erred by “double-counting” some factors.

“We’re committed to paying our associates for every hour they work and to providing them with meal and rest breaks,” Wal-Mart spokesman Greg Rossiter said. “That’s our policy and we take it very seriously. In this case, we believe that the trial court’s decision was wrong in a number of respects and we look forward to additional review in the courts.”

The case was brought by Michelle Braun and Dolores Hummel, who had respectively worked in Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores in eastern Pennsylvania, and drew on evidence from roughly 46 million shifts, court records show.

Judith Spanier, one of the plaintiffs’ lawyers, said in a statement that Wal-Mart wanted to “walk away” from its own business records, saying they were so inaccurate that they could not be used as proof.

Like other large retailers, Wal-Mart is regularly sued by employees who claim unfair treatment.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected this month to rule on whether a gender bias lawsuit against Wal-Mart may continue to proceed as a class action on behalf of a group believed to exceed 1.5 million current and former female workers.

Pictures from &

We love flirting at the office!

Oh la la! After DSK, Tron and Lang stories, these statistics may come as inappropriate for many of us! However, in France that sounds natural and common.  And to be honest, it sounds usual and ordinary to me too.

According to Opinion Way poll for the Editions Tissot about “the sexuality and the workplace”, the French employees consider the workplace suitable to the acquaintances.

Half of them consider the professional environment as convenient to the flirtations and to love. And one third had a love, sentimental or sexual relationship with a person met within the framework of his work (colleague, customer, provider, and supplier). However, these relationships do not last. Maybe because one of the partners is already engaged, unfortunately this questionnaire does not mention it (but I am pretty sure that it’s the case!).

It’s interesting to know that 63 % of the questioned employees evoke a transient relationship, whereas 36 % maintain a long-lasting relationship. The copresence of the lovers in the company is not simple to manage: if 6 % of them plainly live their history in broad daylight, 8 % prefer to be discreet and 2 % prefer to stop it. With the strong influence of Anglo-Saxon countries and the international sexual harassment stories the poll also shows that 67 % of the French people estimate that there is no room for love relationship in the workplace. Among the most unwilling are the young people and the women.

Note that 9 % of the French people use Internet on their workplace to flirt. For the sociologist, this practice “is underestimated, considering the taboo and considering the absence of real control “.

Finally, 55 % of the employees consider that to be in love has a positive impact on their work. But, 14 % (ONLY???) consider that the love has a negative impact on their efficiency at work.

What about the comments?


Au bureau, sans doute, aussi au cours de la campagne électorale, réunion de parti, communauté de vue, présence fréquente, joie de se regarder, de se toucher, .. Impossible de résister ! Et oui!

To the workplace, also during electoral campaign, political meetings, community meetings, frequent presence, enjoyment to look at each other, to touch each other, impossible to resist! And yes!


Mon dieu que ces commentaires transpirent la morale de bistrot et la rigidité. Passer 9h au boulot par jours doit pouvoir permettre aux gens de se connaitre, de flirter, bref de vivre aussi non ?

My god these comments are full of bars’ morality and rigidity. Staying 9 hours at work per day should allow people to know each other, to flirt and to summarise to live?

C’est DSK qui a fait montée ses statistiques!

DSK increased these statistics!

Vous avez donc une chance sur trois que votre femme couche avec son boss :)))) Nécessaire pour une Promotion !

You have one chance out of 3 that your wife sleeps with her boss:)))) Essential for Promotion!

Pour un flirt avec toi, je ferais n’importe quoi! Pour un flirt! La vie et belle et nous ne sommes que de passage!!!!!!!!!!!

For a flirtation with you, I would make anything! For a flirtation! Life is beautiful and we are only (on earth) for a period of time!!!!!!!!!!!

French Attitude: these comments are so funny, so representative and so real!!!

Oh la la: New York chief police Sarkozy’s friend!

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s tepid response to allegations that the NYPD has leaked damaging information about the sexual assault case of International Monetary Fund ex-leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn is soout of character it makes one wonder.“I certainly hope that’s not the case,” Kelly said of the alleged police leaks, after Strauss-Kahn’s lawyers complained that the disclosures were damaging his right to a fair trial.

Such a meek response from the police department’s micromanaging commissioner raises this question: Could Kelly be deliberately seeking to discredit Strauss-Kahn?

While this column disdains conspiracy theories, we might point out that Kelly has been known to do a favor or two for powerful and influential people who he feels can be useful to him.

And one of those people — who has been especially useful to Kelly in the past — has a tremendous interest in Strauss-Kahn’s fate.

That person is Strauss-Kahn’s political rival, French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Here is some background. Both Kelly and his wife Veronica are Francophiles. Veronica Kelly travels regularly to France on business. Ray Kelly has traveled to France more than most people are aware.

Interpol, the international police force, is based in Lyons, France. Kelly does anti-terrorism business there.

In 2006 Kelly was awarded France’s Legion of Honor, an order established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte.  This is considered France’s highest decoration.

Who awarded Kelly the honor? Nicolas Sarkozy, then France’s Interior Minister.

It’s rare for Americans to receive this honor. Those who have are very distinguished. They include Julia Child, Walt Disney and Dwight D. Eisenhower. That’s pretty impressive company.

Kelly was inducted at the French consulate here in New York. Sarkozy, who did the honors, said France was honoring Kelly for his contributions to fighting terrorism.

Over the years, their relationship has apparently thrived.

Last summer, Sarkozy invited Kelly to Paris to celebrate Alain Bauer’s induction into the Legion of Honor. Bauer is a French criminologist and national security expert.

According to the N.Y. Post, Bauer paved the way for NYPD detectives to be permanently assigned to Paris police headquarters to guard against terror threats.

Until Strauss-Kahn was accused of trying to rape a hotel maid, a 32-year-old single mother from the African country of Guinea, he was considered the only man in France capable of defeating Sarkozy for the French presidency.

Those alleged NYPD leaks about Strauss-Kahn to the media were devastating. They involved reports that he supposedly attempted to flee to France after the alleged rape, and other reports that his DNA matched semen found on the maid’s clothing.

While this column would never suggest that Kelly might do anything unethical or improper [other than accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in freebies from the non-profit Police Foundation or having detectives from his detail chauffeur his wife around town], it is interesting to contrast his response to the Strauss-Kahn leaks with his draconian reaction to leaks in another high-profile sexual assault case, which occurred a few months before he received his Legion of Honor award.

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Strange coincidence, isn’t it ? So easy to think about the plot and to be honest I really hope that Sarkozy os not that stupid to plan something like that.  Here are what my Frenchies think of it (Comments from L’Express France)


Si cette information est vraie. Sarkozy a du soucis à se faire pour les élections.
Et cela met évidemment un gros doute sur la véracité de l’agression sexuelle. Même sans être parano on pense de suite à un complot.

If this information is true. Sarkozy will be in trouble for  the elections.

And it puts obviously a big doubt on the truthfulness of the sexual aggression. Even without being paranoiac we think  straight away of a setup.


En 438, il paraît que l’ancêtre de Khan a poussé dans les orties le frère de l’ancêtre de Sarkozy.

In 438, it seems that the ancestor of Khan pushed in stinging nettles the brother of  Sarkozy’s ancestor.



J’en ai marre, c’est toujours de la faute de sarko, qu’il neige en Afrique, la centrale nucléaire japonaise ou l’histoire de DSK!!!!
C’est usant, DSK a des problèmes au niveau de ses pulsions, on verra bien s’il y a eu viol ou pas. Mais arrêtons de dire n’importe quoi….
Sarko a peut-être pleins de défauts, mais il ne trempe pas dans des affaires comme ses prédécesseurs…

I’m fed up, it is always Sarko’s fault, snow in Africa, the Japanese nuclear power plant or DSK’s story!!!!

It is tiring, DSK has problems with his sexual urges, and we shall see  if there was rape or not. But let us stop saying anything….

Sarko has lot of defects, but he does not put himself  into stories as his predecessors…


On va bientôt nous dire que la femme de chambre c’était Carla déguisée qui a aguiche le pauvre DSK sans défense. Tout ca organise, bien sur, pour faire réélire Sarkozy dans un an.
Attention au complot, Messieurs, dames !!! Ouvrez bien les yeux et les oreilles car le chef de la police New-Yorkaise, et surement le procureur aussi, sont des amis intimes des Sarkozy. Alors croyez-moi, des révélations seront bientôt faites, des tètes vont tomber, et notre cher DSK pourra retourner en France “trousser les domestiques”.


Soon, we will hear that Carla disguised  into a maid and attract the defenceless poor man DSK.

All this planned for  Sarkozy’s re-election within one year.

Beware!  Please, open eyes and ears because the leader of the New York police, and probably the prosecutor are closed friends of  Sarkozy. Then believe in me, revelations will be made soon, suck are going to fall, and our dear DSK can return to France ” f@@@ the domestics “.

New political scandal in France!

The former PS Minister, Jack Lang, has told the French newspaper Le Figaro that it is ready to pursue penally those who “will question his honour “, after the allusions formulated on Monday by Luc Ferry on French cable channel Canal + which could concern him. The French political class presses the philosopher to raise the ambiguity.

The comments of former Minister of Culture Luc Ferry, who accused on Monday a former French Minister of having had paedophile relations in Morocco, aroused deep reactions from French people and the Medias.

Although Luc Ferry did not say any name during the broadcast, indicated on Wednesday that the philosopher’s comments refer to “an old rumour “about Jack Lang, which has never been proved.

Questioned by the, Jack Lang declared: “I do not wish to get involved in these stories at the moment. I will express myself in due course. “

This is the new French political scandal after DSK, Paul Tron and our harlot first lady: our political image is seriously being damaged and we forget about our real problems in France: unemployment, economy, security and so on. What a pity!

Here are some French reactions.


Pourquoi il se sent visé ? Un ancien ministre, voyons, ça pourrait être Monsieur Balladur ?

Why does he feel aimed? A former Minister, let us see, that could be Mister Balladur?


Et Pasqua on la oublié ce pédophile avérée il va aussi au Maghreb profité de la misère ce tapé des gosses, et j’en passe en politique. Bande de minableeeeeee

And Pasqua, we have forgotten this paedophile, he also goes in the Maghreb takes advantage of the poverty to f@@@ with this kids, and he’s not the only one. pitifulllllllllll !

Tous ces problèmes qui sortent au même temps risquent d’éloigner les français de leurs préoccupations, on parlerait de chômage, de pouvoir d’achat, de l’euro qui fait perdre des emplois et qui ne pourrait être utile que lors d’un voyage en dehors de la zone euro…….les français malheureusement s’engagent dans un labyrinthe non souhaitable ni par son timing, ni par son continu…dommage que la société se rue vers l’écorce et oublie le noyau……

All these problems which come out in the same time could to take away French of their main preoccupations, we would speak about unemployment,  purchasing power, the euro which increases unemployment and which could be useful only during a journey outside the Euro zone  ……. French regrettably make a commitment in a not desirable labyrinth neither by its timing, nor by its continuity … (…)


En France, les gens font de la politique pour cacher leurs conneries. A l’étranger ils font de la politique pour sauver leurs pays ! Vive la France!

In France, people make some politics to hide their bullshit. Abroad they make politics to save their countries! Long live to France!


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